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Relationships have always been at the core of the Wabash experience-between students and their professors, alumni and the young men they mentor, and students working hard together in a constant pursuit of excellence. Gifts to the College enable these relationships to flourish. In the classrooms and laboratories, on the playing fields, and on the Fine Arts Center stages - it is the generosity and support of alumni and friends that is vital to relationships that are the essence of Wabash.
Thank you for your support.

2020-2021 Fiscal Year Honor Roll

Honor Roll of Donors

The 2020-2021 online honor roll recognizes alumni, parents, and friends who have made gifts to the College between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. The online honor roll lists gifts received and processed through the previous business day. The complete 2020-2021 Honor Roll of Donors will be available on or around October 1, 2021.

Previous Honor Rolls

You can view Honor Roll information for previous fiscal years by clicking on the links at the left.

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Class of 1919

Wendell Jay*

Class of 1937

Carol Dyer ^

Class of 1940

Christine Scholz ^

Class of 1944

Jay and Alma Baysinger

Class of 1946

Peggy Gudbrandsen ^

June Niccum ^

Class of 1948

Bob Christian

Mary Emily Davisson ^

Peggy Haas ^

Wayne Risinger

Class of 1949

Dick Cherry 1832

Dale Milligan 1832

Class of 1950

Janice Clauser ^

Freda Collings ^

Jim Givens Jr.

George Haerle

Norma Johnston ^

Milt and Helena Lankton 1832

Douglas and Marilyn Leffler

Dick and Jean Maxwell 1832

Bill and Carolyn Peet

Bob and Charlotte Risley 1832

Class of 1951

Ben Calacci *

Bill Dunbar Jr.

Bill and Gwyn Ellis 1832

John Emery

Elmer Halwes Jr. *

Warren and Paula Jackson

Stu and June Jacobs

Joan Joel ^

Ellwood and Barbara Lewis

Margaret Regnier ^

Nancy Rogers ^

Joe and Regina Smith

Bill Von Der Lehr

Carol Yoder ^

Class of 1952

Norman Buktenica and Jonne' Lerner

Bob Elkins Jr.

Don and Jeanne Fisher

Rolly and Margaret Hultsch 1832

John Iuppenlatz 1832

Elizabeth Mahrdt ^

Dick McCaman

Irmi McKinney ^

Gail and Sharon Mullin

Bill and Liz Reinke 1832

Hugh Smaltz II *

Chalna Smaltz ^

Class of 1953

Diane Augspurger ^

Charles Crume Jr. 1832

Roger and Ellen Drummond 1832

Jack Engledow 1832

Tom and Nancy Florsheim Sr. 1832

Herb and Rita Hawvermale

Bob Hay

Calvin and Donna Hilgediek

George and Lois Littell Jr. 1832

Sandy Moffett ^

Pete Moffett *

Judith Ray ^

Jim Smith

Alan Stolz *

Gail Stolz ^

Louis Sunderland

Jean Williams ^

Bob and Betty Woods 1832

Class of 1954

Carol Augsburger ^

Bjorg Dittus ^

Arlene Elisha ^

Walt Elisha *

Bill and Sandi Glascock

Jim and Bev Hogshire III

Abe and Janet Howe

Sylvia Huntsman ^

Bob and Helen Johnson

Anne Pantzer ^

John and Judy Proffitt Esq. 1832

Richard and Kay Lynn Rose

Dick Sadler

Gretel Smith ^

Jim and Biuina Twomey

Chuck Zimont *

Joey Zimont ^

Class of 1955

Lynn and Linda Ault 1832

Bill and Jacqueline Bell

Sue Foster ^

Charlie and Nancy Hardy 1832

Tom Hays 1832

Rem Johnston III 1832

Bob and Ellen Kellogg 1832

Mary Knight ^

Roger and Peggy Kumler 1832

Link Marx

David Nall

Dick and Anita Payne

Charlie and Linda Reinhardt

Cliff and Anne Wagner

Judy Wilson Tulley ^

Class of 1956

Don Dinwiddie *

Sparky Dinwiddie ^

Bob Ehrich 1832

Drs. Ellis Ellis

Ralph Fenesy *

David and Betty Givens 1832

Tom and Clare Hollett 1832

Tom and Janet Kometani 1832

Bill and Carolyn Kreighbaum

Bill Logue

Stan and Nancy Matheny

Dan and Betty Olds

Al Pavlikowski 1832

Morris and Suzanne Rice

Bob and Martha Schwab

Larry Slagle

Mike and Marcia Takahashi

Bob and Suzanne Webster

Class of 1957

Ron and Bobbe Bean 1832

Moe and Jane Brand 1832

Larry and Shirley Chapman

Charley and Susie Goddard Jr.

Yvonne Greenbaun ^

Bob Hobson *

Ken and Judy Kimmell

Joe and Barbara Krause

Evan Lehman

Paul and Pam Macri

Thom and Janet Olshewsky

Dave and Nancy Orr 1832

Dick and Diane Peterson

Sterling Robbins

Chuck Rohm 1832

Dutch Saettler Jr.

Bruce and Kathleen Schroeder

Paul Shaw

Don Siefker

Clarke and Kathy Smith M.D. 1832

Fred and Lura Wampler 1832

John and Jeananne Yanko 1832

Class of 1958

Norm and Georgia Armstrong

George Badgero

Fred Baker

Dick and Sue Bottomley 1832

Gordon and Peggy Colson M.D.

Mauri and Patricia Core 1832

Joe and Aurelia Costanza

Jean Crowder ^

Larry Faller 1832

Dave and Nancy Galliher 1832

Jim Govan

Carole Hinshaw ^

Thomas Joyner

Jeanne Kipp ^

Philip and Nancy Krause 1832

Dave and Sally Phillips

Tom and Phyllis Reetz 1832

Don and Joan Selle

Max and Nancy Servies

Kent Shortz

Ron and Margo Stasch CPCU

Bonnie Townsend ^

Wilbur and Kay Webb Jr.

Rick and Nancy Weber

Frank and Barbara Whitney

John Wilhelm III

Jack and Beverly Wyatt 1832

Ron and Ann deLanglade

Class of 1959

Duane and Linda Axel 1832

Tino Balio

Roger and Debbie Billings Jr. 1832

Bob and Diane Bittner

Tom and Joanne Black Jr.

Judy Calkins ^

Burton Carlson and Andrea Wood

Bob and Judy Charles Jr. 1832

Bill and Darlene Collins

Mike Cummings

Tony and Betsy Dowell 1832

Bill and Denise Dyer

Craig and Diane Green

Charles and Ann Haffner

Rex and Sandy Henthorn 1832

Gloria Hill ^

John and Ginny Hollett III 1832

James Holmes and Patricia Hutton 1832

John and Jan Horner

Walt and Anna Inman 1832

Chris and Lois Johnson

Gary and Debra Johnson

Joe Malott

Hoyt and Kathy Miller 1832

Barbara Nordlund ^

Mike and Sara Plummer

Max and Deanna Riedlsperger

Ernie and Launa Schmidt USA (Ret.) 1832

Joe and Sachiko Shewmon

Jim Speer

Don and Dottie Sperry

Jim and Shirling Stanton 1832

Lloyd and Elizabeth Stoner MXICC

Lonnie Therber

Bob and C.K. Wedgeworth Jr. 1832, MXICC

Bob and Mary Williams

Class of 1960

Bob and Claire Ashman

Al and Ingrid Askerberg Jr.

Will and Lu Bahr Jr.

Jay and Lucy Bell 1832

Philip and Mary Lou Bowman

Walt Bridgewater

Billy Buser 1832

M. and Audrey Curtis 1832

Darrell and Marilyn Dick

Warren and Patricia Hall

H. Victor Hasler and Karen Cochran-Hasler 1832

Carol Jackson ^

John and Jane Johnson 1832

Carol LaBorde ^

Dave and Ruth Lahey 1832

Wes Lamboley

Dan and Kay Millar

Bob and Barbara Neal Jr. 1832

Jim and Charlotte Price 1832

Charlie Quillin 1832

James Rader and Margaret Pond

Omar and Judi Robinson 1832

Larry and Jeanine Souders

Ralph and Janet Thomas

Grant Van Horne

Ted and Sandra Wiese Jr. 1832

Class of 1961

J.B. and Barbara Bachman

Joe and Charlene Barnette Jr. 1832

Norm and Josephine Beesley 1832

Milt and Heide Bentley

John and JoAnn Birdzell 1832

Bob and Peggy Bock 1832

Dave and Jeanne Bohlin

Aus and Lucy Brooks Jr. 1832

Doug and Pat Burns 1832

Tim and Mary Conlon

Susie Cumming ^

John and Janet Currier Sr.

Rick and Constance Dexter

Jack and Jeanne Elliott

Don and Janet Engler

Bill and Adelheid Faller

Jack and Susanne Gakstatter

Ken and Sharon Hapner 1832

Steve Herman M.D. 1832

Sam and Susie Hildebrand

Mike and Rosie Hughes Jr.

Bob Jones

Joe and Ann Kiley 1832

Vince and Nancy LeDonne 1832

Walt and Diane Lippard III

Bob and Jane McElroy M.D.

Jim and Patricia McMichael

Stan Miller 1832

Jay and Nancy Moore

Jim and Janis Nichols

Curt and Marilyn Oehler

Drs. Olexia Olexia

Pete and Janie Pippen 1832

Ron and Jane Reinhart

Bev Ruebeck ^

Bill Sanders

Sue Sheridan ^

Hal and Sara Sommer

Bob and Anne Spilman

Earl and Lydia Talbot

Judge and Mrs. Todd Todd

Bob and Susan Voigt 1832

Don and Vicky Weddle

Jan Wood ^

Class of 1962

Mike and Lois Ball 1832

Gene and Alice Blackburn

David and Ellen Brink 1832

David Downen and Kathryn Kniffen 1832

Steve and Barbara Drayer

Tom and Donna Emmick 1832

Tim and Marcia Emmitt 1832

Thom and Barbara Feit

Terry and Johanna Fewell

Brian and Lois-Rae Fry

Bob Fuller

Tom and Julia Gaisser

Dave Gillespie

Pat and Penny Haney 1832

Jim and Nancy Johnson

Don and Shirley Kerner M.D. 1832

Tom and Donna Lauritzen

Brad and Susan Lentz

Dale and Phyd Lentz

Jim and Susan Little

Lee and Rose McNeely 1832

Mary Mendenhall ^

Bruce and Elizabeth Monroe

Bill Nigh

Jack and Linda Nutting

Bill Racey 1832

Tom and Carol Reams 1832

Robbie and Sharon Robinson

David and Doris Schneider

John Staples 1832

Dick and Stacie Stephenson 1832

Brent and Nancy Sutton

Bob and Gloria Templin

Bill Thompson 1832

Tom and Geri Whowell 1832

Mal and Ann Young Ph.D.

Ted Zieke

Class of 1963

Roger and Marcia Alig

Rolf and Harriet Amsler

Tom and Nancy Billings

Mike and Elizabeth Boyd Jr.

George and Susan Brattain 1832

Richard and Betty Brown

Frank and Elizabeth Cassell

Stephen Coons and John Grudzien

Dan and Elizabeth Crofts

John and Carolyn Doyel

Steve and Connie Ferguson 1832

Warren and Sharon Ford 1832

John Gibbs

Susan Hatfield ^

Pete and Mary Hedges

Dave and Stephanie Hockensmith

Larry and Annette Hutchison 1832

Steve and Anne Jay 1832

Dave and Jackie Johnson

Rusty and Dianna Johnson 1832

W. Stephen Klug and Kathleen Johannessen

Bob and Katherine Kruse Jr.

John and Marcia LaBounty

Mike Locey

Bill and Liz Lowery 1832

Tom and Susan McCully 1832

Judge and Mrs. McGimpsey McGimpsey

Mark and Rosemary Miller 1832

Judge and Mrs. Milligan Milligan 1832

Rusty and Pat Nichols 1832

Robert Ouellette and Joanie Ritter

Jim and Sherran Sonnemaker

Alan and Betty Stanford 1832

Tim Steele

Peter and Emily Toll Jr.

Tom and Marilyn Verachtert

Lin and Kay Warfel

Bill and Carolyn White Jr.

Class of 1964

Bob Adams

Paul and Susanne Alessi

Harry and Roberta Alfrey III

Richard and Sheila Allen

Bill Augspurger 1832

Chris and Marcia Birch

Walt and Dona Bubelis

Bruce and Marilyn Bubenzer 1832

Dudley and Judy Burgess 1832

A. Vincent Buzard and Ann Burr

Mark Camblin

Dave Campaigne

James Childress and Qin Zhou

Dan and Ginger Collier

David and Polly Dean

Dick and Betsy Durham III

John and Kathy Fox Jr. 1832

Dennis and Sissy Gibbs

Chris Gross *

Terry and Judy Hadley

Todd and Marla Hanlin 1832

Frank and Marilyn Harris III 1832

David and Carla Herkner

John and Hiroko Kline

Frederic Kraft and Gayle Davis 1832

Dean and Betty Kukral

Mike and Paula Langenfeld

Skip and Harlane Lindeman Jr.

Bob and Joyce Lindstrom

David Litterst

Drs. Livengood Livengood 1832

Mauri and Maureen Marshall

Jim and Cindy McCabe

Kent and Midge Merrill 1832

Beth Merry ^

Hal and Susan Miller Jr. 1832

Philip and Holly Miller 1832

Steve and Effie Miller 1832

Jim and Marianne Millican II 1832

Bob Mitchell 1832

Sam and Mia Montgomery

Jim and Sharon Morris

Ron and Connie Nichols

Nick and Darlene Nizamoff

Bill Parker

Dave and Louise Petering

Bill and Sally Robbins III

Bill and Jana Robertson Jr. 1832

Bob and Cun Jing Roeder

Troy and Susan Scott III 1832

David Scott

Bob and Laura Sehr Jr. 1832

Ken and Cheryl Shearer Jr.

Tad and Rosie Sinnock

Fred and Betty Steuber

Mike and Judith Tuberty

John and Claudia Tweedle

Dave and Sue Watkins

Al and Sharon Yoder III

Class of 1965

Morrie and Nancy Adams

Carl and Judie Alfrey

Allan and Jane Anderson 1832

Lori Batchelder ^

Bill and Donna Berg

Logan and Phebe Blackburn

Larry and Susan Blount 1832

P.T. and Mickey Buntin 1832

Neal and Jean Butler 1832

Jim and Anne Carroll

Roger and Patricia Colehower 1832

Ralph Cory

Skip and Gale Craske Jr.

