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Office of Student Enrichment

Welcome to the Office of Student Enrichment

The Office of Student Enrichment, or OSE, (a fancy way to say a meeting with Dr. K) is designed to help all Wabash Men learn and develop critical skills for success at Wabash College and beyond. Dr. K has one role: Help Wabash Men do their very best.

Dr. K accomplishes this through one-on-one mentoring. Each session is custom-crafted to the needs of the student at the time. Dr. K mentors on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Building and using a detailed schedule;
  • Effectively taking notes;
  • Effectively studying for exams;
  • Correctly using sources;
  • Balancing course work with social functions;
  • Developing long- and short-term goals;
  • Adjusting to college life;
  • Improving English writing and speaking;
  • Adjusting to American culture;
  • Strategically planning for life beyond Wabash College.

Regardless of your questions, year, time of semester, concerns, or worries, Dr. K is here to help. 

To see visit the OSE, Make an Appointment.

If you cannot find a time on the schedule, email Dr. Koppelmann directly.