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New Students - Meet Your Orientation Mentors

Stuart Anker ‘23

Welcome to the exclusive brotherhood of Wabash men! My name is Stuart Anker, class of 2023, and I am an economics major and classics minor. In addition to my involvement in the classroom, I am the rush chair of Beta Theta Pi, a High Jumper and Hurdler on the Track and Field team, involved in Student Senate, Interfraternity Council, and several other things on campus. I speak for myself and the rest of the Wabash brotherhood that we would be more than happy to help with the freshman year transition. I very much look forward getting to know you all and seeing all of the great things you will do on our campus!

Cody Bevelhimer ‘24

Class of 2025, my name is Cody Bevelhimer and I want to welcome you to Wabash College! I am a sophomore from Zionsville, Indiana, and I’m excited to help you get accustomed to Wabash as an Orientation Mentor. Though I haven’t officially decided, I plan on majoring in Music and minoring in Film/Digital Media as well as Asian Studies. Post college, I hope to be an audio engineer with a focus in live music. I’m a member of the Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) fraternity on campus, as well as the lacrosse team and, in the future, the Orchestra as well. My first year on campus has been a different one, but I still learned way more than I expected. If I could suggest one thing as you enter the world of Wabash, it would be to get involved! Your college experience, especially here, is defined by how much effort you put into it. If you put yourself out there and apply yourself, you’ll get more out of the amazing alumni network and the career service counselors this college has to offer. I look forward to meeting you guys on campus this year, never be afraid to reach out if you have any questions, and as always… Wabash Always Fights!

William Borland ‘22

Gentlemen, welcome to the brotherhood! My name is William Borland, and I am a Senior Religion major/ Global Health minor from Huntington, Indiana. I am currently starting the process of applying to professional degree programs for Public Health & Health Administration. On campus, I am involved as a fellow of the Global Health Initiative/Public Health Organization, a curator for TEDxWabashCollege, and an officer of the Glee Club. I look forward to meeting you all this fall. Welcome to Wabash!

Chris French ‘23

Class of 2025, congrats, and welcome to "The Bash" my brothers! You are all now members of the everlasting brotherhood here at Wabash College. My name is Chris French, I am a junior originally from Gary, IN. I am a Physics major looking to minor in Math, Rhetoric, and Psychology. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and sharing the keys to surviving freshman year and making it a once in a lifetime experience. COVID-19 has taken a toll on many of us, but as we begin to take in fresh air, we promise to make this a year to remember. It'll be fun. It'll be competitive. It'll be unique. Congratulations again, and welcome to "The Bash" fellas!!

Andrew Gonczarow ‘22

Hey guys, my name is Andrew Gonczarow and welcome to Wabash College! I am a Senior from Crawfordsville, IN and am majoring in Economics with a minor in Business. After my four years here, I am hoping to work on the business side of a sports team. I would recommend that as a Freshman, you should try and get involved in clubs or sports, as that is the easiest way to meet new people and make new friends around campus. I am currently the Sphinx Club President, which is a leadership organization on campus that upholds our campuses traditions. Aside from that, I am a member of the TEDx Executive Team, a part of the Deans-Presidents Council, and a CIBE Innovation Consultant. I am also in the Beta Theta Pi fraternity and have served as a Risk Manager, New Member Educator, and Alumni Relations Chair for my fraternity. Being from Crawfordsville all my life, I can proudly say that I love Wabash! This is my third and final year working with orientation. I’m one of the Orientation Managers; I am very excited to do this once again! If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me as I will gladly try and assist you in having a smooth transition from high school to Wabash.

Jakob Goodwin ‘23

Hello, and welcome to Wabash, Class of 2025. My name is Jakob Goodwin. I am a Junior from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a Political Science major with religion and philosophy minors. I am a member of the Pre-Law Society and I write for The Bachelor, our student-run newspaper, and I am a member of the CIBE. I am a member of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Policy Review Committee of the Senate and the President of the Dork Club. After Wabash, I plan on attending law school and practicing law. I hope to be a resource for you all as you transition into this new time in your life that will be challenging but rewarding. I look forward to getting to know you and working with you here at Wabash.

