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Rosenberg Scholar

The Julia Rosenberg Writing Scholar

Julia Rosenberg

The founding director, Julia Rosenberg, was a tireless advocate for Wabash students. Her dedication to supporting all students shaped 30 years of Wabash Students. The title of Rosenberg Writing Scholar identifies the Writing Consultants who have most emulated her dedication to Wabash students. Annually awarded to the top two Writing Consultants in the Wabash Writing Center, it recognizes their contributions to the Wabash Writing Center, to Wabash Students, and to the wider writing center community.

All current Wabash Writing Consultants are considered; there are no minimum requirements for time in the Writing Center, number of sessions conducted, class standing, or GPA.

The Writing Center Director will evaluate all current Wabash Writing Consultants against seven (7) criteria:

  1. Unusual Writing Center work (working with limited staff, working over breaks, or working during finals);
  2. Presenting original work at conferences;
  3. Participating in Writing Center trips to other institutions;
  4. Assisting in training new Writing Consultants;
  5. Conducting class visits;
  6. Presenting Writing Center information to committees or other faculty events;
  7. Conducting writing workshops.

The criteria are not weighted, nor are they all required. Based on a holistic evaluation of each Writing Consultant, the Writing Center Director selects the two current Writing Consultants that best emulate Ms. Rosenberg’s dedication.

Julia Rosenberg Writing Scholars
2018 - 2019

Jordan Ogle Writing Scholar

Jordan Ogle

Erich Lange Writing Scholar

Erich Lange

Julia Rosenberg Writing Scholars
2019 - 2020

Jacob Riley Writing Scholar

Jacob Riley

Matthew Mosak Writing Scholar

Matthew Mosak

Julia Rosenberg Writing Scholars
2020 - 2021

Caleb Dickey Writing Scholar

Caleb Dickey

Austin Hood Writing Scholar

Austin Hood

Photos from the Wabash Writing Center's 35th anniversary, where the first Julia Rosenberg Writing Scholars were named: