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Reunion Giving | Annual Fund

Return to the Brotherhood.  Reunions are a great time to see old friends, strengthen friendships, and relive all of the memories of the Wabash experience. We need you at Big Bash Reunion in June to make these conversations rich and wonderful.

Your reunion year is also a great time to get serious about supporting Wabash. Return, reconnect, and reminisce on how Wabash impacted your life. Then consider ensuring this brotherhood and experience continues for current and future Wabash men with a gift to the Annual Fund

Each year, in collaboration with the Society of Class Agents, the Wabash Advancement Office establishes reunion attendance and giving goals for classes celebrating reunions at the June Big Bash Reunion Weekend.  Classes who meet their reunion giving goals are in the running for the awards listed at the right.

2023 Big Bash Reunion Attendance and Giving Goals (for classes ending in 3s and 8s).

Reunion Class Attendance Goals Donor Goal Alumni Participation
1973 81 73 42.9%
1978 50 69 36.9%
1983 81 93 46.0%
1988 50 86 42.6%
1993 36 78 48.1%
1998 62 65 33.0%
2003 41 89 36.6%
2008 31 81 40.9%
2013 56 76 37.4%
2018 32 110 45.5%

Big Bash Chapel Sing

Big Bash Reunion Awards

The Edmund O. Hovey Award is awarded at the Sunday Brunch of Big Bash Weekend to the reunion class with the highest level of alumni participating with a gift to the College during the current reunion year.

The Donor Challenge is available to all classes celebrating a reunion at the June Big Bash Weekend. If a reunion class reaches their reunion year donor goal (listed in the table at the left), then their class will achieve the Donor Challenge and have an open bar instead of a cash bar at their class dinner on Saturday evening of Big Bash Weekend.