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Payment Plans

The Monthly Payment Plan at Wabash College allows you to pay your education expenses in smaller, more manageable monthly installments by semester.  All students are eligible for the monthly payment plan.  The Monthly Payment Plan fee is $35 per semester, due with the first payment.  You may choose to pay 4 or 5 payments per semester.

Enrollment for Fall 2022 Payment Plans opens on June 1, 2022.

NOTE:  ONLY ONE PAYMENT PLAN MAY EXIST AT A TIME.  Once the FALL plan is paid in full, the SPRING plan may be opened.

PARENTS must have PROXY access in order to follow the instructions below to enroll in the Wabash College payment plan.

To enroll, log in to Wabash Self-Service.

Choose the "Student Finance" tab in Self-Service.

Choose the "Student Finance" link.

Choose "Payment Plans" from the drop-down menu.

The Elected Plan Amount is your total balance due for the semester after scholarships, grants, loans and payments.  If you have other funding not shown on your tuition invoice, you may enter an Elected Plan Amount to fit your needs.  

Payment Plan Payment Schedules:

Fall Semester                                         Spring Semester

August 1st                                               January 1st

September 1st                                         February 1st

October 1st                                              March 1st

November 1st                                          April 1st

December 1st *                                         May 1st *

*for 5-payment plan

Once enrolled, your payment plan schedule of payments will be shown on your Wabash College tuition invoice on Wabash Self-Service.

You may make payments online at, or mail payments to Wabash College Business Office, P. O. Box 352, Crawfordsville, IN 47933.

If you have questions regarding the Wabash College Payment Plan, please contact