New Students Meet Your Orientation Mentors

Dayem Adnan ‘20

Welcome to the brotherhood, class of 2023! My name is Mohammad Dayem Adnan (you can call me Dayem) and I'm a senior from Pakistan. I'm a senior, Political Science major, film and digital media minor. I lived as an independent for my first two years at Wabash, and joined Tau Kappa Epsilon last year. I'm involved with various organizations on our campus such as: Student Government, International Students Association, Sons of Wabash etc. It is my job along with my peers to help you transition into student life at our college. If you need any sort of assistance, not just during orientation, but throughout the year, please feel free to lean on your fellow Wabash brothers (myself included). I also encourage you to explore all the amazing opportunities Wabash has to provide for you. I'm excited to see all the amazing things you will do at Wabash! #WabashAlwaysFights

Sam Bleisch ‘22

Hello, and welcome to Wabash! My name is Sam Bleisch and I am a sophomore from Noblesville, IN. I am planning on majoring in Political Science and minoring in Religion. I am a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, the swim team, a curator for TEDx and I serve as the Vice President for the College Democrats. After Wabash, I hope to go to law school with a focus on environmental law. I eventually want to work for the National Parks Service in helping preserve our parks. I look forward to getting to know you a and hope to see all of you fall in love with this college as I have. I encourage you to reach out to me and any other student here. You will find that Wabash truly is a brotherhood. Welcome to Wabash Class of 2023!

William Borland ‘22

Welcome to Wabash, Cass of 2023! My name is William Borland, and I am a sophomore from Huntington, Indiana. I am studying on a Pre-Med track, with most likely a religion major (that whole majoring thing is still in the works…). I am currently a member of the glee club, a member of the GHI (Global Health Initiative) and PHO (Public Health Organization), a building rep for Student Senate, and a member of the Constitutional Review Committee (which is a sub-committee to Student Senate). As your Orientation Mentor, it is my job to help you navigate through your introduction to Wabash. Life at Wabash will be difficult, but you will find that you will be pushed to greater heights because of it. We all have been given a special opportunity, and you will find that when college days are past, and as long as life will last, the greatest joy will be to shout the chorus; Dear Old Wabash! Congratulations gents, and welcome to Wabash.

Latham Davies ‘22

Welcome to the Brotherhood, gentlemen! I’m Latham Davies, Class of 2022, and I am honored to serve you as your Orientation Mentor and to be your resource in this special time of becoming acquainted with the College. I am originally from the beautiful state of Texas, but I’m proud to call Wabash my second home. As of now, I am a Religion and French double major with a minor in Theatre. I am a Brother of Phi Gamma Delta on campus, as well as a member of the Glee Club, Barbell Club, The Athenaeum, and an active contributor to Wabash Theatre. I came to Wabash thinking I would start at the bottom of something, a hierarchy which had the freshman at the base and that one could only accumulate more opportunity as they got to the top. That is not the Wabash I now know. This place is a catalyst for opportunity and filled with resources to make your college experience wholesome and life changing. Wabash is dedicated to allowing their students to be free to create, accomplish and master their studies and beyond. I would have never imagined college would be so empowering. Opportunity waits for me, not the other way around. I’m serious. You have made not just the right choice but one the best choices to study at Wabash College.

Andrew Gonczarow ‘22

Hey guys, my name is Andrew Gonczarow and welcome to The Wabash College! I am a sophomore from Crawfordsville, IN. I am planning on majoring in Economics and minoring in Business. My dream, as of now, is to be an economic consultant in the sports world. I would recommend that as a Freshman, you should try and get involved in clubs or sports, as that is the easiest way to meet new people. I am currently in College Mentors 4 Kids, NSLS, and a part of the Tedx Executive Team. I am also in the Beta Theta Pi fraternity and serve as a Risk Manager for our house. Being from Crawfordsville all my life, I can proudly say that I love Wabash! This is my first year as a New Student Orientation Mentor and I am very excited to do this! If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me as I will gladly help you have a smooth transition from high school to Wabash.

