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Wabash students view the Manhattan skyline from the Staten Island ferry during last spring's "New York in Film and Literature" immersion learning experience.
Photo by Darin Graber '05

A Man's Life: Straddlers
You may move from blue- to white-collar in a generation, but you still don't fit in with the middle Class. It's an odd existence - an American Limbo. And then the kids come along ... by Alfred Lubrano

Personalized Style
Fred Wilson '69 has transfored the Saks Fifth Avenue's stores and working environtment - profits are up, workers are happy. by Jim Amidon '87

New York in the '50s
Our '50s were far more exciting than the typical American experience because we were in New York, where peole came to flee the average and find a group of like-minded souls. by Dan Wakefield and Ted Steeg '52

Student Gallery: Space, Life, Electricity
"The pulsing traffic, of people, of energy made even walking the streets like holding a lightning rod in an electrical storm." by Darin Graver '05

Learning for the City
Fifteen Wabash students and two professors in New York City: "Can we tear the roof off this van? I want to see the tops of the buildings." by Warren Rosenberg

by Andrew Dits '06
Marathon Man
by Stephen Ellis '57
Two Scenes from a Life
by Col. Jim Roper '86 USAF Ret.
2004 Homecoming Citations