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Photo by Stockhorn Bungee Jump, Interlaken, Switzerland.
Taylor Larimore’s bungee jump over Switzerland opens this edition celebrating the stories of Wabash alumni, teachers, and students on The Grand Adventure that is liberal arts learning. “I’m kind of scared of heights,” Larimore ’09 admits. “ It was pretty terrifying, but it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.”

Reading the Water
Freshmen on fly Fishing: The Liberal Art

Fishing like an Osprey
David Krohne

Snapshots from an American Dream
Tian Tian '11 Finds a Homein Indiana

The Stories of Little Giants
Matt Ripley '06

A Man's Life: Sad Men
Jason Boog

An Adventurous Spirit
John Buford '69

"It's a Matter of Faith"
Wabash Students Teach in Ecuador

Wabash Stories: "That's Who We Are"
A grassroots effort to collect stories from alumni

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