Norm Daikoku 1832

Mike and Betty Dall

John Duran 1832

Bill and Lynn Gilman 1832

Dick Glover

Fred and Donna Halstead

Ron and Sandra Henze

Joe and Joan Hoffmann

Dick and Shannie Hughes 1832

Byron and Jougsook Kemper

Kass and Patricia Kovalcheck Jr. 1832

John and Linda Linnenberg

Bob and Alice MacCallum 1832

Bob and Jody Martin III 1832

Trippe and Linda Matthews CPM

Jim McCarthy III 1832

Mickey and Ann Metzler 1832

Ralph and Virginia Michna USN (Ret.)

Bill and Phyllis Millikan Jr.

Kent and Linda Moore 1832

Harry and Lois Nicol

Larry and Kris Niemann 1832

Penny O'Connor ^

Peter Pactor

Jim and Barbara Parker

Jay and Ellen Patterson Jr.

Rich and Deborah Polk

Charlie Probert

Drs. Queener Queener

Rick and Mary Ann Ross

Pete and Mary Ruthenburg 1832

Don and Helen Schick

F. Richard Schnackenberg and John Landau

LeRoy Stoner

Bernie and Mary Taylor

Mike and Nancy Tynan 1832

Bill and Diane Van Deest

Mike Weeks M.D.

Terry and Arlene White

Tom and Cathy Williams 1832

Robert Witherspoon and Ryan Iwamoto 1832

Tom Zimmers

Ross Zumwalt and Cheryl Willman 1832

Class of 1966

James and Kay Ackil

James and Tonia Adamson

Harry and Sara Antibus

Charlie and Janet Bell 1832

Cal and Marsha Black 1832

Jerry and Carla Blossom 1832

John and Nelda Coligan Ph.D. 1832

Bill Cook 1832

Bill and Judith Davis Jr.

Jack and Oanh Davis

Lynn and Jane Dick

John and Lynne Fargher 1832

Bill and Sue Ferguson 1832

Jay and Marty Fisher III 1832

John and Patti Flanagan

Lowell and Susan Flickinger USA

Louise Forsythe ^

Gregory Garman and Barbara Hager

Jim and Nancy Gineris

John and Gail Gisler

Steve and Susan Gould

Bill and Richela Grantz Jr.

Carl and Morgan Halgren

Jack and Sally Hauber

Larry and Jane Haugh

Herb and Susan Heneman III 1832

John and Nancy Herrin Jr.

Jan and Sue Hesser

Steve and Gail Hildebrand

Jon and Judy Holdread 1832

David and Anne Kendall 1832

Leroy Kercher

Dave and Anne Krattebol 1832

Bill and Nancy Lawler

John and Karna Lennes Jr.

Ned and B.J. Luce

Roger and Susan Lumpp II 1832

Bob and Jan Main

Judge and Mrs. Matsey Matsey

Jack and Inky Meng Jr. 1832

John and Jane Miller

Joe and Marilyn Murphy

Squier and Peggy Neal

Mark Nilsson 1832

Alfred Nucci

Tom and Denise Ochsenschlager

Lynn Paulson ^

Don and Judy Race M.D. 1832

William E. Ray, Jr. and Kathleen Nicholson

Dave and Nancy Riddle

Tony and Suzanne Ridolfo 1832

Bill and Mary Robb Jr.

Judge and Mrs. Roeder Roeder 1832

Max and Barb Rudicel

Frank Sanford

Ken and Gail Schild 1832

Jerry and Denise Sedmak

Jim and Barbara Sedmak

Robert Smith and Kathy Ober

Paul Spade

William A. Summers, Jr. and Robin Kline

George M. Taybos, D.D.S. and Mary Pfeifer 1832

Roger and Kathleen Thies 1832

Bill and Linda Todd

Rod Townsend

Jim and Melissa VanDolah

Stan and Sandy Vogel 1832

Dick Vozel

Stan and Peggy Walker USA (Ret) 1832

Suzy Ware ^

Jim Wason 1832

Dennis and Janice Whigham

Jay and Jennifer Williams Jr. 1832

Gerald Wood and Edra Garrett

Howard and Bobbi Wooden III

Class of 1967

Nelson and Debbie Bahler 1832

Elizabeth Ball ^

Ed Bell

Dave and Linda Bickell

Dave and Pamela Bloomer

Alan and Sandra Boone

David Brannin

Marilyn Brown ^

Ron and Judy Brown

Jack Brumbaugh

Mike Butler 1832

Rich and Lore Chilausky 1832

Steve and Linda Claffey

Jeremy Coffman

Ed Cook

Philip Coons and Elizabeth Bowman 1832

Edward Culver and Ingrid Ritchie

Paul and Pamela Cunningham USAF Ret. 1832

Dave and Penelope Decker 1832

Clark and Sherry Dickerson

John and Nancy Evans USMC (Ret.)

Mike and Gail Fortier

Tom and Barbara Gilkison

Steve and Cindy Golliher 1832

John and Sarona Goodrich Sr. 1832

Dennis and Lorna Harrell

Mike and Donna Harvey

Rick and Freida Helm

Dennis and Mary Henry

Duane and Mary Ann Hile 1832

Earl and Carol Houck

Jim and Kelly Hover

Bill Ingle III

Dan Jenkins Jr.

David and Corinne Jones

Wendy and Sandra Kish 1832

Larry and Carol Landis 1832

Bob and Rosalie Larzelere Ph.D.

John and Marsha Lawson

Haines and Janet Lockhart Jr.

Steve and Michele Loheide 1832

Joe Lwanga

Peer Lykke

Mark and Deborah Mader

John and Romelle Marshall

John and Laura May

David and Jan Merrell

Dave and Karen Montieth

John and Virginia Moody

Bob and Judy Myers

Bruce and Carmen Newby 1832

John Newport and Jan Hilderbrand

Dan and Linda Petrak

Alan Pyle 1832

Linda Randak ^

Jack and Catherine Robertson

Robbie and Marcy Robinson 1832

Jim and Becky Rushton

Ron and Ann Salomone

Jerry and Margie Schaefer 1832

Mike and Linda Seifried

Ron Sheese 1832

Fred Siegel 1832

Roger and Marsha Smith

Gene and Marsha Snipes 1832

Jim and Kay Stahler MSW

Rex and Barbara Stratton III

John Sturman Jr.

Jack and Sandra Webster

Tom and Patricia Werner 1832

Andy and Susan Williams 1832

Fadia Williamson ^

Alan and Susan Witte 1832

Steve and Janine Wood

John and Margie Zimmerman 1832

Class of 1968

Mike and Mary Akers Ph.D.

Tom and Leslie Allen

Ben and Nancy Austin Sr.

Dave and Victoria Avery

Stan and Alberta Baker

Tom and Roselie Bambrey 1832

Steve and Joanie Bowen 1832

Ben and Julia Brouhard

Van and Mary Butler 1832

Jim and Linda Byrn

Dick Callaway 1832

Andy and Mary Christon

Dave Cook 1832

Ed and Linda Cox

Jim and Sue Ann Dashiell

Mike and Tina Douglas 1832

Michael and Beverly Dybel

Mr. and Mrs. Eads Eads 1832

Galen and Cynthia Eversole

Mike and Kathy Gallagher 1832

Steve Goldsmith

Tim and Annette Gorman

Rich and Jan Gower 1832

John and Mari Greves 1832

Lee Grogg and Shirley Havenga

Dave and Lois Hagen

Steve and Carol Hansen

Alan and Connie Hatfield 1832

Ron and Geri Hill

Tom and Marlene Hill

Dave and Judy Hizer 1832

Beatrice Howard ^

Jim Hutcheson 1832

Steve and Jeanne Johnson 1832

Jim Kelley

Peter and Carroll Kennedy III 1832

Scott Klika

Ken Koepke 1832

Wayne and Carol Kornas 1832

Stan and Nancy Kowaleski Jr.

Chuck and Becky Kraft 1832

John and Darlene Kraft 1832

Steve Laramore 1832

John and Phyllis Leahy

Bill and Sandra Markin

Steve and Karen Matthews

Sam and Anna Milligan FACP 1832

Jim and Helen Millikin

Elaine Moon ^

Judge and Mrs. Morton Morton

Qais Noaman

John Oesterle

Tom Popejoy

Jim and Rebecca Powers

Jason and Ann Reed

Jon and Constance Roe 1832

Jim and Liz Roper USAF (Ret.)

John and Konnie Schlechte 1832

Fred Schurger

Randy and Jane Slickers

Terry and Kathryn Smith

Walt and Kathy Snodell III 1832

Harry and Lisa Staley

Mike Stayton 1832

Richard Alan Stout and Laura Lane

Dan and Sydney Susie

Mark and Dianne Sutton

Dan and Betty Vannatter 1832

Bob Weesner 1832

Jim and Beverly Williams

Raymond and Lois Williams 1832

Phil and Lisa Wilson

Claude and Sue Wise 1832

Class of 1969

Jay and Lynn Alexander

Sharyn Allen ^

George Anagnos

John Antonelli

Gary and Cindy Ault 1832

Stuart and Paula Barb

Don and Carla Bennett

Roger and Barbara Bowen

Fred and Barbara Bradshaw

Bob and Jana Brandes Jr.

Jack and JoAnne Brown 1832

John and Cindy Burrell

Rick and Carol Campbell Jr.

Dave and Jami Carlson

Bill and Kerry Christoph

Jay and Kathy Cragwall Jr.

Ken and Erika Crawford 1832

John and Miriam Crook 1832

Jeff and Ann Cross

John and Betty Culley Jr.

Jeff and Susan Davidson 1832

John and Susan Dowd 1832

Richard Elson and Pauline Michaud 1832

Steve and Vickey Finger

Bob Flynn

Steve and Bie Yie Fox

Fred and Jean Gale

Rich and Linda Gorscak 1832

Drs. Green Green M.D. 1832

David and Debra Hafling

Robert Hall and Mary Pat Wilson

Jay and Molly Harrison

Al and Sally Hart Jr. 1832

Drs. Harter Harter

Tom and Kate Hunter

Steve and Denice Kabisch

Ray and Yvonne Knight 1832

Alison Kothe and Patrick Traub

Rik and Linda Lineback

Bill and Angela Mabin 1832

Bob and Barbara McVicker

Steve Mihalko 1832

Ron and Teri Mitchum

Richard and Suzie Moak 1832

Wayne and Connie Monroe

Art and Tina Morelli

Brad and Sue Mullendore

Doug and Kate Oesterheld

David Pancost and Paige Franklin 1832

Larry and Anne Parker 1832

David and Jane Parkhill

Ron and Laurie Patton

Joe and Mary Catherine Phelan

Russell and Mary Pollard

Harry and Karon Preston

Charlie and Jan Raiser

Jerry and Judy Renbarger

Dave and Linda Sadler 1832

John and Diane Schroeder 1832

John and Peg Showalter 1832

Steve Sirmin

Chris Snodgrass and Carol Murphy

Doug and Katsuko Sparks

Judge and Mrs. Spear Spear

Jack and Guy Spurway Jr.

Dan Stauber

Ed and Heidi Steck

Steve and Sandra Steinkeler M.D.

Dick Swinehart

Ted and Elisabeth Wachs 1832

Gary and Karen Wade

William and Cathy Waldschmidt

John and Paulette Wiley

Jim and Candy Willhite

Fred and Debbie Wilson Jr. 1832

Class of 1970

Jay and Jane Armstrong

Judge and Mrs. Ault Ault

Lew and Marcia Beckwith 1832

Chuck and Mary Crowley

Sharon Danielson ^

John and Mary Ann Davis Jr.

Paul and Angie Day 1832

Peter and Suzanne Durant 1832

Bernie and Marta Emkes 1832

Dick and Peggy Evens 1832

Bob and Roseann Fahl

John Fischer

Tom and Susan Freeman 1832

Charley and Diane German

Mike and Jensy Gregory CPA 1832

Mark and Janet Hall

Les Hearson 1832

Bob Herold 1832

Drs. Inman Inman

Ernie and Janet Irons 1832

Mike and Edwina Kelley 1832

Bob and Nancy Leslie

Frank W. Ling, M.D. and Janis Ling 1832

Dwight Lunderman

Ronan and Marilyn Marra

Steve and Jane McKain

Bill and Nancy McLane Jr.

Dave and Ava McSwane

Bruce and Mary Middendorf

Paul and Susie Moehling

Jeff and Sandy Nickloy

Bill Olsen 1832

Jesse J. Paul III and Jane Kim

Bob and Stephanie Pollom 1832

Molly Pope ^

Don Reed

Dean and Yael Reynolds

Garry Ritter 1832

Hal Sauer

Ed and Pam Scahill

Dave and Anne Shane 1832

Paul and Angela Sheffner

Ron and Susan Shelby

Phil and Barbara Sidebottom

Bob and Elizabeth Siegmann

George and Brenda Simpson Jr. 1832

John and Sandy Spray

Franziska Swayzee ^

Jim Swayzee *

John and Laura Van de Roovaart III

Warner Vaughan

Dave and Dianne Vogt

Randy Waitman

Class of 1971

Skip and Linda Adams III

Greg and Tiffany Allen

Jerry and Priscilla Anderson

Scott Baldwin

Jim and Anita Ball 1832

Steve Blau

Bob and Ellen Bogigian 1832

John and Virginia Brackemyre

Bruce and Karen Bradway Ph.D.

Jim and Madelaine Bromley

Scott Buehler

Rufus Burton

Steve and Doris Covey

Sue Dart ^

Bill and Charlotte Davnie III 1832

Andy and Marta Dziubinskyj

Jeff and Jan Eaton 1832

Jake and Teresa Fisher

Nelson and Ann Flynn 1832

Dave and Judy Graham

Dave and Tricia Gray

Rick and Joan Gregory

Fred and Nancy Haase

Gary and Judy Hansen M.D.