Nick Goode ‘22

Welcome to Wabash College! My name is Nick Goode and I am a sophomore from Roachdale, IN. I am planning on being an Economics major with a Rhetoric and Business minor. I am a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity where I am the secretary. I am also the president of Best Buddies, treasurer for the Wabash Entrepreneur Club, and a member of the College Republicans, Cigar and Pipe Club, and the C.I.B.E. Like a lot of you, I am not sure what I would like to do after graduating from Wabash, but there is still plenty of time to figure that out. I have spent this summer doing an internship for the C.I.B.E. This is my first time being a New Student Orientation Mentor and I could not be more excited. I would like to encourage all of you to get out on campus, get involved, and make friends as quickly as you can. Do not be afraid to talk to new people because these are the people that you are going to be spending a lot of time with in and out of the classroom, get to know them! I look forward to meeting you class of 2023! Wabash Always Fights!

Kyle Hatch ‘21

Welcome to Wabash College Class of 2023. My name is Kyle Hatch and I am a junior from Warsaw, Indiana. I’m pursuing a Mathematics major with a minor in Computer Science. I am a varsity wrestler on the nationally ranked Wabash team. I participate in a few clubs such as AMPED, a Christian athlete bible study, and Spikeball Club. Wabash College will help you become the man you want to be and with that being said, I will also help you. I am excited to be a mentor this year and do not forget, Wabash Always Fights!


Clayton Huber ‘21

Hey Guys! Welcome to Wabash! My name is Clayton Huber and I am a junior from Louisville, Kentucky. I am a Political Science major and have both a Spanish and Religion minor. You will most likely see me inside the Library, particularly in the 1832 Brew Coffee Shop (Coffee Addict). Outside of the classroom, I am the Co-Organizer for TEDxWabashCollege, Rush Chairman and Corresponding Secretary for Theta Delta Chi, a member of Sons of Wabash, CIBE Innovation Consultant, member of the Pre-Law Society, Representative for Student Senate, and Staff Writer/Photographer for The Bachelor! I also play Rugby and Spikeball in my free time! If I can give you any advice before starting your college career here, it’s Get Involved! You will form so many relationships and gain new experiences along the way. When I first stepped foot onto Wabash’s campus, I had no idea where to begin. However, I had my friends and pledge brothers to help me become involved in various clubs on campus! I am very excited to be mentoring you all and I will see you all in the Fall! Welcome to Wabash Class of 2023!

Jeffery Inman ‘21

Welcome to Wabash, Class of 2023! I am Jeff Inman, a junior from Noblesville, Indiana. I am a Psychology major and Education minor. After Wabash, I intend to attend a Clinical Psychology graduate program, so I can become a registered mental health therapist. You are most likely to see me working in the Career Services office at the Arnold House. It is my great pleasure to aid the Wabash student body with all of their professional needs. I serve the Wabash student body as the Chairman of the Student Senate. In my fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, I am the Philanthropy Chair and facilitate all of our community service endeavors. In regards to club involvement, I am the VP of Engagement for College Mentors for Kids at Wabash College and the current Treasurer of Psi Chi, the academic psychology fraternity. I highly encourage all of you to become involved on campus early and often. Nothing brings me more joy than dedicating my time and efforts to noble causes in our community. Make no mistake; you have all just made the greatest decision of your life. The knowledge, skills, and friendships you will make here are everlasting. Go Wabash, and welcome to the best Brotherhood on Earth!

Eric Lakomek ‘21

Welcome to the brotherhood! My name is Eric Lakomek and I am a junior from Saint John, Indiana. I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Global Health and Chemistry. I hope to follow the pre-med track and someday get accepted into medical school. During my time here, I have lived in Phi Delta Theta and have been involved in the Global Health Initiative, Wabash Dance Marathon, National Society for Leadership and Success, the Public Health Organization, and have been a member on the baseball team. Over the summer, I was a Public Health Intern with the Public Health Department in Fountain-Warren County. I look forward to meeting everyone and cannot wait to welcome you to this special place. If you see me around campus, do not hesitate to reach out! These next four years are going to be great! Wabash Always Fights!

