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“Look East, Young Man”—This edition highlights the College’s new Asian Studies program and the surprising historic connections between Wabash and Asia.

Wake Up Call from History
Ray Jovanovich '84

The Language of Opportunity
Eric Roth '84

The Hope of Friendly Learning
by Jerry Dennerline '64

"In Charge of Everything Else"
Michael Bricker '04

End Notes: Forever Keep True
by Daniel Crofts

Gathering the One Great Song
by Samuel Green

Opening the World: Asian Studies at Wabash College

Wabash Men Working in Asia

Lessons Learned Out of School
Hao Liu '11

Robert Winter: "One of Us"
by Bert Stern

Seeing the Country
Rujie Wang '83

Faculty Notes
Qian Zhu Pullen: "Where You Should Teach"
Christie Byun: Making It Real
Jill Rogers/Ann Taylor: "To Live Humanely"
Quilting Memories, Sowing Dreams
Online Extras
Doug Calisch: The Biography of Objects
Ray Jovanovich: An Investor’s Perspective
Photos from the Mid-Autumn Festival
Photos from the Lunar New Year Celebration
More about “Wally Bon Vivant”
In the Nexus: Extended Answers from Alumni
More about Asian Studies Grant and Timeline