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Wabash Internships and Student Employment (including Federal Work Study)

The INTERNSHIPS and Student Employment Program 

Wabash Internships and Student Employment (WISE) and Federal Work Study (FWS) are awarded to students as part of their financial aid package and are a part-time on-campus work opportunity.  A student will be paid biweekly as he works and this assistance should be used to cover a portion of his educational and personal expenses.  If you are unsure of your packaged WISE or FWS amount, refer to your self-service financial aid account.

All students will be paid ranging $7.50 - $10 per hour for campus employment during the academic year. To determine how many hours you will need to work each week to earn your full WISE or FWS eligibility, simply divide your WISE or FWS amount by your dollars per hour, then by 30 weeks for the entire academic year. For example, a student packaged with $3,000 worth of Wabash Internships and Student Employment or Federal Work Study getting paid $8.00 per hour would need to work approximately 12.5 hours per week to earn his full eligibility ($3,000 divided by $8.00 divided by 30). Here is a Wabash Internships and Student Employment Calculator to help you.

Securing Your Internships and Student Employment Position

You will apply for all WISE or FWS opportunities through the WabashWorks system via Career Services. The majority of WISE and FWS positions are posted at the beginning of each semester, however, they may be posted at any time throughout the academic year. For details, and to begin the application process, go to the Career Services Wabash Internships and Student Employment website.