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Tuition & Fees

Access your tuition invoice on Wabash Self-Service,  click on "Student Finance".  The invoice for fall semester will be available June 1 with a due date of August 1.  The invoice for spring semester will be available November 15 with a due date of December 31.

Students are required to confirm registration for the following semester by August 1 for the fall semester and December 31 for the spring semester.  Registration is considered confirmed when a student is in good standing with the Business Office - meaning he has a paid tuition invoice or satisfactory payment arrangements in place, including having all financial aid in place.  Students who fail to confirm registration by these dates will be de-registered from all classes for the following semester.

Once a student who has been de-registered confirms his registration, he will be assessed a $125 re-registration fee and allowed to register for classes again.  Please note that a student who is de-registered from any course with an active waitlist may be unable to regain his seat in that course even after registration is confirmed, if that seat has been claimed by a waitlisted student.

Parent/guardian access to tuition invoice
Students may grant access to their parents/guardians to view their tuition invoice online at We call this "proxy".  Students follow this link to grant access, and parents follow the link to access their invoice, and clicking on their son's name rather than their own to view their son's information.

For monthly installment payments:

2023 - 2024 Academic Year
(divide these figures in half for a semester rate)



Activities Fee


Health Center Fee


Access to Health Center and Counseling Services

Dormitory Room with 15 meals per week


Fraternity Room plus 15 meals per week 


Student Health Insurance 


Charged to invoice in full on fall semester invoice.  Domestic students may waive if proof of comparable health insurance is provided on waiver form.  International students are required to purchase the plan.

Dormitory Room with 19 meals per week


Additional 4 meal mealplan for fraternity members (served in Sparks Center)


Additional 2 meal mealplan for fraternity members (served in Sparks Center) 500
Housing Deposit 250 Charged once, refunded after graduation or withdrawal if no damages occurred in living unit.

*Note:  The per credit hour cost is $2008.  Wabash College tuition is a flat rate for 3 or more classes.  The cost for each class is $8033/semester.  Each class is an equivalent of 4 credits.  We arrived at the per credit hour cost by dividing $8033 by 4 credits.

Music Lesson Fees

Students who enroll in music lessons for credit are charged $150 per semester.  Students who enroll in music lessons as a non-credit course are charged $300 per semester.  The fees are charged to the student's tuition invoice.

Payment Options
Please make payments payable to "Wabash College".  Please note that payments must be in U.S. Dollars drawn on a U.S. Bank.

Types of payment accepted include: Check, Money Order, Travelers Check, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, electronic check, U.S. Currency.

By Mail: Wabash College Business Office
301 West Wabash Avenue
P. O. Box 352
Crawfordsville, IN   47933-0352
Wire Transfer: If interested in this option, please contact Cathy VanArsdall-see below.

Online Credit/Debit Card Payment:
or electronic checks


Credit/Debit Card in person or by

Wabash College accepts credit/debit card payments with no convenience fee.  The College accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Click here to make on-line credit/debit payment

We accept credit/debit card payments in person at the office or by telephone. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover are accepted with no convenience fee.
By telephone, please call: 
   Dawn Hoffman (765) 361-6228  OR
   Cathy VanArsdall (765) 361-6421

For questions or concerns regarding your tuition invoice:
Dawn Hoffman 
(765) 361-6228,

Cathy VanArsdall
(765) 361-6421,

Payroll questions:    
Misty Cassida,, (765) 361-6326 or Cathy Metz,, (765) 361-6418

If you have a question about the Financial Aid shown on your invoice, view your financial aid award on Wabash Self-Service  If that does not answer your questions:

The Financial Aid Office may be reached at (800) 718-9746 if you have a question regarding scholarships, loans,  or financial aid in general.

OR  E-Mail Financial Aid at