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Academic Bulletin Non-Divisional Courses - 2015-16

Colloquium on Important Books

COL 401/402 Colloquium     

Students read and discuss a dozen or more historically influential books (or parts of books), led by professors from various departments. The class meets one evening each week; grade is based solely on participation in class discussion, and enrollment is limited to 15. Counts toward distribution requirements in Literature/Fine Arts or History/Philosophy/Religion. COL 401 (Fall semesters) discusses classical and medieval texts; COL 402 (Spring semesters) texts are from the modern period. Each semester is taken independently of the other.

Prerequisites: junior or senior standing and coordinator’s permission to register.

Credits: 1 each



INT 298/398/498 Internship

Internships allow Wabash students, usually upperclassmen, to work and learn in a variety of off-campus organizations. Students have participated with a wide range of organizations. The purposes of the program vary with interests of individual students. Exploration of a possible career area, development of new skills (or recognition of established skills and abilities in a new setting), the challenge of confronting new ideas and problems, and the chance to make a contribution to our society are but a few of the uses Wabash students have found for the program. At the heart of the program is the idea that there are valuable things to be learned in and outside the classroom.

The internship is a non-divisional course worth the equivalent of one-half or one course credit that cannot be applied toward the 34 required for graduation. The course is recorded on the student's transcript, however. It is graded according to the Credit/No Credit system. Application for this course is made directly to the faculty member whom the student wishes to supervise the internship. Internship applications are available from the Registrar's Office. After approval by the student's faculty sponsor and advisor, the form should be submitted to the Registrar's Office for approval. The student, faculty sponsor, and advisor will be notified of the approval or disapproval. Students will not be allowed to advance register or register in an internship course until approval is granted.

Prerequisites: Instructor Permission

Credit: 1 or 1/2