Charlie LeBlanc ‘21

Hello Gentlemen, and welcome to Wabash! My name is Charlie LeBlanc and I’m a junior. I am a history major with a political science minor from Carmel, Indiana. On campus, I am the treasurer of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, a proud member of the Sphinx Club, a partner with the CIBE at Career Services, and one of the managers of the football team. Many of the best experiences of my lifetime have been right here at Wabash. Wabash College is truly a special place and I hope it can be special for you too! I encourage all of you to fully immerse yourself in Wabash and get out of your comfort zone. You won’t regret it. Again, welcome to the Brotherhood and remember that Wabash Always Fights!

Marlon Lewis ‘20

What’s up Gents! Welcome to Wabash! I'm Marlon Lewis but everybody who knows me calls me Lo. I am a Studio Artist from Chicago, I move through different mediums with a focus in sculpture. I’m a senior, pursuing an Art major with a Rhetoric minor. I’m looking forward to our times together as your New Student Orientation Mentor! Listen, do not be afraid to go check out a few clubs or even try out with a sports team. I encourage you all to go explore and meet as many people as possible, as often as you can. You won’t believe how many valuable connections you will make. My journey at Wabash has provided me with so many amazing opportunities and experience that I could have never imagined. Looking forward to meeting you all. If at any time you need anything, I'm always open ears and open mind. Your future awaits!

Reed Mathis ‘22

Hello, and gentleman, welcome to the brotherhood. My name is Reed Mathis, a sophomore in the Class of 2022. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana and attended Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in high school. I am planning on double majoring in Political Science and Economics, with a minor in Rhetoric. My ultimate goal, after Wabash, is to attend graduate school- hopefully law school. Besides that, I am interested in an array of different fields and career opportunities. On campus, I reside and am a brother of the fraternity, Phi Delta Theta (I hold the position, Head of Alumni Relations), and on campus, I work as an Alumni Engagement Intern and am an Innovative Consultant for the Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship (CIBE). I am also on the Wabash Tennis Team and am a part of the Public Health Organization (PHO), Online Editor for The Bachelor (school newspaper), brother of the social fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega (APO), member of the Republicans Club, and member of the Sales Club. I would not be where I am today without Wabash College, my friends and family, and the brotherhood at Wabash and in my fraternity. You have all heard, "Wabash is different," and there is no denying that as getting involved and accepting what Wabash can offer you as a student and individual is the first step in appreciating your college experience at Wabash. You came to Wabash, because it was different and, for you, it put you in the best position to succeed. Throughout your four years at Wabash, understand there will be periods of trials and moments of weakness, but by remembering why you came here and continually pushing towards your ultimate goal, it will be all worth it in the end. I am thrilled you have all chosen Wabash and cannot wait to become a part of your Wabash experience and do what I can to help along the way. WABASH ALWAYS FIGHTS!

Frank Russel ‘20

Welcome to the Brotherhood! My name is Franklin Russel and I am a senior from Findlay, Ohio. I am majoring in Political Science with a minor in Classics. I am a part of the nationally ranked wrestling team and a member of the Lacrosse team. I am also a Senator in the Student Senate, President of the Independent Men’s Association (IMA), the Head Resident Assistant (RA), and a member of the Sphinx Club. Over the summer, I was fortunate enough to work at Philmont Scout ranch as a Ranger. Wabash is a great place, where you will meet many interesting people, and the College will help you succeed. Welcome Wallies, see you soon!

Samuel Russell ‘21

Welcome to Wabash, gentlemen! My name is Sam Russell, and I am a junior from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am very excited to have the opportunity to be working with the Class of 2023, and this year I will be one of your New Student Orientation Managers. I am a Political Science major, and Rhetoric minor. I am an independent, and I’m actually the Vice President of the Independent Men’s Association (IMA). Here on campus I am also deeply involved in a few other organizations. I am on the Wrestling Team and in Sons of Wabash. Wabash provides so many opportunities to be a part of its unique community, so stay active! This is a place where you can reach your greatest potential in, and out of the classroom. The best friendships I have are with my brothers here on campus. I look forward to meeting you all and easing your transition into college life. You have so much to look forward to in the next four years! Welcome brothers!

