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Academic Bulletin Transfer Credit - 2015-16


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    Transfer Credit

    Wabash College will accept course credits from other colleges and universities under the following conditions:
         • The institution must be regionally or nationally accredited.
         • Course work should be liberal arts in nature and acceptable to Wabash College.
         • The term grade must be at least C-.
         • Distribution requirements specifying completion of more than one course credit must be fulfilled with at least one course credit completed at Wabash College. For Natural Science and Mathematics, completion of at least one lab science course credit at Wabash is required.
         • After a student has matriculated at Wabash College, a maximum of 10 course credits will be accepted in transfer.  Of these credits, no more than one transfer course credit may be applied toward a single distribution requirement.

    An OFFICIAL academic transcript (not a grade report) is required to establish an official academic record of transfer credit.

    Wabash College will accept for transfer college courses taken by a high school student only when the student enrolled in a section of a college course that included students from the general college population. The College does not award transfer credit for Internet (online) courses or correspondence courses.

    One Wabash course credit is equivalent to four semester hours. Individual two semester hour courses accepted in transfer will count as one-half course credit. Individual courses of three, four, or five semester hours will count as one course credit. Academic departments or program committees will have the final decision on transfer credit for courses in their fields and in determining if a transfer course can meet requirements for their major or minor.

    Transfer credit appears in the student’s academic record as credit without letter grade and is not used in the determination of academic grade point average. Transfer credits to be counted toward the fulfillment of a department major or minor, the foreign language requirement, or in mathematics and science must be approved by the appropriate department or committee. All other transfer credits must be approved by the Registrar. Transfer credit earned in approved off-campus study or equivalency credit earned by Wabash examination will be counted as Wabash course credit with respect to the curricular requirement of earning 18 course credits at Wabash College.

    Transfer credit requests are filed using the Transfer Course Request Form available on the Registrar’s webpage at Transfer credit will not be accepted unless prior approval has been granted by the Registrar and/or academic departments as needed.