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Photo by Kim Johnson
How do you define well-being? How do you achieve it? WM asked that question of alumni across the country. Their answers drive this issue.

Be Well (Extended Answers from Alumni)

To Your Health

A New Lesson Plan
Evan West '99

Behind the Mask
Kim Johnson

Works in Progress: Jake Surface '11
Jim Amidon '87

Vic Powell at 90: "A Sense of Wonder"

Be Well, Do Good Work
Garrison Keillor
The Case of the $12,000 Kidney Stone
Tim Padgett '84
The Most Important Connection
Chris White
Running Wild
Greg Redding '88
Online Extras
Health Links: Tips, Tools, and More
The Grunge Canyon: Additional Photos
Warmed by Fires We Did Not Kindle: An Excerpt from a Chapel Talk by Ted Grossnickle '73
Wabash Moot Court: A History of Judges and Cases
Dean Gary Phillips: "The Witness of the Liberal Arts"
More About Professor Amanda Ingram