Nieshaal 'Mylo' Thambipillay ‘22

Welcome to the Wabash Brotherhood! My name is Nieshaal Thambipillay, but everyone calls me Mylo. I'm a sophomore from Selangor, Malaysia. I am a brother of Phi Gamma Delta and a member of the Wabash tennis team. On campus, I am currently involved in the International Students Association, the Entrepreneurship Club, the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I also work as a consultant for the Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship here on campus where I learn a lot from my peers and the work that I do. I currently plan on double majoring in Psychology and Philosophy, with a minor in Economics. Wabash has provided me with so many opportunities in just my first year of being here, one of them being my first summer internship. Personally, getting involved has helped me stay busy and keep my mind off the fact that home is on the other side of the earth. It has also helped me connect with new people and open new doors to various opportunities. All of you have made an excellent choice to attend Wabash! Here at Wabash, we strive to become better people, not just better students. Wabash Always Fights!

Jared Timberman ‘21

Hello fellow Wallies! I would like to welcome you to The Brotherhood! My name is Jared Timberman, and I am a junior from New Palestine, IN. I’m an Econ major and Political Science minor. I plan to pursue a career in law, and I most likely apply for the Judge Advocate General or JAG program in the military; I am looking at serving as a Marine. I am a part of the nationally ranked Wabash wrestling team and also a brother of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Wabash has opened up many opportunities for me, that I do not think I would have got at another college. My freshman year helped me learn a lot about myself and who I am; I hope your freshman year does the same for you. Through my fraternity and involvement on campus I have met a lot of great guys. Wabash is a great place and there are many things to look forward to. Never hesitate to get in contact with me if you need anything. I look forward to meeting all of you, and never get “Wabash Always Fights!”

Clark Tinder ‘20

Hello, my name is Clark Tinder! I am from Muncie, IN and went to Muncie Central High school. I am a senior and am majoring in Political Science with a minor in Rhetoric. After Wabash, I hope to get a job in the sports world, working for a professional organization. I am a brother and the Vice President at Lambda Chi Alpha. On campus, I wear many hats. I am currently serving as the President of the Sphinx Club, I am a member of the Sons of Wabash, and I am a manager for the basketball team. At Wabash, you will have some of the best experiences and make awesome memories. There is a lot in store for you Class of 2023! Welcome to the Brotherhood!

Kyle Warbinton ‘20

Welcome Class of 2023! My name is Kyle Warbinton, and I am a senior. This will be my third and final year as an orientation mentor, and I’ve saved my best for last! I served the college as the 102nd student body president in my junior year, and I have held many other roles inside of other organizations including the Inter-Fraternity Council, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and my fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi. I can’t wait to welcome you all to our beloved institution in August. As we often say here, “Wabash Always Fights!”

James Anthony Williams ‘20

Hello Wallies! Welcome to Wabash! My name is James Williams, but everyone knows me as Anthony. I am extremely excited and honored to serve as one of your New Student Orientation Managers! A little bit about me, I am a senior living in the Kappa Sigma House, from South Bend, IN and a Theatre major and Digital Film and Media minor. I have served as one of the 2020 Student Representatives, the Chairman of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and I sing Tenor 1 in the Glee Club. I also am a former Lieutenant Governor of Circle K International Indiana District. I really want encourage you to join a club or sports team, it is a great way to meet new people, as well as to be involved on campus. My experiences at Wabash has provided me with numerous opportunities, which have taken me to places I thought I would never go. My first years were an exciting time, which taught me many things about myself and others. By choosing Wabash, you have made a life changing decision for the good. I can't wait to meet you guys when you arrive on campus. If at any time you need anything, I am here for you. It isn't hard to find me, just listen for the boisterous laugh and look for a great group of guys. Study hard and have fun! Welcome to greatness, you’re a brother now!