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Wabash Center for Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship

WE TAKE BUSINESS: SERIOUSLYThe CIBE prepares Wabash students from all majors to develop business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills while training them for success as innovative leaders. CIBE programs reach students from across campus, in multiple majors.

Are you interested in business, entrepreneurship or innovation? At Wabash, we take business very seriously. Our graduates work at or run some of the most innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial businesses. They work in small start-ups in San Francisco, in finance on Wall Street, in social enterprises in Africa, and in the boardrooms of some of the largest companies in the world. Wabash men have accomplished all this without ever taking a single business class as an undergraduate.

At Wabash you do not have to study business to be a success in business, to start your own business or to run a non-profit. At Wabash, students from all majors develop their business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills while preparing to be innovative leaders throughout their careers. It is simply the Wabash way of doing business.

For opportunities outside of the classroom, the Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship (CIBE) is there to guide you. The CIBE is your resource to help support you as you engage in internships, immersive experiences, entrepreneurship, and management opportunities. CIBE programs are designed to give you experience where you will apply your Wabash education to solving real-world problems.

CIBE Innovation consultant Four "I" Strategy:

CIBE Innovation Consultants will be coached and supported through a Four I’s approach to training and real-world experiences. Partners are guided through:

Instruction: Build on and supplement the Wabash academic education with LABB and other meaningful immersive opportunities to provide a solid foundation in business.
Action: Liberal Arts Bridge to Business Training, and Resume & Interview Preparation

Intensives: Put students into sector-specific intensive that give them a deep-dive into industry-specific insights and exposure to the latest trends and best practices.
Action: Business Analysis & Excel, Design Thinking, LEAN Process, Project Management

INTERNSHIPS: Provide students meaningful internship experiences where they are able to combine Instruction & Intensives to put their knowledge to work.
Action: Two Summer Internships, and One Externship with an Entrepreneur>

Involvement: Engage students in real-world work on campus, and in the community to solve complex problems from business operations to marketing and data analytics.
Action: Three Project Engagements, and Case Study Reviews & Competitions