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Requiring Visits

Requiring Visits to the Writing Center

Wabash College Writing Consultants are available to any writer for any course. Our goal is to provide high-quality feedback on brainstorming, drafting, revising, and audience expectations. We are extremely fortunate to have strong faculty and administrative support.

We would like to discuss two (2) important topics: Proof of Visiting the Writing Center and Requiring Writers to Visit the Writing Center.

Proof of Visiting the Writing Center

The Wabash College Writing Center has a custom-built scheduling system that emails each writer after his session. The email contains details about the session, to include notes from his Writing Consultant. If you would like proof that your writer has visited the Writing Center, ask your writer for a copy of that email. Writing Consultants are specifically instructed to NOT sign any forms.

Requiring Writers to Visit the Writing Center

We are happy with requiring writers to visit the Writing Center; however, we ask for your help in ensuring writers get the most out of their session. Please follow these guidelines:

  • If you would like to require your ENTIRE CLASS to visit the Writing Center, we recommend that you have a Writing Consultant, or the Director, visit your class so that the class understands what a Writing Center session will entail. If that is not possible, please tell your writers to think about their goals for the session and questions they have about improving their writing.

  • If you have concerns about a SPECIFIC WRITER, please contact the director, Dr. Koppelmann. He will work with you and the writer to provide the needed support.

Thank you again for your use and support. If you have any questions, please email the director, Dr. Koppelmann.

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