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Pay the SEVIS Fee

Each student who receives a new I-20 must pay the $350 SEVIS fee before he can schedule an appointment for an F-1 visa interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate.  (Only students who are transferring an existing SEVIS record from another school are exempt from paying the SEVIS fee.)

You must pay the SEVIS fee online using a credit card at  Be sure to have these items with you when paying the SEVIS fee:

  • Your credit card
  • Your new I-20
  • Your passport

After you have paid the fee online, a receipt page will appear on your screen.  Be sure to print out that receipt!  That receipt is proof of your payment, and you need to keep that receipt with your I-20.  You will probably have to show the receipt at your F-1 visa interview and again when you are entering the U.S.

Sample Receipt:

SEVIS I-901 Recept