Brandt Argus Guthrie ‘24

Howdy and welcome to Wabash! My name is Brandt Argus Guthrie, Class of 2024, and I am a Rhetoric major and minoring in business. I’m from Bloomington, Indiana where I went to Edgewood High School. Here at Wabash, I am a brother of Beta Theta Pi, the Vice President of the Wabash Wild Wallies (Minnesota Wild fan club), and a member of the Wabash College Republicans. I am still undecided about what I want to do post-graduation, but I am confident that Wabash will help me out since we have one of the top career services in the nation! I’m super excited to be a New Student Orientation Mentor and be an outlet for incoming freshmen who are apprehensive in their first step into adulthood. Congrats on your decision to join the brotherhood at Wabash and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Wabash Always Fights!

Kyle Hatch ‘21

Welcome to Wabash College Class of 2025. My name is Kyle Hatch and I am a Senior from Warsaw, Indiana. I’m pursuing a Religion major and an English minor. I am a varsity wrestler on the nationally ranked Wabash team. I participate in a few clubs, such as AMPED, a Christian athlete bible study, fishing club, and spikeball club. Wabash College will help you become the man you want to be and we are all ready to help you become successful. I am excited to be an Orientation Manager for my second year and set up a very important first week for you men. Do not forget, Wabash Always Fights!

Rodney Hendricks III ‘22

We welcome you, Class of 2025! My name is Rodney Hendricks and I am from a small town on the west side of Indiana called Clinton. I am a senior, studying religion with a political science minor. I intend to go to law school to become a judge and eventually to become President of the United States. This may seem like a lofty and unattainable goal, but the culture of Wabash provides opportunities for you to do things and to dream things that you never had before. At Wabash, I am a member of the wrestling team, chairman of the food committee, and I am a former secretary for the Independent Men’s Association (IMA). Wabash is different from other schools, but in a good way. You matter here and now that you’re on campus you matter to me as well. So, feel free to reach out to me if you need anything. Welcome to the best 4 years of your life, gentlemen!

Ethan Hurt ‘23

Welcome to the Brotherhood, Gentlemen! My name is Ethan Hurt, and I am a junior from Brownsburg, IN. I am honored to help you transition to the College by serving as your Orientation Mentor. As of now, I am majoring in economics and minoring in both Spanish and Business. I am a Brother of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) on campus, as well as a member of the Spanish Club, the Global Health Initiative, and the Track & Field Team. After my second year at the college, I was pleased to be able to look back on my progress, the brotherhood, and my experience; and I hope that you will also have an excellent experience as I did as a Freshman. After Wabash, I hope to put my business skills, economics skills, and leadership skills, which are inevitably intertwined in all the school’s curriculum, to use as I enter the business world. I know you are about to begin a difficult journey in your life, but I know the school and your fellow students are all ready to support you and help you during this time. After your time at this school, you will be prepared for all the highs and lows that you might encounter during your adult lifetime. I look forward to meeting you, Class of 2025! Remember, Wabash Always Fights!

Kihyun Kim ‘24

Welcome to Wabash! My name is Kihyun Kim, but I'm more known as Ki. I am from South Korea and a sophomore at Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI), where I serve as an Interfraternity Council Representative. I am quite involved on campus. I am one of the current Freshman Class representatives on the student senate and work as a student ambassador. I am also a President of Wabash Model United Nations, Vice President of the International Student Association, member of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Policy Review Committee, and secretary of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. I’m also a member of the Glee Club, Wamidan, the Track & Field team, the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies and I write for The Bachelor (Student Newspaper). In addition to these activities, I am one of the new student orientation mentors. I look forward to getting to know all of you!

Cameron Klabunde ‘22

Hi Class of 2024! Welcome to Wabash College, and welcome to the Brotherhood! My name is Cameron Klabunde, and I am a Junior from Frankton, Indiana. I am a Chemistry and Psychology double major, with a minor in Religion. After Wabash, my goal is to get accepted into and attend medical school or a chemistry graduate program. At Wabash, however, I am passionate about getting involved with on-campus and off-campus activities. As such, I am a brother of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity house, where I serve as House Manager and Risk Manager. I am also involved as the Curation Team Lead for TEDxWabashCollege, and I have been a member of the Wabash College Glee Club, the Global Health Initiative, Wabash Christian Men, and the Public Health Organization. As you begin your journey at Wabash, I highly encourage each of you to find your niche and devote time to growing yourself socially, as you also grow intellectually. Personally, I think that one of the greatest parts about Wabash is how important community involvement is, and I hope that you find what you are passionate about here at Wabash. If you need anything or have any questions, please reach out, or stop and talk to me if you see me in the Library, or on your way to class. I am beyond excited that you have chosen Wabash as your home, and I cannot wait to welcome you to campus this fall! Again, welcome to Wabash College and welcome to the Brotherhood! WABASH ALWAYS FIGHTS!

Jacob Lawson ‘24

Hello Class of 2025, welcome to Wabash! My name is Jacob Lawson, and I am a sophomore here at Wabash. I am from Brownsburg, Indiana, and I am planning to major in biology and minor in neuroscience. My future plans are to get my PhD in neuroscience and hopefully become a neuroscience researcher. Here at Wabash, I am a proud brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), and I am apart of several different committees within the house including the academics, mental health, rush, and the risk management committees. I am also the student senate representative for my fraternity and as well. One piece of advice I would give to any incoming freshmen would be to get involved and to try new things. All in all, I am very excited to have this opportunity to help guide you all through the first steps of becoming a Wabash man! I look forward to meeting the class of 2025! Wabash Always Fights!

Brayden Lentz ‘23

Hello Class of 2025, and welcome to Wabash College! My name is Brayden Lentz, and I am a sophomore from Noblesville, Indiana. I am pursuing a double major in English and Classics. After Wabash, my goal is to go to graduate school and pursue a PhD. I am a brother of Beta Theta Pi where I currently serve as the scholarship chair. I also play baseball at Wabash and am a sitting member of Student Senate and consultant with the CIBE program. You have all made a life changing decision choosing Wabash College and I am looking forward to meeting you and watching you grow as men. Wabash is truly a special place, and I am eager to see what you will accomplish in your four years here. If you are ever in need of help do not hesitate to reach out, and remember, Wabash Always Fights!

Briggs McGill ‘24

Class of 2025, welcome to the elite brotherhood known as Wabash College! My name is Briggs McGill, and I am a sophomore Economics major, and religion minor. I am a Delta Tau Delta pledge, and I can’t wait to start! I also play lacrosse here at Wabash, and I have been able to grow more as a man while competing. I intend to go to law school after my time here at Wabash, so you can often find me in the library. I am elated to welcome you as brothers here at Wabash, and I hope my enthusiasm is matched by all you!

Mason Naaman ‘24

Brethren of the Class of 2025, welcome to Wabash! You are now members of an exclusive, everlasting brotherhood, and I couldn’t be more humbled to be your mentor throughout your four years at The Bash. My name is Mason James Naaman and I am from the great town of Plainfield, Indiana. I am a sophomore majoring in Biology and planning to double minor in Chemistry and Spanish. I am a member of the Wabash Basketball team and a Supplemental Instructor of math, so let me know if you want schooled on the court or in the classroom. Joking aside, I am also a member of the Newman Catholic Center. Wabash allows us men to become the best versions of ourselves, and with aspirations of becoming a pediatrician, I need my brothers to push me just as I will push you in all of your endeavors. So, brethren, congratulations on your commitment to excellence. Although the path will be difficult, never forget the motto of the Little Giants... Wabash Always Fights!

