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Getting involved across campus is the way of life at Wabash.

The diversity of the Wabash student body is eclipsed only by the diversity of the students’ interests. Imagine a club, ensemble, organization, or publication and Wabash either has one — or will allow you to form one. The Wabash Student Senate, the governing body of student life, recognizes 70 different clubs and publications.

Each year, the Student Senate allocates about $350,000 to fund student activities, which range from the College’s award-winning weekly newspaper, The Bachelor, to service clubs like College Mentors for Kids, Alpha Phi Omega, and Best Buddies.

All of these clubs and organizations provide valuable, out-of-class learning and leadership development opportunities. Because they are entirely student-run and student-funded, each club elects its own leadership, manages its budget, and reports on its progress.

In addition to funding student activities, the Student Senate works with the Dean of Students Office to advance student life and selects representatives to serve on faculty committees.

The Senior Council is a representative body comprising leadership from the Student Council, Sphinx Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Independent Men’s Association, Inter-Fraternity Council, International Students Association, Malcolm X Institute, and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. The Senior Council is responsible for promoting a strong and cohesive program of student life on campus by emphasizing community and cooperation among student leaders.

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