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The Wabash College Writing Center has two locations! The primary location is on the second floor of the Lilly Library on the north end. The Lilly Library location accepts both appointments and walk-ins.

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The Wabash College Writing Center is dedicated to helping Wabash Men become the best writers that they can be. Our trained Writing Consultants are eager to answer any writing questions, to explain writing expectations, and to discuss audience expectations.

Our goal is to provide a knowledgeable, engaged, responsive audience for your writing and thinking. Instead of writing alone, you can write alongside a fellow Wabash Man and receive instant feedback and discussion. You can brainstorm your ideas, think out loud, rework tricky sentences, discuss your ideas, or any mix of the complex parts of composing your work. It is about helping you present your ideas in a clear, coherent, concise manner.

The Wabash College Writing Center exists because Wabash Men write. We are here to be the audience you need.

If you have any questions regarding the Wabash College Writing Center or this website, please contact the Director Dr. Koppelmann.

Wabash College Writing Center

Wabash Writing TALL