Bill Hausmann

Pete Hawley 1832

Cloyce and Christine Hedge

Dan and Michelle Holderbaum

Trey and Cheryl Holland III 1832

Clark and Susie Johnson

Brad and Trudy Johnson

Bruce and Rachel Julian

John and Deborah Kalb 1832

Jim and Esta Kamplain 1832

Sam and Phyllis Kazdan

Allen and Pamela Kepchar

Gene and Jan Kepple

Sam and Becky Kirtley 1832

Judy Lammering ^

John and Connie Lathrop

Michael Lemon and Cynthia Parry

Cathy Long ^

Dave and Chris Main 1832

Tom and Jana Martella

Allen and Martha Matthews

Steve and Danuta McDaniel

Alex and Brenda Miller USN (Ret.) 1832

Dick and Yoko Morford

Dennis and Jane Myers

Jon and Andrea Pactor 1832

Garrett and Betsy Paul

Jim and Susan Peters

Dave and Diane Pfanschmidt

Lawrence Phelps and Kathryn Anderson

Ed and Judith Pitkin 1832

Mark and Christine Randak 1832

Greg and Susan Rasmussen 1832

Jim Rendel

Phil and Norma Rifner

Carl and Judith Royal

Tom and Carol Runge 1832

Bill and Bonnie Rydell 1832

John and Lain Ryder 1832

Orlo Shoop CW4

John and Deanna Street

Steve and Susan Wildman Ph.D. 1832

Ray and Shirley Wong 1832

and Mrs. Andrew L. Young and Young Family Trust

Class of 1972

Bill and Carol Badgley

Ben and Jane Barnes Jr.

Jeff and Melissa Baxter 1832

Reed and Brenda Birney USN (Ret.) 1832

Rex and Joyce Boner

Dick and Theresa Bowerman M.D. 1832

John and Cathy Bridge 1832

Dan and Sherry Butler

Fred Butler 1832

Drs. Cameron Cameron M.D. 1832

John W. Chambers, Jr. and Barbara Haile

Brad and Anne Chillson

Doc and Deborah Dockendorf

Jerry and Jolynn Dreyer

Kim and Rebecca Ebert

Tom Federenko

Rick Fobes

Steve Fritch

Eric and Kristine Garrard CFP

Brad and Macie Goff

Gordon Goodwin and Zelma Taylor

Dan Grube

Frank Hagaman

Michael and Suzy Hammond 1832

Gail Handy ^

Art and Andrea Hansen III

Mike Hiatt

Mike and Marsha Howard 1832

Steve and Debbie Hussey

Rod and Kim Kenley

Dennis and Barbara Kurth

Doug and Minda Lehman Esq.

Hugh and Linda McClelland III 1832

Dock and Cynthia McDowell Jr. MXICC

Bruce McGar 1832

Jim and Eileen McQuillan

Tom and Diane McShane

John and Nola Mynsberge

Jerry and Anita Neidert

Gregg and Kenda Ottinger

Mike and Judy Prunier

Tom Pulver

Tom Quick

Mr. Rigg and Ms. Rigg Rigg

Don and Jo Ann Russell

Dan and Rebecca Schmidt 1832

Ron and Mary Sharpe

Don and Carol Shelbourne 1832

Jim and Lynn Simpson

Tom and Patricia Smith 1832

Gregg and Ann Spitler

Tim and Maryclare Trela

Don and Rita Van Deursen

Kerry and Gloria Wilson

Bill and Bobbie Wilson

Gary Wolf and Jane Parkey

Steve and Debra York USMC (Ret.)

Jim and Laura Zavesky

Class of 1973

John and Ellen Albrecht

Pete and Patsy Allen

George Angelone and Gretchen Gutman

Rick Appley

Bill and Katy Bockstahler Jr.

Jim and Patricia Braddock

Tom and Jeri Buek 1832

Frank Buerger USN Ret.

Mike and Annie Burnley

John and Barbara Busch 1832

Lee and Arlana Clark 1832

Nate and Sandra Clark MXICC

Joe Collings

Bill and Debbie Dale

Dennis Dean 1832

John and Debbie Feick

Jack and Carol Foos

Marios Fourakis

Douglas and Carolyn Freeman 1832

Paula Ganson ^

John and Mary Ann Garber

Jane Gastineau ^

Ted and Marcia Grossnickle

Bruce and Deborah Guebard

Joe and Marilyn Haklin

Les and Sherie Howard

Dennis and Heidi Kepchar

Bob and Cathy Kissling 1832

Jim Lau 1832

Jim Laurent

Thom and Barbara Liffick

John and Laura Lowe

Pete and Christine Mallers

Chet Miller 1832

David Moody and Mary Catherwood

Drs. Moorman Moorman 1832

Steve and Laura Morris

Jim and Lyn Mullen

Steven Murphy and Lisa Thomas

Barbara Norton ^

Nelson Ong

Chuck and Catherine Orme-Rogers

Chris and Georgina Petruzzi

Gary and Wendy Pinkerton

Jim Pursel 1832

JR and Cindy Reynolds

Ray and Cathy Roembke Jr. 1832

Charles Rudesill

Mark and Debbie Simmons 1832

Hans Steck 1832

Lemuel Stigler

Tom and Marie Stocks III 1832

Jim and Lynn Thomas III 1832

Tom and Anne Walsh 1832

Ray and Kim White 1832

Tim and Jan Whiteman

Larry and Dawna Wilson

Charles and Ranae Young 1832

Class of 1974

Rick and Becky Adams

Jim and Barbara Benecke Jr. 1832

Jeff and Deborah Birk

Bob and Cassandra Black

Phil Bolenbaugh

Tom and Beth Bridge 1832

Terry Coffinbarger

Robert and Moshay Cooper

Vic DeRose 1832

Mark and Sharon Dewart

Bill Doemel 1832, MXICC

Dave and Julie Dumser 1832

Mike and Becky Eckerle

Terry and Susan Gaff

Mike German

John and Debbie Gildea CPA

Doug and Kim Given 1832

Carl and Pam Gjeldum 1832

Bob and Melanie Hall

Robert Harris and Sharon Floro 1832

Kurt and Carol Homann

Bruce and Kay Ikawa

Mike Keating

Ben and Theresa Kessler 1832

Dan and Mildred Masten

Thomas Maury and Joan Quigley-Maury

Craig and Lucy May

Jim and Yvonne McDaniel

Mike and Susan Medler

John and Robyn Musgrave

Jack and JoEllen Myers

Steve Nelson

Beverly Nolt ^

Phil and Joyce Nysewander

Bill and Susie O'Bryan Jr. 1832

Jim and Carol Pattison

Ray Peterson

Ralph and Melinda Rohrer

Steve Santello

Patsy See ^

Paul and Mary Tipps 1832

John and Susan Van Drie Jr.

Rick Weber

Clifford Williams

Terence Wise and Mary Fieber

John and Marcel Zinn

Class of 1975

John and Kim Asbury

John and Susan Beardsley

Dave and Barb Bego

Bob Betz

Rick and Kym Black

Charlie and Carol Bunnell 1832

Mike and Nancy Burkett

Bob and Sandra Chamness 1832

Willyerd and Marta Collier J.D. MXICC

Bob and Nancy Crowell M.D. 1832

Jim and Patricia Duguid

Dan and Janice Edquist

Bill Fell 1832

Jeff Fisher

Keven and Penny Forney

Tom Giesting

Mack Guffin

Tom and Susan Hartry

Tim Hawley

Pat and Diane Healey 1832

Joseph Hockberger and Theresa Yeager

Mike and Jill Kiley

Sheila Kingery ^

Tom Knox 1832

Phil and Elizabeth Leffel III

Jack and Aggie Lilly

Dennis Maciejewski

Paul and Patricia Mamula Ph.D.

Mark and Bonnie Miller-McLemore 1832

Henry and Kay O'Connell 1832

Dale and Linda Petrie

Bill and Yvonne Ruwe

Tim and Becky Schroer

Rick and Nancy Shonkwiler II

Sam Smith

Eric and Colleen Spencer

Harlow Stevens Jr.

Chris and Barb Sturbaum

Steve and Nancy Wagner 1832

Steve and Dianne Wagner

Mark and Mary Winter 1832

Paul and Betty Woolls Esq.

Class of 1976

Len and Nancy Anglis 1832

Bill and Susan Ashby Sr.

Mike and Angie Barber

Robert Beasley and Kim Campbell

Pat and Elizabeth Bechdol 1832

Randy and Janet Berta

Mike and Maureen Braun

Aubrey and Mary Bright

Mike and Debbie Brown

Joe and Gretchen Buser

Rick and Patti Cavanaugh 1832, MXICC

Mike and Patsy Coffey

John and Peggy Collins

Dick and Chris Currey

Mike and Virginia Darmon

Bob Deschner

James Drake 1832

Tim and Ann Gagen 1832

David and Sheridan Hadley 1832

Mike and Chryss Hartman 1832

Bill and Sue Hill III 1832

Roy and Nina Howell 1832

Steve and Polly Hunt

Ed and Diane Jones

Bill Keeker

Mike and Ingrid Kilpatrick 1832

Pete Komsiski

Rob and Ann Matthews Jr.

Mac and Sarah McNaught Jr. 1832

Fred and Laura Miller Jr.

John Miller 1832

Joe Mims 1832, MXICC

Murph Murphy III

Jerry Ness

Tom and Diane Newton

Barney and Deb Niezer

Chip and Marcia Olson II

Bill and Barbara Parker

Shaya Petruniw *

Larry and Janis Pribyl

Dan and Karen Scheerer

Tom and Kay Shelton 1832

Greg and Patricia Spencer 1832

Bill and Donna Stark

Dick and Elizabeth Sword

Dave and Colette Wagner

Patrick and Judi Weber

Bruce and Jan Williams

Rick Wojkovich

Class of 1977

Marc Adams

Randy Allen

Tom and Rebecca Babel

Tom Barley

Tom Bauer 1832

Bob and Alisa Baur Jr. 1832

Jim and Karen Bennett

Greg and Carroll Birk 1832

Ted and Nancy Bowling 1832

Tom and Nancy Boyer 1832

Bob and Lynn Brandt 1832

Dan and Kim Broughton

Doug and Jackie Carl 1832

Bill and Eve Catus III

Chick Clements

Bob and Gretchen Dickson

Chip and Sherry Eberle III

Mark and Nancy Englert

Jim and Deb Evans

Ted Ferguson 1832

Phil Garrett

Scott and Janet Gibbs

Jeff and Melody Gunning

Herm and Kitty Haffner

Judge and Mrs. Heimann Heimann 1832

David and Mia Herzog 1832

Greg and Mary Huebner

Matthew and Beth Hunter

Ronald and Linda Izynski 1832

Rob Johnson 1832

Thomas Keedy and Sharon O'Dell-Keedy 1832

John and Kathy Kerezy

Bob and Barb Kniskern

Bob and Angela Knowling Jr. 1832, MXICC

Karl and Sheri LaWall 1832

Terry and Jane Mahoney

Dave and Teresa Masten

Vic Melchiorre Jr.

Michael and Sandy Mick

Fletch and Kimberly Moppert Sr.

Michael and Deborah Murphy

Kevin O'Shaughnessy

Dave and Martha Rea 1832

Bob Rea

Gary and Joanne Reamey 1832

Randy and Marian Rippy 1832

Dan Rizzardini

Steve and Diana Rogers 1832

Tom Schultheis

Tim and Gina Sheets

Jerry and Peggy Shonkwiler

Ted Skinner

David and Norma Smith

Bob and Linda Snodgrass

Don Stinnette

Robin Stout and Elise Wagner 1832

Drs. Stutz Stutz

Ray Swisher MSC

John and Mickie Thompson

Peter and Denise Trybula 1832

Paul Van Ness

Steve and Brenda Wakefield

Mike White

Rhenwick and Jayne Young 1832

John Ziegler 1832

Class of 1978

Bruce and Sandra Andersen

Alex and Jan Antalis

Randy and Becky Aten

Tom and Joni Bernet

Paul and Diane Brooks

Kevin and Lora Budke

Charles Candiano and Darrell Hobson

Allen and Connie Cebula

Jim and Patricia Chatt II 1832

Jim and Donita Clouse

Brett Coldiron and Lana Long

John Cunningham

Margaret Dyer ^

Brad and Debra Dykes

Jim and Elaine Engledow 1832

Terry Evitts

Mark and Peggy Fredrick

Bob and Melody Grand 1832

Bill and Vicki Hall II 1832

Jeff and Kathleen Harkness

Miles and Barbara Holsworth

Gordie and Kathy Huncilman 1832

Brian and Mary Hutchins

Eli Jackson III 1832

Paul and Semima Karasch 1832

John and Ingrid Kay 1832

Judge and Mrs. Keele Keele

Gene and Lynette King Jr.

Ray and Beth Kljajic

Ed and Kathy Knox Jr. 1832

Ray and Anne LaDriere II 1832

John Leighton and Lisa Wei

Jeff and Gwynne Lundy 1832

Doug and Patricia Lyday

Okey and Rita Mbadike

Marty and Tina Mickle

David Moore and M. Kristine Beckwith

Jimmy Pace III

John Porter and Carmen Cordoba

Mark and Cindy Renshaw 1832

Steve Richardson

Don and Nancy Rossler

Frank and Amy Sellke M.D. 1832

Tim and Joan Sipe

Dan and Kyle Skaggs

Ralph Smith

Dave and Jenni Sorg

Mark and Sandy Stuaan

Dave and Dj Tate 1832

Bruce Terrey

Joe and Theresa Tonner 1832

Bob and Elizabeth Walsh Jr.

David and Anne Wilson

Steve Wright

Class of 1979

Mike Ackerson

Jay and Susan Allen 1832

Tom and Kristina Barnes 1832

Ken and Margaret Bennett

Bill and Carol Berg

Mark Bevelhimer

Russ Bostick 1832

Dave and Natalie Boyer 1832

Bob and Julie Breshock 1832

John and Dianne Brown

Eric and Marti Burns 1832

Bill Cannon

Timothy Conroy and Deborah Heiman-Conroy

Fred and Julia Cook Jr.

Frank and Wendy Fish M.D. 1832

Matt and Andrea Forrester

Ed and Mary Anne Fox M.D. 1832

Joe and Kathy Gaafar

Brent and Joyce Gray

Jim and Cindy Griffis

Ed and Darcy Harlamert

Jeff Henderson 1832

David Hensel and Elizabeth Hamilton 1832

Briane House

Emerson and Susan Joslyn M.D.