Samuel North ‘23

Welcome Class of 2025! I would like to welcome you all to Wabash College and the brotherhood. I’m a junior and will be an orientation mentor this Fall. I am a brother of Theta Delta Chi and plan on majoring in Physics and Theater. On campus—when I’m not studying, I work on theater productions, hang out at my fraternity, and I’m involved with a few clubs. I look forward to meeting you. Welcome to the Brotherhood!

Ian Rollins ‘23

Welcome Class of 2025! My name is Ian Rollins, and I am a junior from Wheaton, Illinois. I am majoring in PPE and minoring in Business with the goal of attending law school after Wabash. I am a proud brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) and currently serve as our Treasurer and Rush Chair. Outside of the house, I am involved in Student Senate, the Sphinx Club, and the Wabash golf team. As a returning orientation mentor, I am very excited to have another opportunity to help you all transition into your life as a Wabash student. If I could offer any advice, it would be to get involved on campus. You will hear this often, but Wabash is what you make of it. You will be pushed to become a better version of yourself here, and it will be challenging at times, but with involvement, you will form great relationships that will support you on that journey. If you ever need help or guidance while at Wabash, do not be afraid to reach out. I am always available to help out a fellow brother, as are your professors and peers. I am very excited to see you in the Fall, and I look forward to serving as one of your orientation mentors. Wabash Always Fights!

Alex Rotaru ‘22

Greetings, Gentlemen! My name is Alex Rotaru and I am a senior from Bucharest, Romania. I am an Independent, majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Gender Studies. I am also the President of the Chemistry Club, a Democracy Fellow with Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse, a Global Health Initiative Fellow, the Opinion Editor for The Bachelor, and a Son of Wabash - which is a student ambassador to the alumni. Coming in, I highly encourage you to explore and get to know as many people as you can on this campus - this is a new environment, where opportunities abound from the second you set foot on this campus.

Another thing you should do is get in touch with Career Services as soon as you can; I certainly did, which resulted in me interning at the Montgomery County Health Department freshman year and being selected to do the classroom capacity measurements for the college sophomore year. Finally, know that everyone around here will do everything in their power to support you, and help you become a better person, scholar, athlete, and professional. Feel free to reach out to anyone you would like to know. I, for one, am always open to talking to new people, and getting to know their stories. I am honored to serve as your orientation mentor this academic year, and I am looking forward to meet you when you come to campus this August!

Nieshaal 'Mylo' Thambipillay ‘22

Welcome to The Brotherhood, Class of 2025! My name is Nieshaal Thambipillay, but everyone calls me Mylo. I’m from Selangor, Malaysia, and I’m a senior this year. I’m also a brother of the fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI), where I’m serving as the treasurer. I currently work as an Innovation Consultant for the Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship (CIBE). Through this opportunity, I learn a lot from my peers on campus as well as alumni off-campus. Besides my fraternity and job, I’m also active in the Interfraternity Council, the Sphinx Club, and Sons of Wabash. I plan to graduate with an Economics major with Psychology and Asian Studies minors. Wabash has provided me with countless opportunities to grow as a student and as a responsible citizen. I commend your decision to come to Wabash! Make sure to cherish your years here because time will fly quickly. Wabash Always Fights!

Youran “Sabastian” Wang ‘22

Hiya, Sebastian here! I bet you are probably wondering if you have made the right choice to come to Wabash College: an all-male institution in Crawfordsville, IN! And I am here to tell you that, “Yes, you have!” Not only will you find whatever it was that drew you to Wabash College, but you will also find even more experience, more opportunities, more growths, and more friends than you ever could have anticipated. However, the transition from high school to college can be quite challenging (I’ve been there): leaving an environment you were familiar with and stepping into a brand new one, where everything seems overwhelming and sometimes intimidating. Don’t worry, I am here to help. And I shall be your guide, mentor, and friend throughout your orientation and your Wabash journey. I look forward to meeting you! Welcome to Wabash, guys!