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GHI Direct Admit Program | WabashX

Wabash Global Health Direct Admit

The Global Health Direct Admit program is for students with a strong interest in community health and the many factors that determine it. This program will provide students engagement with communities, leadership opportunities, and the chance to learn from global public health professionals in local and international contexts. Global Health Direct Admit students are guaranteed an immersive travel experience in global health to Peru, South America, as part of the Global Health class after their freshman year, and a summer internship in public health following their freshman or sophomore years.

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Is this program for you? 

Global Health Direct Admit allows first-year students to engage immediately with Wabash’s Global Health Initiative (GHI), our WabashX co-curricular program for students with interest in global public health. As a Global Health Direct Admit Student, you will:

  • Connect with other community-minded students early in your college career  
  • Develop important skill sets that employers, medical schools, and graduate schools value in their applicants
  • Learn about social and environmental determinants of health and help address health disparities in local, regional, and international communities

Here’s what your four years could look like:



  • Receive your notification of acceptance to the Global Health Direct Admit program. New members will be connected with Wabash junior or senior GHI mentors


  • Participate in campus and community health campaigns
  • Become a member of the student-led Public Health Organization (PHO)
  • Attend and participate in discussions and films about issues in global health
  • Receive branded Global Health Direct Admit apparel and materials


  • Receive one-on-one career advice on resumes and cover letters and review summer internship opportunities
  • Continue participation in community health campaigns
  • Enroll in Global Health course
  • Continue engagement in PHO and related campus-wide Global Health activities


  • Participate in Global Health Internship
  • Travel to Peru as part of Global Health Class (August)

Global Health Membership, YEARS 2-4


  • Enroll in Global Health coursework, including a Global Health minor
  • Engage with GHI-Peru virtually by learning from and contributing to on-going projects
  • Participate in and lead the Public Health Organization
  • Conduct educational campaigns in partnership with Wabash Student Health Center
  • Attend seminars and lead discussions on Global Health topics

In the Community

  • Volunteer for and lead community projects
  • Intern during the school year at local non-profits (e.g., Montgomery County Health Department and Free Clinic)
  • Participate in conferences for Global Health organizations (e.g., Global Health & Innovation Conference, Indiana Public Health Association)
  • Intern over the summer with local, regional, and international partners