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We titled this edition "Callings," with a nod to Wabash professor Bill Placher's book of the same name, because we were interested not only in the vocations alumni finally reach, but also in the calls they respond to along the way. Jeremy Robinson '04 has found a unique path to his calling in a southside Chicago classroom.

Just a Taste: Wabash Internships

"To Walk Out into the World:" An Interview with Joy Castro

Just Add Wabash: Wabash Day 2005

Jeremy Robinson '04: A Stand Against Despair
Teaching students that society neglects, Rhodes Scholar Jeremy Robinson has found a purpose for his own life.
Howard W. Hewitt

A Man's Life: Legacy and My Life of Crime
My novels feature a private investigator named Cecil Younger; through him, crime, alcoholism, and social dysfunction have become my vocation.
John Straley

Saving Biloxi: A.J. Lyman '05
One of a growing number of Wabash grads choosing service work, Lyman helped with relief efforts in wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Four Great Gigs
Barry Waddell '85, Greg Castanias '87, Mike Costello ’90, and Greg Shine '90 follow interesting and exciting career paths.

Wabash Voices
Flying Into New Orleans
Tim Padgett '84
Mississippi Diary
Wabash Students
A Father's Dying Words
Hobert Winebrenner and Mike McCoy '91
The Widow
Donald W. Baker H '57
A Hunger for Liberation
William Placher '70
Online Extras
Remembering Professor Peter Silins
The Rest of the Story
J.J. Anagnastour and Clay Conner
Social Security Reform
Arun Muralidhar '88
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