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Writing Center Philosophy

Writing Center Philosophy

The Wabash College Writing Center is committed to helping Wabash Men become the best writers that they can be. To accomplish this, we follow a simple formula:

  • Ask the writer what they are working on;

  • Answer the writer’s questions;

  • Explain how an audience might view or understand their work;

  • Offer suggestions and advice to strengthen their writing;

  • Help them understand what is expected of writing at Wabash College and beyond.

Wabash College Writing Consultants focus on answering the writer’s questions, being an active audience, making recommendations, and explaining the writing expectations at Wabash College.

The Writing Consultants play the role of the audience, explain what we are seeing, discuss what we aren’t seeing, and recommend revisions. Discussions about the thesis, the order of information, the connections between ideas, the support for the ideas, the purpose, and the audience’s expectations dominate Writing Center sessions.

At the same time, providing direct, specific answers to questions regarding grammar, usage, MLA, APA, and course expectations is crucial for writers to later line edit their writing. We want to give writers all of the information they need to produce writing that meets the high standards of Wabash College.

The Wabash College Writing Center is proud to be a neutral, scholarly environment in which all Wabash Men are welcome. A strong liberal arts education requires writers and Writing Consultants to critically examine all sides of a topic through thoughtful analysis and careful examination from multiple points of view, which necessitates a welcoming space that is as equitable as possible. The Wabash College Writing Center is writer focused, respectful, and eager to engage with complex and ambitious topics.

Writing Consultants stress the importance of using credible sources to support claims. We do not believe that it is our role to confront or “correct” writers’ views. We do believe that it is our role to stress the need for multiple scholarly sources and for a developed logical structure to support any claim. Consultants further explain how claims are viewed by a wide range of audiences, which may or may not affect how the writer conceives or presents their ideas.

Writing is a way of thinking and a way of communicating our thoughts. We at the Wabash College Writing Center believe that by answering questions directly, discussing audience needs and expectations, offering suggestions, and explaining the need for scholarly support for all claims, Wabash Men can develop the critical thinking fundamental to improving their writing.

Wabash College Writing Center Academic Honesty and AI Policy

The Wabash College Writing Center is committed to working with every writer on campus, at all stages of their writing. Therefore, we treat all writing that is brought to the Writing Center as a draft. Writing Consultants comment on and make recommendations on the draft.

In order to help writers better understand how to use sources correctly and ethically, Writing Consultant will point out where a citation, or better citation, might be needed. They will also discuss how, and why, to cite sources. After the session, the Writing Consultant will indicate that they spoke with the writer about source and citation use.

The same applies if a Writing Consultant thinks something within a draft has been generated by AI. The Writing Consultant will point out any use of AI outside of the assignment parameters to the writer, and then discuss the proper use of AI within assignments. After the session, the Writing Consultant will indicate that they spoke with the writer about proper AI use.

What the writer does after the session is entirely up to him. He may incorporate the comments and suggestions from the Writing Consultant or ignore them. As such, if a Writing Consultant points out missing citations and the writer doesn’t make any changes before submitting the document for an assignment, that is the writer’s choice.

Whether or not a Writing Consultant discussed proper source and citation use and proper AI use is included in the post-session report sent to the writer. 

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