Tim and Deborah Kelly 1832

Bob and Cynthia Klee

John and Elaine Kotovsky

Byron and Shelby Lamm 1832

Fred and Carol Lane 1832

Pete and Dawn Lanman

Stephen Lazar and Michael Grazer

John Marlowe

Ron Martin

Tom Mather

Al and Barbara McLaughlin 1832

Carl Michaelis II

Jim and Peggy Miner 1832

Randall S. Moore, M.D. and Lisa Broek

Mark and Ruth Moore

Dan and Michelle Murad 1832

Fred Neuhouser

Greg and Carol Opfel

Marc and Mary Overhage 1832

Andy and Marty Pavlovich 1832

Steve Pettinga

Chuck Phelps

John Powell and Kathryn Callen 1832

Brent and Becky Renfro

Pat and Melissa Rhodes

David Riggs and T.J. Banes

Clay and Amy Robbins 1832

Derek Roenfeldt

Robert and Denice Rose

Chris and Molly Ruttle

Kevin and Diana Scheid 1832

Dave and Susan Sheets

Tom Shoemaker

Judge and Mrs. Tandy Tandy 1832

Van and Becky Taylor

Dave and Barb Thomson

Jon and Denise Toops

Dan and Susan Walters 1832, MXICC

Class of 1980

Paul and Janice Atkenson

Dan and Beth Bohn 1832

Tom Brandes

Bob and Bernadette Cebul M.D. 1832

Chris Comella

Dave Dessauer

Brent and Karen Fulton

Bill Goebel

Michael and Jody Gullifor 1832

Herbie and Cheryl Highsmith

Joe and Stephanie Holtson

Joe and Tammy Impicciche 1832

Mark and Lisa Kafader

Curt and Kathleen Keller

Larry and Karen Klee

Alex and Chris Klefeker

Michael and Lisa Lambert 1832

Mike Maddox

Mick and Margaret Martin

John Maxstadt

Mark J. R. Merkle and Sue Ellen Stemen 1832

Tom and Eve Minogue

Todd and Mary Moore

Duane and Anita Murphy

Mark and Stephanie Oetting

Larry and Pam Palmer

John Pea

Mike and Kim Perkins

John and Alicia Reuter Jr.

Eric and Shari Rogers

Charles and Janine Routh

Jim and Jackie Schultheis

Max and Irene Simison

G. Bradley Sterrenberg and Allen Jones 1832

Ross and Lee Strodel

Bill and Susan Tutwiler

Bob and Kelly Vogt

John and Susie White

Clay and Susan Whitney 1832

Michael and Julie Wilcox

Ken and Tina Williams

Class of 1981

John and Michelle Ashworth III

Dean and Vickie Beckman

Jeffrey Been and Eric Graninger

Mark Benne

Mike and Lorie Bettice

Joe and Carol Boomhower

Scott and Jessica Boone 1832

Brian Bowerman

Chris and Trish Braun 1832

Allan and Brenda Clauser Jr.

Jim and Deborah Cooper

Doug and Shari Coplen 1832

Shawn and Debra Crane

Bryan and Catherine Daniels 1832

Bob and Michele DeFazio 1832

Dave and Kathryn Dingley 1832

Steve and Annette Doherty

David and Susan Downey

Tom and Jane Elliott

Eric and Debbie Faires

Lou and Sally Fenoglio 1832

Gus and Rebecca Galante 1832

Cathy Greene ^

Randy and Monica Grimes 1832

Steve and Sandra Hartenstein

Dan Heiser

John and Tammy Helm

John and Sue Hilbrich

Cris and Amy Johnston 1832

W. Terry Jones and Susan Hoffman 1832

Chris Keele 1832

Fred and Stacie Kendall

Steve Kindred 1832

Carl Kipp III

James R. Kipp, Jr. and Susan Paul

Mike and Molly Kraus FACP 1832

Doug and Patty Kvachkoff 1832

Mark and Monica Lazar 1832

Mike and Sandra Leagre

David and Lynn Lewis 1832

Dennis Lindauer

Rolf Loescher and Donnamarie Darcy-Loescher 1832

Arthur and Therese Lukowski Jr.

Mark and Misty McGrady

Doug and Cindy McKay

Don Miller

Carl and Cheryl Myers O.D.

Jon and Sarah Myers

Bill and Kris Myers

Bill Nesbitt

Dave and Rhonda Paul

Stephen Pavy

Bill and Paula Payne Jr.

Phil and Elizabeth Purcell

Steven Riggs

Michael Robak and Hattie Leiss

Ned and Dawn Segelken 1832

Rolland and Sally Strasser

Jeff and Paula Struewing

Steve and Susan Thomas

Stan and Janet Thompson 1832

Ron and Julia Vogel

Jay Want and Martina Schulte MXICC

John and Ellen Weaver

Tom and Denice Weber

Monty and Lisa Woolsey

Peter Wright and Nicki Bauer 1832

Randy and Jo Ellen Zromkoski 1832

Class of 1982

Larry and Anita Adams

Mark Bernat J.D.

Scott and Leslie Biederman

Rich and Dee Blastic 1832

Tom and Christine Briere

Greg and Karen Bruzas 1832

Craig Buche

Steve and Kim Burton

Curt and Judy Christoffersen

Tom and Roberta Dakich

Roy Dessloch

Robert Dreher and Aimee Cox

Luke and Shannon Eades

Bill Eastridge

Brian and Kate Edelman 1832

Fred and Cynthia Emhardt

Keith and Kimberly Ennis

Clay Estep

John Gerometta M.D.

Tim and Diane Haffner

Mark and Jan Hatfield 1832

Kevin and Gina Hibner

Michael Huber 1832

Jake and Cheryl Jaquiss

DJ and Norma Johnson MXICC

Don and Kristi Johnson

Frank and Lisa Kolisek 1832

John and Pamela Larson

Michael Laudick and Allan Misch

Mike and Miki Lewinski

Bill and Elise Luckey Jr.

Dave McBride

Mike McDonough

Chris and Janette McQuillin

Pete and Barb Metzelaars

Peter and Lisa Miller

John and Marilyn Murphy

David and Diana Newby

Tom and Barbara Niezer

Tom and Mitzi Page

Joe and Mary Pavlik

Greg and Laurie Peckham

Mac and Gloria Petty

Joe and Dianne Pfennig

Dave and Donna Rogers

Frank Roman Jr.

Mark Rutherford J.D.

Rick and April Sasso M.D.

Mark and Julanne Sausser

David Schilling

Dave and Angie Schrader

Phil Seward

Scott Shearon

Tim and Margaret Skimina

Jim and Maryann Snyder 1832

Mark Sterk

Geoff and Valarie Swope

Tom and Bari Thompson

Earl and Roxanne Will Jr.

Alan and Carole Willadsen

Pete and Kathryn Witczak

Craig and Catherine Yoder D.D.S.

Class of 1983

Bruce and Cheryle Allee

Eugene Anderson 1832, MXICC

Kevin and Debra Banks

Brad and Julie Benbow Sr. 1832

Joe and Ann Bondi

Dave and Ann Broecker 1832

Anthony Brown and Rebecca Henderson

Tom Buchanan Jr.

Jonathan and Renate Bultemeyer

Jerry Clingerman

Dan Cueller

Andy and Elyse Danckers 1832

Tom Davis

Clyde and Elizabeth Dawson II 1832

Chris and Terry Denari

Doug and Jayne Dewire

Jim Dimos *

Kathy Dimos ^

Mark and Elizabeth Dinsmore

Rick and Tina Dravet

Jim and Susan Dyer 1832

Brad Eads

Hollis Evans and Betina LaBella

Art and Gail Farnsley II 1832

Kyle and Heidi Foyer

Mike and Jane Fritch

Grant and Katrina Gerling

Parvin Gillim III

Dave and Sue Good

Chris and Susan Graebe 1832

Rick and Laura Gunderman

Chris Halkides

Craig and Kelly Harmon

Dave and Debbie Hayhurst MXICC

Tony and Maura Hinkle

Tim and Sandy Hodges M.D. 1832

Dave and Nora Holland

Drs. Hornak Hornak III 1832

Rich and Jane Huber

Lyndall Huggler and Elizabeth Seiders 1832

Tom and Jill Julian

Gary and Diana Keith

Jay and Sandra Kelly Jr.

Stephen Kent and Liang Wang

Paul and Elizabeth Kyriakides

Chip and Robin Lang Jr.

Chris and Tina Leagre 1832

James Lee ^

Mark and Amy Magura 1832

Jacen Maleck CPA

Eric Mannel Ph.D.

David and Rafael Marshall 1832

Brad and Angela Maxwell Ph.D. 1832

Scott McEuen

Harry R. McLaughlin, Jr. and Margo E. Raikos McLaughlin 1832

Gregory and Brenda Milakis

Alan and Susan Miller

Greg and Laura Miller

Mike Millin

Phil and Mary Beth Mowrey

Jeff and Hilary Oberlies

Ralph and Shawna Olson Jr.

David Phillips *

Laura Renz ^

Chris Riegel

John and Kim Roberts Jr.

Fred and Missy Roetter

Tom and Melissa Schabel Jr.

Dave and Brenda Servies

Robert E. Shook III and Brian Bastress

Ed and Inga Stephens

Brent and Joyce Stingley II

Mike and Eva Sweeney

Dave Taylor

John Van Nuys

Jeff and Lynn Warmke 1832

Bill and Carol Wheeler

Andy and Angie Wilkinson 1832

Eric and Kiyomi Young 1832, MXICC

Class of 1984

Jeff and Alison Baldwin Esq.

Steve and Sandy Barancyk

Chris and Gabrielle Becker 1832

Tom and Dahira Binford

Nick and Karyn D'Angelo 1832

Tom and Nancy Dean

Scott and Jamie Douglas 1832

Bart and Jayne Durham

Keith and Sheri Geiselman

Todd and Wendy Glass

Bill Grant

Stig and Sharon Hammond

Bill and Kay Havlin

Wayne and Sandy Hentrup

Tim and Cindy Heston

Mark and Wendy Holcomb

John and Nanette Houser

Thom Irelan

Tom and Kathleen Jeffers Jr. 1832

Ray Jovanovich and Belinda Puncia 1832

Bryan and Jennifer Kain

Bill and Kathleen Keeling

Jim and Kerry Kilbane

Andy and Deb Lebamoff

Charlie and Maureen Merz

Mike and Susan Need

Merlin and Susan Nice

Jim and Lori Nossett

Rob and Lori O'Dell

Timothy Padgett and Yolaluis Perez-Padgett 1832

Kevin and Wendy Page

Dave Parry

Chris and Sandra Passodelis Jr.

George T. Patton, Jr. and Eileen Ambrose 1832

Mark and Julie Payne

Mike Ploski 1832

Jeff and Susie Qualls M.D.

Mike Ricci

Eric Roth and Laurie Selik

John and Carol Ryan 1832

Henry and Lisa Sabetti III

Ilya and Marte Schwartzman

John and Doreen Smith

Dr. Sommerville and Dr. Mater Sommerville Ph.D.

Jeffrey Stack and Kathryn Mielke

Brian and Lisa Tonner

Jim and Michele Wadkins

Jeff and Stephanie Ward

Mike Warren

Bret and Cara Weathers

Pete and Melani Wilson 1832

Tom and Evelyn Wingard 1832

Class of 1985

Mike and Jenn Abbott

John and Molly Adams

Tony Altavilla 1832

Wayne Bewley and Shannon Toland 1832

Ron and Jennifer Bigler 1832

Pete and Marge Blank D.D.S.

Bill and Jennifer Brady 1832

Dave Bromund and Heidi Harris-Bromund 1832

Chris and Laura Burgess

Melissa Butler 1832

Kyle and Betsy Carr M.D.

Hipolito Chacon and Andrew Laue

Jonathan Chumley

Todd Clark and Stacy Miller 1832

Chris and Cindy Coble 1832

Scotty and Annette Cooksey

Adam Crowe

Craig Currie and Dawn Jones

Tom and Maggie Denari

Jeff Dickison

John Dimos

Bob Dion Jr.

Jason and Jean Dyer 1832

Paul and Kristen Dzurovcik

Jeff and Linda Eaton

Greg and Sarah Estell 1832

John and Christina George

Mike and Lisa Gilvary

Tom and Kristy Graham

Marty and Megan Gregor 1832

Tim and Michelle Grusenmeyer 1832

Paul and Andrea Haviley

Jim and Karen Hensley 1832

Scott and Jane Ann Himsel J.D.

Mike and Corinne Hodges 1832

Steve and Dawn Hoffman 1832

Brian and Debbie Kiefer

Dan Kraft 1832

Scott and Karen Lahr

G.B. Landrigan

Buckley and Britt Latona

Domingo A. Lee, II and Chao-Wen Lee 1832

Tim and Marcy McMillan

Houston and Sonia Mills Jr. 1832, MXICC

Tom and Lori Moone

Gerard Myers and Anita Owen-Myers 1832

Cory and Leigh Olson 1832

Scott and Andrea Powers

Paul and Kimm Radspinner

Steve and Marla Ramsey CLU

Mike and Julie Raters

Dave and Carol Reed

Todd and Jeanne Rowland

Dom and Heather Simon

Dave and Susan Stewart

Cleo Washington 1832, MXICC

Steve and Elizabeth Watkins 1832

Dwight and Jamie Watson

Chuck and Jeanne White

Tom and Mary Ann d'Ambrosio 1832

Class of 1986

Andy and Sheila Auter 1832

Michael and Marie Beason

Alex B. Burgin, Jr. and Pamela Jeffirs Burgin

Mike Busch

Jeremy and Patricia Cage

James Carr and Sarah Kilfoil 1832

John and Jennifer Clark 1832

Dan and Victoria DeGryse

Stephen DeLano and Maura Doherty 1832

Tim and Kristin DeLong

Tim Doyle

Scott Eggers

J. Bradley Fewell and Sheri Minnick

Neil Goodnight 1832

Rick and Amy Hammerle

John and Cassandra Harvey

Mike and Patty Haugh

Eric Hiser and Anne Stone 1832

John and Kathleen Hutchinson

Jim and Teresa John

Todd Kinney

Tim and Anndi Maguire

John and Stacy Marsteller

Jeff and Sherry Martin

Tim and Jan Metzinger

Mike Molloy Jr. 1832

Tim and Tessa Oakes 1832

Brian Oaks

Todd and Teri Parker

Bob and Linda Phillips D.D.S.

Todd and Laura Randolph

Mike Reding 1832

Eric and Sally Rowland

Sean and Gina Royce

Gary and Darla Rusk

Mark and Stephanie Sawyer Jr.

Doug Schrader

Dan and Karen Slagel

David and Lori Starr

Dan and Elaine Swain

Guy and Amy Tully

Steve and Lisa Whitaker

Chris and Barbara Wilson

Allen and Rasha Yow 1832

Class of 1987

Jim and Chris Amidon Jr. 1832

George and Marcelle Azar Jr.

Steve and Kari Badger Esq. 1832

Greg and Marcia Baker

Ben Beringer

Paul and Elizabeth Boger Jr.

John and Cheryl Brady 1832

Shawn Burton 1832

Bill Butcher

Greg and Jane Castanias 1832

Scott and Cathren Cougill

Tom and Jennifer Edwards

Kurt and Sidney Eisgruber

David Givens Jr. 1832

Allan Gordus Jr.

Mike Gregory

Tom and Elaine Halverson

Anthony Hart

Dan and Sherry Harter

Thomas Hedrick

Jay and Maureen Herrmann M.D. 1832

Steve and Jennifer Huder

Tim and Christine Jeffers

Steven Jones 1832, MXICC

Bob and Doreen Kachur

Bill and Allison Kaiser Jr. 1832

Tim and Traci Lewis

Tyce Light

David McLaren and Kimberly McNeil 1832

Todd and Anne Mikesell

Bob and Debbie Minardo

Jim and Karen Miner 1832

Brandon Mitchener

Michael W. Mull, M.D. and Lynn Mull

Bill and Michelle Niemier

Kevin and Rhonda Noll

Ken and Melissa Ogorek

Todd Peters 1832

Mike and Cindy Rapier 1832

Brad Rickel

Mike and Lisa Ricks

D.J. and Gail Riese II

Michael Robinson Ph.D.

Chris and Jill Sangalis

Tom and Alesha Seroczynski II

Todd and Jennifer Shellenbarger

Ken and Julie Siepman

Bodie and Julie Stegelmann

Chris and Jamie Stephenson 1832

Bernard Stuckey and Terry Prentkowski

Garrett Tallman 1832

Jo Throckmorton and Jillian Kinzie MXICC

Jeff and Kresten Todd

Tom and Kelly Vandergriff

Mark and Rebecca Vincent

Dave and Susan Woodward

Class of 1988

Loren and Lee Anderson III

Drs. Bacon Bacon 1832

Brad and Lois Baldauf

Brian Beesley 1832

Joe and Nora Bentivoglio

Brock and Karen Berta

Jeff and Sheryl Bluethmann 1832

Adam and Stephanie Brazus

Ed and Sonia Broecker

Matthew Brown and Jean-Francois Moisan

Drs. Burgett Burgett 1832

Ed and Mary Ciolkowski

Chris and Dianne Colson

John Elliott

Scott Fendley and Krissy Petersen

Joe and Lisa Folkening

Geoff and Maureen Goodman

Lee and Emiko Hargitt III 1832

Ryan and Jean Hartzog 1832

Dave and Susan Hawksworth III

Larry and Sue Hemingway

Chuck and Brenda Hurst

Marty Kaiser

Dave Landau

Marc Lorber

Scott and Sandra Lucas

King Lumpkin IV

Jonathan and Suzann Lupton

Dave and Kay Mares

Joe and Gina Masner II

Garrard and Quanica McClendon 1832

Brian and Susan McGue

Jim and Angie Minatel 1832

J.C. and Beth Morgan

Tim and Lori Morrison

Eric and Jackie Nizamoff

Tom and Julie Plake

Brian and Angie Poole

Adam Price and Margot Taliaferro Brown

Steve and Deborah Prince

Leonard Pysh and Keith Barnhart

Tom Quackenbush Jr.

Jeff and Julie Qualkinbush 1832

Rob and Becky Quirey M.D.

Mike Ramsey

Mark and Kathryn Ratekin

Greg and Missy Redding 1832

Roger and Judy Rhodes 1832

Nick Roth 1832

Andrew and Marianne Roush

Scott and Leslie Schrader

Trent and Meri Kay Scott

Gregory Shaheen

Jeff and Cassandra Short 1832

Seung and Toni Sim

Mike Simmons Jr.

Scott and Tara Smalstig

Tim and Sarah Smith 1832

Drs. Stahly Stahly

Eric Stark III and Adriano Caldeira

Doug and Annette Swetnam

Greg and Dawn Teague

Scott and Gina Uloth

Alan and Jean Vieck 1832

Mark and Anintita Walker

Eric and Jeannie Walts

Judge and Mrs. Williams Williams

Jim Wszolek

Jon and Kathy Zink

Class of 1989

Bryan and Diana Anderson

Mike and Natalie Axel

Jay and Julie Baltisberger

Scott and Margie Baum

Rich Berry II

Sean Blackwell and Jerrie Refuerzo

Jeff and Jana Boggess 1832

Steven and Davy Boha M.D.

Chris and Lisa Bojrab 1832

Dave and Jennifer Brake

Benjamin and Carolyn Brown Jr.

Chris and Kristine Brown

Brandt and Vicki Burdick

Dave Callecod 1832

Francis J. Cardis, Jr. and Linda McGhee

Geoffrey W. Coates, Ph.D. and Sabine Coates

Bill Cosper

Dan and Tina Marie Couch

Kurt and Tania Diebold

Tom and Colleen Dow Ph.D.

Rod and Sheila Dowell

John and Thoma Downey

Jim and Cindy Doyle

John and Krista Edwards

Kevin Egan and Melissa ONeal-Egan 1832

Art and Anne Equihua

Jim Etling

Brian and Jennifer Ford

Bob and Erin Garcia

Eric and Karen Granger

Matthew Griffith and Tiffany Vivo 1832

Tom and Kim Gunderman

Terry and Debbie Hamilton

Michael Hatchett and Cynthia McCaffrey

Rhys and Christina Helt

Tracy Hutchison Ph.D.

Andrea James

Jim and Carol Joven

Pete Keenan

David and Lucie Kolar

David and Fiona Kress

Anthony Lentych and Heather Fraizer

Wendi and Carl Maertz Jr.

Greg and Diane May

John McCaslin

Matt and Anne McDaniel

Jim Meger

Andy and Rebecca Michael

Pat and Christine O'Hara

Ken and Robin Osman III

John and Ebie Panozzo 1832

Paul and Mary Parkison

Jeff Perkins 1832

Doug and Karen Piazza

Joe and Caroline Pieters

Jay and Jennifer Pippen

Tim and Sara Ann Pliske 1832

David and Amy Reed

John and Sarah Reith

Dave Relue *

Rebecca Relue ^

Mark and Janette Scott 1832

Curt and Julie Selby 1832

Jim and Renee Selvio

Bryan and Page Seyfried

Dave and Lori Sharp Jr.

Tom Sinex

Jay Smith III

Andrew Smith 1832

Chad Smith

Kurt and Debbie Snyder Esq. 1832

Eric and Marianne Stauffer 1832

Mike and Jennifer Sullivan II

Zhen-Ming Tan

Joe Turk Jr. 1832

Dave Urbanski

Steve and Colleen Wade

Phil and Nancy Westerman

Jeff and Cheryl Wiggins Sr.

Scott and Lisa Wilson

Tom and Eileen Wright II

Class of 1990

Joe Anderson Jr.

Mike and Nancy Brandt

Dave and Angela Brewer

Robbie and Stacey Brundige

John and Sheri Buehner Sr. 1832

Andy and Catherine Burgess

Eric and Betsy Elman 1832

Greg and Ann Estes

John Flak and Jenny Burkholder

Mike and Kristin Fulton

Fred and Dawn Greene

Keith and Anne Hall

John and Lori Hauber 1832

Scott and Mary Hollingsworth

David and Sheila Horvath

Kelley House

Jon and Cathy Jessup

Mario and Tess Joven

Todd and Linda Lukens

Mitch and Victoria Marcus

Mike and Trish McCarty

Loren and Caroline McCoy

Andrew and Amy Miller 1832

John and Sandy Minniear II

Bob Nielsen

Steve Palmer

John Petkovsek

Matt and Beth Price

Chris and Susan Rozzi

Scott and Tammy Ruhl

Mike and Cecilia Seale

Bryon and Kathy Sego

Kevin and Patty Sheridan

Greg and Sarah Shine

Will and Kate Sondgerath Jr.

Dirck and Lori Stahl

Chad Taylor

Bart Walker

Mike Wallen 1832

Ray and Kristine Webster III

Class of 1991

Kip and Julie Aitken

Steve and Lisa Amick

Chuck and Senah Andrews

Jim and Patience Barnes

Jim Bedinger

Byron and Susan Beebe 1832

Brent and Amy Bolick

Bob and Rebecca Bowers

Franklin and Loretta Breckenridge Jr.

Brian and Bethany Burdick 1832

Brett Burke

Rich and Katie Calacci

Brett and Stacy Caldwell

John and Jill Cheek 1832

Tim and Tricia Cobb

Tracy and Noelle Cope

Chris and Tammy Cotton

Drew and M.J. Crousore 1832

Mike and Stacie Crowder

Mike Cunningham Jr.

Steve and Rebecca Cvengros

Erik and Kezia Dafforn

Eric and Nancy Danforth

Michael and Jill David Ph.D.

Chip Davis IV

Mark and Kathryn Decaroli

Kurt and Natalie Decker

Brian and Anna Deleget

Kevin and Bridget Enyeart

Chris and Kristen Ervin

Sean and Leslie Fahey

Scott and Holly Firestine

George and Suzannah Fischer

Tom and Cathy Fisher 1832

Matt and Chris Franks

Timothy Gatewood and Emily Backer 1832

Curt and Jeni Gongwer

Jeff and Chandra Grabill 1832

Brad and Kelly Graden

Scott and Denise Handlon

Matt and Debbe Hanson

J.R. Harvey

Mike and Kelly Hawksworth 1832

Randall Head and Lisa Swaim

Rob and Allie Hewitt

Troy and Jill Hockemeyer 1832

Kevin Holle

Jeff and Katy Insko

Kim and Nola Jackson

Mark and Jodi Jones

John Keith and Susan Yoon 1832

Tom and Lisa Kilbane 1832

Mark and Amy Kosior

Sheau-Wu Kuo and Helen Ong

Mike and Linda Langford 1832

Dave and Amber Lee

Eric Lee

Daniel Lindahl

AJ and Sofia Lindeman II

Lance Liston

Tom Lutz

Jeff and Roseann Marlett

Karl Martens

Brian and Janay Martin

Brad Mayhew

Greg and Denise Mead

Matthew and Boi Mellady

Leo Meskis

Luke and Jennifer Messer

Brett and Teri Miller

Jason and Lisa Miller

Miles and Michele Miller

Lance and Kendra More

Roland Morin

John and Veronica Olivieri 1832

Steve and Jodi Parker

Gail and Robin Pebworth 1832

David Pippen 1832

Ron and Jennifer Pitcock

John and Robbi Plaster 1832

Steve and Becky Reedy

Dave and Kirsten Ricke Jr.

Terry and Laurie Riordan Jr. 1832

Andy and Christina Rodabough

Scott and Evelyn Royer

Tim and Jody Saylor

Chris and Rachel Schrepferman

Shawn Siddall

Luke and Julie Staley

Thomas Stanko and Mary Adamek

Dave and Deborah Stensland M.D.

Matthew Stephens and Tara Olivo-Moore 1832

Dave and Kristin Stone

Eric and Angela Strehl

Rick and Rachel Stults

Adam and Jackie Tavitas

Mike and Kathy Teders

Ash Thomas

Mike and Julie Troman

Marty and Rachel Tuohy

Steve and Elizabeth Turk

George and Sarah Valaika

Matheus Van Heeswijk and Linda Klijn

Hugh Vandivier

Matt and Deana Vessely

Tom and Sloan Watson

Ross and Kara Weatherman

Brad and Linda Weaver

Doug and Amy Welp

Marcus and Ann White

Bryan and Whitney Wickens

Dennis and Brenda Wilson II

Class of 1992

Frank Amidon

Mike and Jennifer Berry II 1832

Ted Berry

Andy Bieberich

Ron Blum

Bob and Jennifer Brady 1832

Kenyatta and Tracey Brame MXICC

Pablo and Christine Bukata

Jonathan and Shawna Burke 1832

Jamey and Christi Callane

Steve and Peggy Campbell J.D.

Rob Clancy Jr.

Ron Dostal Jr. 1832

Joe and Sara Emmick

Damian and Gena Freeze

Mike and Kristin Gaby CPA

Richard Graves and Anita Heisig

Greg Griffiths

Thomas and Kathryn Holton

Greg Horman 1832

Peter and Michelle Horvath

Paul and Laura Jefferson

Chris Kelleher

Jim and Kristi Kerr 1832

Troy and Michelle LaRue

Jeff and Susan Lampert 1832

Mark Lapierre

Jason and Sharlee Little

Jeff and Joanna Magginnis

John Moore and Anne Waugh 1832

Cameron and Janelle Morgan 1832

Robert Newton

Marc Nichols

Todd and Cathy Ostrowski

Michael Overdorf and Amy Barragree 1832

Bill and Libby Padgett 1832

Rob and Chris Paugh

Scott and Carrie Perkins

Bill and Michelle Rakoczy 1832

Tony and Anita Ridolfo Jr.

Todd and Kathy Rokita 1832

Ryan and Claire Roudebush

Rob and Leigh Anne Rudicel Sr. 1832

Jim Sanders

Rod and Sandra Scott

Greg and Marisa Simmons

Andy Smith

Matt and Jane Sobolewski Esq.

Mark Sutton 1832

Keith Veal

Mike and Amy Waddell

Paul Wainman Jr.

Jeremy Walker 1832

Robert Weiss and Sylvia Lee

Kevin and Melissa Wild

Dan Witte

Jim Ziegler Ph.D.

Class of 1993

Khurshaid Alam and Rabeah Sheikh 1832

Kent Baker and Grace Lin 1832

David and Nicole Barrett

Tom Bartley

Louis and Jill Bubala III

Jason and Debra Cantrell 1832

Chad and Kristal Chester

Mike Crnkovich

Jon and Colleen Duffy

William J. Fecht, Jr. and Julie Fecht 1832

Jamie and Sandy Geiger

Garry and Emily Groh 1832

Todd and Stephanie Gross

Chris Harrell

Dave Harrison

Anthony and Jennifer Inzerello

Greg and Wendy Jania 1832

Bill and Kathleen Leppert

Andy and Kimberly Luckey

Brian and Helen Mantel 1832

Bill and Amy Martin Jr.

David and Robin Martz

Dave and Audrey McGimpsey

Mike and Heather McGinley 1832

Jon Montgomery and Jamie Addams

Emman and Amy Ndow

Conor and Natalie O'Daniel

Jared and April Owens

Jared and Susan Powell

John Prince Ph.D.

Thanh Quach

Matt Reeck 1832

Mike and Kim Runyon

Brad and Shannon Rutkowski

Derek Schneider and Wisdom Lu 1832, MXICC

Eric and Kari Schoettle

Tim and Katie Schutz

David Smail

Jonathan Sturgill and Joanna Feltz 1832

Jeffry and Gretchen Thornsberry

Eric and Karey Verduin

David and Divonna Waldman

Mike and Kim Warren

Drew and Samantha Welborn

Adam and Christina Weliver 1832

Mike and Julianne Wells

Donald West and Michelle Woodward

Dustin White

Brett and Anne Wolfe

Steve and Shelese Woods

David and Pamela Zachary

Lorne and Mary Zielaskowski

Brian Zimmer 1832

Dave and Laura Zimmerman

Class of 1994

Taimur Baig

Nate and Mary Beth Baker 1832

E.J. and Stephanie Becker III

Pat Beidelman

Tony and Jaime Beuke

Tony and Kelly Blank

Shawn and Laura Bullock

Brendon Cassidy and Brooke Rowland

Shawn and Alison Cox

Mark E. Deal, D.D.S. and Cheryl Carlton-Deal 1832

Andy and Jennifer Dorrel

Shawn and Maggie Dunahue

Mike and Sherry Erne

Darnell Frazier

Paul Harper Jr. *

Hans and Cindy Heintzelman

Lee and Julia Hoagland M.D. 1832

Jason and Teresa Hollingsworth

Kevin and Ann Hornick

Tony and Julie Inciriaga

Curt and Amy Johnson

Karl and Jessica Kercheval

Scott and Lori Kord

Mike and Amy Kristensen

Damon and Carmen Leichty 1832

Jerry and Jennifer Long

Keith Mason and Rebekah Stull

Eddie Midha

Jason and Chantelle Owens

Neil and Jenna Patel 1832

Marcus Patterson

Kenny and Nicki Prince

Drs. Rader Rader MXICC

Emilio Robles Jr.

Kirk and Pamela Rockwell

Chris and Katherine Rowland

Mike and Kristi Rubino

Chris and Lisa Runge 1832

Eric and Leslie Snively 1832

Tim Spears

Derrick Stout

Joel and Kirsten Tragesser

Adam Warnke

Jay and April Waxler

Tom and Sharel Welch CFP

Paul and Charlotte Weltzin R.N.

Chuck and Melissa Whybrew Esq.

Chris and Renee Wiesehan 1832

Craig Williams and Karla Gosche-Williams

Chris and Alina Willig D.D.S.

Matt and Shawn Zimmerman

Rick Zink

Class of 1995

Greg and Amy Benitez

Tony and Julie Bieszczat

Jon and Anne Bumgarner 1832

Brett and Angela Crousore

Jeff and Kim Cunningham

Brian Dillman and Erin Hedges 1832

Jason and Leigh-Ann Farrior

Arvin Gallanosa 1832

Jim and Rem Hawksworth 1832

Dave and Eileen Henthorn

John and Angela Hinz Ph.D.

Lannie Hough Jr.

Damon and Terri Howell

Jim and Christine Koers

Herm and Jennifer Kothe IV

Sang and Anne Kwon 1832

Patrick W. Lee, M.D. and Karolyn Lee

Sean and Denise Lyons 1832

Thoma and Stacy Mattox II

Rob and Kara McCall

David McElhiney Jr.

Shawn and Christy Means

Sean and Laura Murphy

Mike and Jody Orrison Jr.

Matt and Emily Parker

Kevin and Christy Pastore

Steve and Jennifer Pfanstiel 1832

Ryan and Erin Poor 1832

Kyle and Sherri Rapp 1832

James Antonelli Ray and Emily Antonelli 1832

William and Michelle Retherford

Kyle and Rachel Rettberg

Mike and Jennifer Rogers

Jim and Anda Rusnak

Michael Sadler

Joe and Shannon Samreta

Sean and Dena Satterfield

Roy Sexton and John Mola 1832

Jason and Jennifer Shelton

Scott and Renee Simpson

Anthony Smith 1832

Major John M South, USMC and Ms Abdonaith G. Villegas de South

Kevin Stalker

Mike and Sabina Sullivan

John Terry

Rodney and Lisa Thomas

Kyle Uebelhor and Laura Yockey

Adam and Christina Vela

Philip and Lara Ware

Class of 1996

John and Tonya Archie

Ezra Ball

Tony and Ellie Basch 1832

John and Paula Bordenkecher

David Boulware and Greta Chen 1832

Jonathon Bradley

Andy Brannon

Roger Busch II

Thane and Tara Bushong

Chris and Erin Carpenter

Brad and Carol Catlin

Brook Demeke

Robert Dusch and Karlen Topping

Kevin and Jami Ferguson

John and Nancy Fields

Brian and Katie Flanigan 1832

Sean and Melissa Granger

Todd and Justina Guthrie

Jeremy Hartnett and L. Jill Lamberton

Rob Hoyt

Chris and Tara Ings 1832

Patrick and Allison Jones

Toby and Shari Kachur

Chad and Kathleen Kestner

Klinton Krouse and Jason Arons

Eric and Ann Elizabeth Lee

George Lino

Mikel Manion

Trent Newcomb

Hash Patel

Kelly Pfledderer and Jennifer Jones 1832

Mike and Dana Phillips

Benjamin Rickey

Ethan and Jodie Roe

Jason and Catherine Saunders

Matt and Kristi Slane

Todd and Joyce Spurgeon 1832

Shawn Tabor

Chip and Stephanie Timmons 1832

Jon and Julie Turpa

Dan and Mirjana Vukas

Dave and Kelly Wallace Jr.

Aaron Whitehead

Mike and Rebecca Yoder

Class of 1997

John and Jennifer Bott III

John and Renee Castro

John and Jennifer Clamme

Ben and Kelly Clarke

Michael Clump and Keli Braitman

John and Emily Cole 1832

Grant and Alicia Comer 1832

John and Amy Deschner

Scott and Eleni Drake

Jeff and Maria Fulmer

Joe Gianoli

Trevor and Theresa Grove

Matt Gunty

Reese and Toni Hamilton

Matt and Erica Hilgefort

Josh and Samantha Kendrick

Chris and Amy Kersey

Steve and Annie King

Ethan and Lori Kirchner 1832

Joe and Molly Klen 1832

Parker and Michele Lyons

Mark McCullough Jr.

Deon and Petrise Miles

Craig and Angela Miller 1832

Andrew Naugle and Corley Hughes 1832

Jeff Nicoson

Andy and Teresa Perkins

Joshua Robinson and Jennifer Colleton

Justin and Fanny Rojas-Castle 1832

Chris Ruel

Rex and Brandy Ryker

Tom and Natalie Stafford 1832

Matt and Melinda Swift

Micah and Irma Tragesser

Christopher White and Erin Moore

Mike and Terrie Wisser

Class of 1998

Justin and Jessica Banks

Beau and Jessica Barrett

Dave and Elise Barrett

Dan and Anna Bartnicki 1832

Scott and Elisabeth Benedict 1832

Jason and Elena Bennett

Keenan Blanchford and Elizabeth Clair 1832

Jason Brandt 1832

Jason and Courtney Bridges

Michael and Brittany Burns Esq.

Ben Coleman

Chris Cooke

Jeff and Stevie Cromer

Chris Davis

Roy Early

Dan and Carrie Emerson 1832

Matt Fleshman 1832

Justin and Melissa Fronek

Kevin Gearheart and Ciera Miller 1832

Jimmy Haffner 1832

Mark and Christina Hannah

Theodore and Robin Johnson

Ryan and Anna Kamp

Brian and Rita Kopp

Pete and Stephanie Logan 1832

Doug and Melissa Marlow

Travis and Christine Merrill 1832

Kris and Beth Monson

Josh Moudy

Ed and Aimee Negovetich Jr.

Ryan and Pam Neth

Brad and Jeanette Neumann

Chris and Lara Pesavento

Todd and Melinda Polizotto

Drs. Quick Quick

Zach and Erin Raber

Andy and Kim Rankin

Ryan and Denise Rapp

Todd and Chauntae Reynolds

Sean Sharma and Kent R. Walters, Jr.

Shawn and Morgan Stephenson 1832

Roger and Marie Sullivan Jr.

Brian and Danielle Tucker

Mike and Jennifer Vance

Jonathan and Vanessa Walsh 1832

James Wiskotoni

Brian and Amy Woebkenberg

Wes and Jennie Zirkle

Class of 1999

John and Amy Altman

Andrew and Jessica Arnold

Mike Ball

Dave and Ellie Bowen

Aman and Susan Brar 1832

Matthew Buche and Lara Weeks

Bob and Kara Byrn

Gary and Kristine Campbell

Mark Cevallos and Janis Edralin

Dave and Heather Coates

Eric and Colleen Dieter

Mark Elrod and Amanda Ingram

Jack and Shannon Fenimore 1832

Chad and Kara Garrard

Chris and Amy Gegg

Jared and Nikki Hall

Kevin Henze

Drs. Higgs Higgs 1832

Bill and Heather Hinz M.D.

Bill and Kendra Hoover

Jacob and Marianne Isaacs

Zak Judd 1832

Kim King II

Josh and Monica Kline

Kevin and Amy Kling

Albert Kovacs

Shaunda and Andrew Krempp 1832

Lucas and Tonya Lindsell

Patrick Love

Sam and Courtney McCrimmon

Alan McEwan

Wes and Heather Morrison

Derek and Kelly Nelson

Jim and Laura Olberding 1832

Josh and Sara Patty

Nick and Joni Prihoda

Tony and Cody Reyes

Adam and Adrienne Salon

Scott and Leigh Schroeder 1832

Brad Simpson

John Sowers

Jason Stair

Jason and Amy Starkey

Chad and Amy Tabor

Rob Vass

Rob and Lisa Walker

Marc and Kelli Welch

Ben and Bonnie Whitehouse

Matt and Daphne Whitmire

David and Angie Whittaker

Alex and Audra Will

Ryan and Mimi Will

Patrick and Christy Wright

Matt and Lindsey Zopel 1832

Class of 2000

Jason Androff

Todd and Jamie Barton

Jeremiah Bird and Elizabeth Hoover 1832

Kevin and Jennifer Brechting

Jonathan and Emily Bryant

Greg and Cari Charnes II 1832

Matt and Molly Clark

Chad and Maheen Cleaver 1832

John and Julia Cox

Timothy and Molly Craft

Ryan and Kimberly Deppe

Michael and Rebecca Dickerson

Pat and Jamie East 1832

Josh and Jan Estelle

John Fleming

Jay Dee Flynn 1832

Mark and Heather Fryman Jr.

Jon and Amy Haug 1832

David Hirt

Matthew and Emily Kriech

Scott and Mandy Long

Mario Massillamany

Patrick and Melissa Miller

Ryan and Kristin Mills

Scott Mimms

Joshua and Lindy Munson

Joshua Neff

Jeremy and Tara Overton

Adam and Caryn Packer

Nate and Stacy Pulley

Mark Ratner

Brady and April Rife

Peter Riordan

Brad and Abby Schmitt

Greg and Dana Schnarr J.D.

Michael and Beth Shelbourne

Sean Simmons

Shawn and Robin Spear

Stephen Storey

Terry and Kelli Tharpe

Greg Thomas

Joe Turk 1832

Ryan and Heather Vaughn

Josh Wagner

Bastian and Judith Wonschik

Class of 2001

Scott Adams

Bobby and Bernadette Beyer

Jake and Nicole Bradley

Andy Bridge M.D.

Bert Bunton III

Aaron and Elizabeth Doll

Shane Dunigan 1832

Jim and Kimberly Flanagan

Adam Fronczek

Eric Fulmer

Keon Gilbert

David and Joni Greene

Logan and Jenny Hughes

Kevin and Michelle Hunt

Kris Iwamoto

Tariq Jalal

Nathan Klatt

Brian and Rowena Knapp M.D.

Doug and Chantal Kowalski

Seth Kreigh

Sang Hun Kwon and Mia Ihm

Jim Lisher II

Jack and Dusty Mansfield Jr.

Ryan Martin

Scott and Leslie McBride

Jason and Rebekah Miller

Gary and Michele Mineart

Adam Mueller

Bob Munson Jr.

Davey and Heather Neal

Nick and Sarah Negovetich

Nicholas L. Nussbaum, M.D. and Kristin Nussbaum

Joe Osborne

Dante and LaToya Pryor

Benjamin Robinson and Debra Rosenbluth

Jesse and Angela Sanchez

Klint Schwenk

Andrew Smith

Ryan and Lisa Soard

Doug and Alice Springer

Tyler and Ann Staggs

Joe Stoutner CFP

Khurram Tahir 1832

Joe and Mary Trebley 1832

Scott and Sarah Wallace

Mark Wallis

Matt and Mandy Warner

Matt Will

Derrick and Kathryn Williams

David Woessner and Tudo Pham 1832, MXICC

Godfred and Arlene Yemofio

Class of 2002

Jim and Shannon Abercrombie

Scott and Melissa Brooks

Brooks Cannon

Adam Christman

Allen Clingler

Ryan and Kristina Clougherty 1832

Adam and Kate Collins 1832

Nicolae Cristea

James and Jennifer Cummings J.D.

Ryan and Jamie Daming

Craig Demaree 1832

Chris Fabina 1832

Shane M. Fimbel, Ph.D. and Mindi Fimbel

Joe Fuerst 1832

Grant Goshorn

Jeremy and Roxann Grogg

Nick and Ali Guzik 1832

Jeremy and Jennifer Herrmann

Joe and Jessica Hisch

Eriks Janelsins and Lea Ridenhour 1832

Paul Kennedy

Dan and Sarah King

Bucky and Amanda Kramer III

Chris Long

Doug and Cheryl Lukins

R.J. and Megin Morgan

Shawn and Lara Morris USN

Thomas Nelson and Abigail Qin-Nelson

Nigel and Abena Nunoo

Jeremy Ott

Jon-Myckle and Amy Price

David Seabeck 1832

Ben and Andrea Seib 1832

Scott and Laura Shinkan

Eric Shreve 1832

Luke Stepleton

Jeffrey Stines

Rick and Kristin Strasser 1832

Jordan and Melissa Vaughn

Ben and Jenny Wagner

Matt Wales

Randall Widener and Meredith Dodson

Blake and Rachel Zachary

Class of 2003

Chris Barry

Greg and Erica Bernhardt CPA

Adam and Teresa Berry

Todd and Courtney Bertrand 1832

Geoff Bleau

Joe Bombagetti III

Jamie and Jamie Bopp

Dennis and Tricia Bowers II

Seamus and Erin Boyce Esq.

Derick and Jennifer Busenbark

Damon and Elissa Carl

Kip and Nicole Chase 1832

Adam Christensen

Peter and Rachel DeYoung

Aaron and Denise Denman 1832

Jonathan and Kiersten Dilley

Ryan and Angie Dobbs

Jeremy and Megan Fackenthal Ph.D.

Mr. Finch Finch Jr.

Andy and Anne Ford 1832

Casey Gioielli IV

Sam Gorr

Jeff and Lori Gravenstreter

Karl M. Grimmer, Jr. and Alan Stachura

Brent Harris 1832

Coryn Hayes

Jonathan and Erin Hoke

Reed Hoyer 1832

Bogdan and Amber Ianev

Wes and Megan Ket 1832

Justin Killian

John and Kimberly Kirk

Kris and Sarah Klippel

Jake and Darcy Knott

Logan and Ashley Kuhne

Ryan Lingg

Joe and Laurene Lonnemann

Mark and Carla Manchak

Jake and Katie Martin

Rob McCourt

Tom and Rachel Meeker

Matt and Kristin Mercer

George Milberger

David Miller 1832

Christopher Miltenberger and Rebecca Kinney

Kyle Nickel

Jason Palin

Nathan and Marisa Parmer

Matthew and Emily Phelps

Maury and Emily Raycroft

William and Sara Ream

Josh Richey

David and Amanda Ross

Marc Rowe

Joe and Kimberly Scanlon

Jason and Amanda Scheiderer

Charlie and Kirstin Shrode 1832

Micah and Liz Smith 1832

Andrew and Amy Smithka

Marcus and Christine Spillson

Eric and Jennifer Spoor

Joshua Stanton

David Stockwell M.D.

Andy Stout

Josh and Candice Tatum

Jaymes and Sarah Teeters

Tony and Angela Unfried

Jeremy and Ashley Vanscoy

Johnny Warren Jr.

Joshua and Melissa Waters

David and Sidni Weglarz

Josh and Melissa Wilson

Edward Youmans

Class of 2004

Matt and Laura Abid

Chris and Johanna Anderson

Alex and Courtney Barefoot

Patrick Barrett

Justin and Stefanie Bauserman

Andrew and Erin Beyer

Steve and Michelle Birrer 1832

Nick Brankle 1832

Jesus Campos 1832

Brian and Allison Clem 1832

Reece and Sarah Collins

Dustin and Amy DeNeal BA 1832

Adan and Lynda Garcia

Henry Gilman

Joe and Ashley Heller

Juan Carlo Hernandez

Stu and Priya Johnson

Chris Jones

Cody Lawson and Kate Mercer-Lawson

Hank Leach

James and Valorie Litton III

Nathan and Lea Lundquist 1832

Mike and Lacey Lynch 1832

Marc Magnussen

Kyle Maloney

Joe Mills

Artie and Jacquelyn Montes IV

Michael Morin

Chris and Jennifer Morris

Josh and Hollie Nicholson

Derek and Fernanda Nutty

Nnamdi and Stephanie Nwosa

Nick Ohmer

E. Olmy Olmstead and Laura Wysocki 1832

Weston and Amy Overturf

Adam and Afshan Paarlberg

Jacob Pactor and Stevie Kelly

Alan and CoryAnn Patton

Brandon and Leslie Peacock

Jason Pike

Adam and Nikkie Pope

Tony Quandt

Ben Reichner

Mike and Meegan Reidy

Jeremy Robinson

Pete Rohlfer

Andrew and Brenda Roy

Fernando Sanchez

Ben and Nancy Scanlon

Caleb and Darcy Selby

Bob and Lea Shaver 1832

Mark Shreve

Cam Starnes

Troy Stemen and Elizabeth Delise

Mark and Jamie Stout

Daniel Sweet

Matthew Symons

Brandon Thornburg

Ben and Jess Tooley

Jose Ventura

Todd and Kara Vogel 1832

Joe Warfel Ph.D.

Tony and Sara Warren

Mr. and Dr. Young Young

Class of 2005

Wes Ambrose

Terry Archambeault

Corey and Laura Asay

Nate and Sunny Bell

Tyler Bernet

Eric Bright Ph.D.

Beau and Mary Browning 1832

Jason Cantu

Kevin and Annie Casey

Brendan Clougherty

Daniel and Laurie Creasap

Jefferson and Cassidy Crew

Mark Dietzen

Nathan and Laura Dinger

John and Stephanie Dustman

Zach Eichel

Eric Engledow

Colin and Lauren Fahey

Curtis Ferguson II

Gregory Fulmer and Elizabeth Humston-Fulmer

Sean and Kelly Gerold

Tony GiaQuinta

Bill Goff

Greg Golec

Darin Graber Ph.D.

JJ and Ashley Guthrie-Alpert

Chris and Adrienne Healy

Bill and Andrea Hecker

Draik and Ashlee Hecksel

Paul Jansen

Chris and Kimberly Jorgensen

Kevin Kressin

Bobby Love

Jason and Alison McClure

Drew and Shelley McCoy

Kyle McDonald

Brock Medsker

John and Kari Meyer

Adam and Megan Miller

Josh and Stephanie Mills

Mark Novakovich

Josh and Kristen Petruniw

David and Rachel Pryzbylski

Tom and Jeanette Reifenberg

John and Melanie Rentsch

Daniel Rodriguez

Michael and Leslie Ruffing

Jacob and Lisa Rump

Greg Schrage

John and Lauren Serak IV

Colin and Stefanie Smith

Jason Sprague and Sarah McNitt

Nathan Storey

Aaron Stump

Matt and Julia Tanney 1832

Jeremy and Elizabeth West

Kyle and Beth West

Brad and Anneliese Williams

Kris Yoder-Eastes

Class of 2006

Taylor Backs and Jillian Fredenburg

Howard Bailey

Alex and Rachel Barnstead

Pat Beymer

Christopher Bly and Elizabeth Price

Brad and Ashley Boas 1832

Kyle Coffey

Aaron and Audra Cook

Caleb Dann and Leslie Saxman

Stephen Dewart and Sharokina Pazand

Patrick and Lindsay Drake

Matt and Amber Dudevoir

Philip Eubanks

Peter Fenimore

Dane and Emila Fowler

Kimmer Graham

Christian Habegger and Neith Cardenas

Russell Harbaugh MXICC

Austin Hart

Glen Heck

Jake and Meghan Koeneman

Dane Lafata

John Maddox

Greg and Jennifer Mahoney

Joe and Bri Martin

Jonathan and Danielle McDowell

Ross McKee

Kevin Meyer

Ryan and Victoria Monroe

Joe and Juleen Moore II

Aaron and Kathryn Nicely

Chris Ogden 1832

Eric Palecek

Leo Priemer

Fran and Jennifer Raycroft

Jon Reidy 1832

Thomas and Kristy Rice

Matt and Kara Ripley

Bryan Roesler and Ashleigh Graves-Roesler

Brandon and Leah Roop 1832

Travis and Julie Ross Ph.D.

Josh and Autumn Schoeff

Matt Schulz 1832

Joseph and Jennifer Seger

Aaron and Jamie Selby 1832

Cory and Abby Shafer

Steve Smitka

Jeff and Jennifer Sostak

Gabriel and Jessica Surface

Elliot and Margaret Vice

Pete Wagner

Evan and Shannon Wagoner

Andrew and Ashley Wells

Justin and Patricia Wesley

Tamarco White

Mike Woods

Class of 2007

Taz Ahmed

Daniel Albrecht Ph.D.

Ryan and LeeAnn Anderson

Zac and Lindsay Benedict

Nic and Jess Bitting

Josh and Kelly Blazek

Sam and Emily Borrelli

Don Juan and Sherrie Brown

Tony and Whitney Caldwell 1832

Allen and Kath Chatt III

Keith Clayton II

Roy Cowan

Ben and Jenni Cunningham Ed.S.

Kaizad Daruwala

Ross Dillard 1832

Brandon and Teela Ehrie

Ben and Kara Esbaum

Don and Annie Feeney

Zach and Dana Foughty

Brett Gann Jr.

Keith Garrard

Ben Gonzalez Jr.

Chris and Natalie Greisl Esq.

Charlie and Aasha Hoogland

James and Marki Jared III

Adam Kirsch 1832

Frank and Lindsay Knez III 1832

David Koch

Doug Kriech Ph.D.

Kyle and Stacie Long

Jake and Laura Lundorf

Drs. Manalo Manalo

James McGuffey Ph.D.

Andrew and Lindsay McKone

John and Kelly Meara

Seth and Jennifer Nunan

Joshua Owens

Kevin and Gabrielle Pazour

Braden Pemberton and Anna Ardizzone

Daniel and Emily Petrie

John Porch

Justin Raisor

Steven and Carrie Rhodes

Joe Rutski

Mauricio Solano

Adrian and Megan Starnes

Ashley Stephen

Ryan and Kate Stephens

Greg Strodtman

Jared and Irina Tarney

Adam Van Zee

Geoff and Meghan Walker

Drew and Kristen Weintraut

Kay and Richard Widdows

Ted Williams

Michael Zielinski

Class of 2008

Will and Lindsay Arvin

Bart Banach

Josh Bellis

Shawn and Jennifer Bennett

Matt and Josie Bowers

Larryjoe Brown

Kyle Cassidy

Jared Conaway

Dave and Anna Culp

Andy and Lynn DeRolf

Eric and Rachel Eder

Tom Elliott Jr.

Craig Engledow

Chad and Heather Finley JD

Andrew and Tara Flack M.D.

Chris Geggie

Alex and Emilee Goga

Ryan and Alison Grand

Gabe and Abbie Guerrero 1832

Drew Howk

Michael-Paul Hutchins

Jesse and Lauren James

Wes Jinks

Miles Johnson

Mike and Jamie Karam

John Kasey

Clay Koehler

Wassim Labaki MD

Geoff Lambert

Jared and Madalyn Lange

Ryan Leagre

Nick and Alexandra Leon

Kyle Luth Ph.D.

Matt Maher

Feng Mai

Jack Martin

Kyle and Sara McClammer

Jonathan Miller

Steven and Laura Miller

Andrew Newkirk

Ryan Nuppnau

Kyle O'Keefe

Matt and Kay Olivarez

J.P. and Samantha Patterson

Jackson and Kati Price

Cary Pruett

Tim Rickard

Andrew and Lauren Rodenbarger 1832

Chris and Kari Serak

Austin F. Shurtz, M.D. and Alexis Shurtz

Jason Simons

Lincoln and Shereen Smith M.D. 1832

Aaron and Ashley Spolarich

Deric Stokes

Garrett and Elaine Thiel 1832

Chandler and Niki Troy

Kyle Trusgnich

John Tsintis

Timothy Ulrey and Azeneth Gutierrez Sanchez

Matt Vest

Matt and Ashley Walter

David Wood

Derek Woods

Class of 2009

Aaron Abell

Brad Armstrong

Anthony and Sarah Benitez

Rob Bloss

Tom and Michelle Bowman

Sean Clerget

Dan DeNormandie

Shane and Danielle Dixon

Matt and Lydia Dodaro

Steve and Liz Egan

Joshua and Emily Gangloff

Emanuel F. Harper IV and Daniel Day

Kyle and Erika Hayes

David Herr

John and Amy Higgins

John Holmes

Jim Inman

Miles Jansen

Charles Johnson

Michael Kaster

Brent Kent

Austin Kline

Christian and Lyndy Lawrence

Matthew and Sarah Lee

Jim Leuck 1832

Abe Llamas

Patrick Long

David Mann

Roger Market and Justin Sosebee

Caleb and DeAirah Mast

Danny Masterson

George Mavrelis

Travis McLaughlin

Victor Meng 1832

JT Moore

John Moton

Tony Neymeiyer

Joseph Niezer M.D.

Adam and Sarah Pilli

Tom and Ellen Pizarek

Max Rubesch

Joe Smith

Travis Smith

Juan Carlos Venis

Ryan and Page Waldon

Mike Wartman

Mike Washburn

Chris Wojciechowski

Ted and Janette Zimmer III

Andrew Zimmer

Class of 2010

Kodjovi Aboni

Kevin and Megan Andrews

Emmanuel and Ashlee Aouad

Aaron and Kiersten Brock

Michael and Katy Burke

Alex Carr

Brad and Ceciley Casselman

John and Sarah Dewart

Justin Froedge

Patrick Griffith

Chase Haltom

Will and Sabrina Hoffman

Josh Howard

Matt Hudson

Evan and Olivia Isaacs

Gary James

Drew and Jessica Kapsalis

Zack Lanning

Kevin Long

Marcus and Jesika Manges

Nicholas Maraman

Willie and Dana Matis

Johnny and Jennifer Melind

Justin and Emily Michaels

Jarryd Morton

Kyle Nagdeman

Curt and Amanda Peterson

Kyle Platt

Jesse and MacKenzie Purvis

Bobby Ritz

David and Vanessa Rosborough

Matt Routh

Austin Rovenstine

Matt Rushton

Matt Scheller

Mark Schultz 1832

Bryce Shellman

Greg and Joanna Slisz

Chad and Molly Sorenson

Dan Sutton

Anthony Tellez

Mark and Kendra Thomas

Skip Tokar II

Joby Turner

Chris Vawter

Denver Wade

Bryan Watson Jr.

Pat and Chris White 1832

Matt Wynn

Stanley and Diane Xu

Class of 2011

Justin and Kaitlyn Allen D.O. 1832

Alexander Avtgis

Mark Babcock

Len Back

Bill and Alissa Birch IV

David Birrer

Ryan Bowerman

Adam Brasich Ph.D.

Jordan and Kelly Brewer 1832

Zach and Courtney Brock

Joel Bustamante

Adam and Samantha Current

Rick and Nikki Dent

Jason and Jena Eichler

Seth Einterz 1832, MXICC

Nolan Eller

Bill and Elizabeth Evans

Jake Ezell

James Fitzpatrick

Andrew and Kendra Forrester

Dirk and Scarlet Garriott

Jacob German and Dori Cain 1832

Kyle Grand

Evan Griner

Eric and Stephanie Henderson

Tobey and Peggy Herzog 1832

Jay Huenemann

Jake and Krista Jaworski

Joe Johnson

Josh Johnson

Matt Kennedy

Jordan Koch

Clifford Kocian III

Jake Kolisek

Tim Kraft

Andy Kyler

Phil Lane

Cody and Kendra Leatherman

Rui Liu and Mia Chen

Will Logan 1832

Tommy and Lee Mambourg

Steve Maynard 1832

Chris McCauley

Jake and Larla Moore

Alex and Tracy Moseman 1832

Michael and Grace Nossett

Adam and Julia Phipps

Blake and Becca Powell

Nick and Kara Ramsey

Diamond Reese and Melissa Wagner

Ricky Ritter

Luke and Amanda Robbins

Gregg Schipp

Cody Schroeder

David Seibel

Bogdan Stancu Ph.D.

Cody and Eve Stipes

Jacob and Lana Surface

Tian Tian

Cory Tiedeman

P.J. Tyson

Brad and Megan Vest

Bobby Wade

Thomas and Haley Wade

Will Weber

Spencer Whitehead

Dave Wichlinski

Graham and Corrine Youngs

Drew Zromkoski

Class of 2012

Andre Adeyemi

Andrew and Bethany Alexander

Brandan Alford

Steven Apostolidis

Derek and Erika Bailey

Tommy Ball J.D.

Evan and Abbe Bayless 1832

Kyle and Kathleen Bender

Brett Birch

John Bogucki

Paul and Lizzie Buescher

Tyler and Krista Buresh 1832

J.D. Burns

Drew Casey

Wes Chamblee

Jeremy Coons

Trevor Counceller

Nick Curosh

Brian David and Allyson Page

Mark DePrez

Chris Deig

Ken and Jessi Farris 1832

Jordan Ferguson

Sam Glowinski

Pete and Jennifer Guiden

Brady and Brandi Hagerty

David Hauck Jr.

Kaleb Hemmelgarn

Steve and Abby Henke

John Holm

Ike Homburg

Jonathan Horn

Korey Jones

John and Mallory Jurkash

Daniel Lesch

Will Liu

Paul Liu

Thomas and Leah Logan II

Grant McCloskey

Cameron McDougal and Mathew Rojas

Matt Meyer 1832

Jake Moore

Kyle Najar

Craig and Emily O'Connor

John Pennington

Jordan Plohr

Billy and Jenna Powers

Daniel and Rachel Ranschaert

Garrett Redweik

Peter and Tessa Robbins

Dan and Jill Rogers

Zach and Eileen Rohrbach

Tom Schabel III

Matt Schenkel Jr.

Jake Shaffer

Brian and Katie Shelbourne

Spencer and Kaitlyn Sheridan

Brock Sibert

Jeffrey Soller and Cassie Caccavo-Soller

Mike and Christina Sprowl

Nick Su 1832

Grayson and Brynne Swaim

Allan Swan

Jack Swartout II

Michael and Karen Trevino

Tyler Wade 1832

Donavan White

Casey and Carly Wright

Chris and Jessi Zabriskie

Luke Zinsmaster

Class of 2013

Ricardo Aguirre

Dan and Adara Allen D.M.D.

Rudy Altergott

Alex Beck

Michael Brown

Julian Cernuda Alarcon

Patrick Clegg

Colten and Allison Craigin 1832

Ryan and Sarah Cronin

Rob Dyer 1832

Riley Floyd

C.J. Francoeur

Clint Garrison

Evan Groninger

Kenny and Jeana Harris

Charles Hintz

Austin and Taylor Hodges

Paul Hudak

Nick Hurt

Bryan Hutchens

Evan Johnson

Matt Kaczkowski

Vince Kenney

Jake and Richelle Kersey

Jimmy Kervan 1832

Arjun Kumar

Ian Leonard

Pedro Martinez

Garrett McCarthy

Kyle McLaughlin

Kyle Mener

Troy Meyers

Michael Jon Mondovics

Matt Page

Garrett Payne

Grady Phillips

Michael Piggins

Carl and Ryleigh Rivera

Alex and Caitlin Robbins

Frank Ruvoli

Daniel and Emily Sandberg

Adam Soshnick 1832

Ryan Sosinski

Samuel and Natalie Spoerle

Joe Stiglitz

Jordan Surenkamp

A.J. Sutherlin

Zachary Thompson and Amanda Cook

Fabian Villanueva

Nathan and Lindsey Walters Ph.D.

Rick and Kerri Warner

Chris and Rachel Widup

Garrett Wilson

Michael Wittman 1832

Class of 2014

Austin and Callyn Althoff

Alex Amerling

Bryan Arnold 1832

Ian Baumgardner

Brian Beardmore

Kevin Bennett

Sam Bennett

Ramsey Bradke

Spencer Burk

Jonathan Bush

Patrick Carter

James Caum

Ben Cook

Derek Dean

Andrew and Bailey Gibson

Zack Goldberg

Seth Hensley

Charles Hill

Alex Hirsch

Francisco Huerta

Josh Jones

Nikolas Jones and Taylor Zartman

Erik Kile

Charlie Kolisek

Cory and Keri Kopitzke

Jon Laird

Brent Ledford

Ian MacDougall

Evan McFarland

Matthew and Tabitha Michaloski

J.T. and Ellen Miller

Wade Miller

Scott Morrison

Taylor Neal

Spencer Peters

Jake Ponton

C.P. Porter

Brad Pusateri

Clarke Remmers

Mark and Kate Riffle

Dave Roaten

Jacob and Caroline Scherb

Alex Schrader

Nate and Carly Scola

Casey Shipley

Patrick Singleton

Mike Skinner

Harrison Slater

Reid Smith

Cam Sobleski

Patrick Stroud

Bobby Thompson

Chet Turnbeaugh

Zach Vega

Andy Walsh

Jeremy Wentzel 1832

Andrew and Paige Weyler

Nathan Whisman

Mike Witczak

Luke and Becca Wren M.D.

Wes Zimmerman

Class of 2015

Carter Adams

Emiliano Aguilar Jr.

Tyler Andrews

Douglas Baker 1832

Steve Batchelder

Patrick Bondi

Zach Boston

Matt Bupp

Cody and Elizabeth Buresh 1832

Jacob Burnett

Jared Burris

Cody Christopher

Alex Cisneros

Alex Clauser

Joey and Emma Conti

Alan Corey

Fritz Coutchie III

Adalid Cruz Vazquez

John Davis

Derek and Alex De St. Jean

Andrew Dettmer

Ethan and Alyssa Dove

Corey Egler

Kiah and Katie Eibert

Stephen Fenton Jr.

Will Folsom

Peter Fouts

Brady Gilliam

Seton Goddard 1832

Nick Gray

David Gunderman

Connor and Natalie Hammerle

Tyler Hardcastle

Austin Hawn

Houston and Johanna Hodges

Ryan Horner

Austin Jarrett

Patrick Jones

Taylor Kenyon

Grant Klembara

Garrett and Kyleigh Lynette

Zach Mahone

Jimmy Maxwell

Austin McCauley

Will and Amy McLachlan

David Newhart

Max Nguyen

Kris Nickle

Ted Nilsson

Kasey Oetting

Tyler Owensby

Pat Parham

Steven Paris

Anthony Pigues

Eddie Pingel

Chris Rai

Patrick Rezek

Sam Schabel

Nick Schenkel

Drew Schmutte

Jackson Schroeder

Andrew Skowronski

Nick Sommer

Jingwei Song Ph.D.

Joe Sukup

Kelly Sullivan

Connor Sullivan

Jason Swartout

Pierce Velderman II

George Vinihakis

Jordan Wagner

Luke Walker

Jim Walsdorf

Tanner Watson

Ian Webb

Patrick Wright

Hongli Yang 1832

Tyler Yoder

Class of 2016

Adam Alexander

Derek Andre

Jake Barclay

Jack Belford

Matt Binder 1832

Tom Blaich

Josh and Morgan Bleisch

Nathan Bode

Chris Broecker

Wes Brown

Patrick Bryant 1832

Ty Campbell

Sean Cavanaugh 1832

Cole Chapman

Chris and Hilary Dabbs II

Gabe Di Fecchio

Kyle Ennis

Ethan Farmer M.D.

Ben Farmer

James Fritz III

Nick Frye

Max Gallivan

Tom Garrity

Zach Greene

Jordan Grooms

Michael Haffner

Sam Hanes

Clayton Highum

Corey Hoffman

Addison Hummel

Elliot Johns M.D.

Marcus Kammrath

Bryce Kilian

Levi Kinney

Sam Mattingly

Dylan Miller

Taylor Miller

Nick Minaudo

Jeremy Minor

Kaleb Morris

Joe Murphy

Mark Myers

Jake and Morgan Norley

Steven Peters

Brent Poling

Scott Purucker

Daniel Purvlicis

Clayton and Haley Randolph

Mitch Reeves

Tyler Regnier

Tony Scheetz

Sean Scully

Mitch Singleton

Chris Stazinski

Willie and Marin Strong Jr.

Ian Sunde

Joshua Tapper

Jerel Taylor

Brett Thumm

Brent Tomb

Tyler Trepton

Sam Vaught

Mikey Venezia

Adam Wadlington

Alex Waters

Quentin Watson

Korbin West

Brian and Danica Wittman 1832

Brandon Wongngamnit II

Shane Xuan

KJ Zelenika

Mason Zurek

Class of 2017

Sammy Adams

Jay Alston

Collin Bell

Drew Biddle II

Brady Boles

Nick Bova

Ethan Buresh 1832

Adam Burtner

Jacob Caddick

Levi Chitty 1832

Dillon Cron

Cole Crouch

AD Douglas II

Keaton Douglas

Austin and Brook Earl

Isaac Empson

Ashton Faramelli

Nolan Fenwick

Mazin Hakim

Boyd Haley

Reno Jamison

Bilal Jawed

Zack King

Taner Kiral

Jensen Kirch

Riley Lefever

Conner Lenahan

Noah Levi

Griffin Levy

Blair Littrell

Connor Ludwig

Simon Ma

Zac Maciejewski

Mike Makio

Chris McCloskey

Dan Miller

Kyle Morgan

Nathan Neal

Mac Norton

Delon Pettiford

Drew Powell

Carson Powell

Karl Prasher

Alejandro Reyna

Andrew Roginski

John Savieo

Matt Scott

Brand Selvia

Murphy Sheets

Jordan Smith

Matt Spaulding

Herchel Springer

Jared Staudenmeier

Jacob Stone

Kyle Stucker

Connor Stumm

Jimmy Suess

Keegan Sullivan

Colin Thompson

Daniel Thompson

Ben Wade

Saeed Walcott

Holten Warriner

Alex Wimber

Yang Yang

Seine Yumnam

Class of 2018

Danny Azar

Hayden Baehl

Steve Bazin

Shane Beaman

Deryk Benge

Zach and Hallie Bleisch

Jake Budler

Dylan Buresh 1832

Zack Carl

Omar Chavez

Eph Chedid 1832

Cody Cochran

Jared Cottingham

Jake Covert

Austin Crosley

Chase Crowe

Darrien Dartis

Josh Derse

Spase Dorsuleski

Johnny Dotlich

Luke Doughty

Klay Fullenkamp

Levi Garrison

George Go III

Jayvis Gonsalves 1832

Collin Graber

Brian Gregory

Cody Grzybowski

Jordan Hansen

Cole Harlacher

Trey Harnden III

John Hartley

Jeff Houston

Vell Hughes

Pat Kenney

Taylor King

Logan Kleiman

Kaz Koehring

Stojan Krsteski

Michael Krutz

Hoang Le Cong

Quan Le Thien

Nate Lewis-Cole

Michael Lumpkin

Jon Montoya

Warren Moseman

Nathan Muha

Azlan Munir

Kolby Myer

Noah Newcomb

Ben Page

Brian Parks

Zack Patton

Joe Pich

Brady Quackenbush

Parker Redelman

Sam Reel

Will Reifeis

Tim Riley

Carlos Rios

Bryan Roberts

Chris Roman

Douglas Rourke

Dan Scofield

Deonte Simpson

Henry Swift

Adrian Tejeda

Bryan Tippmann

Gage Ulery

Dave Vavrinak

Henry Webberhunt

Jacob Woodward

Robbie Wunderlich III

Rowan Zhong

Class of 2019

Will Amberger

Brandon Arbuckle

Matt Bailey

Parker Balvich

Russell Berning

Jacques Boulais

Ethan Boyd

Brent Breese

Bryce Bridgewater

Connor Brooks

Nick Budler

Scotty Bye

Nolan Callecod

Eric Chavez

Sam Colaiacova

Ngoc Dang 1832

Sawyer Donovan

Deakon Doub

Colby Dunigan

Tony Eley

Luc Esparza

Jacob Ferguson

Jake Fernung

Nick Fishe

Charles Frey

Jaleel Grandberry

Wyatt Gutierrez

Koty Hall

Zack Havlin

Sam Hayes

Walker Hedgepath

Jacob Helmer

Greg and Lora Hess 1832

Trevor Hix

Cal Hockemeyer

John Janak

Ahad Khan

Zovan Kho

Zach LaRue

Erich Lange

JJ Langley

Corey Leuters

PJ Mays

Kyle McAtee

Jake Miller

Braxton Moore

Jonathan Murdock

Oliver Page

Cruz Paulino-Salazar

Pete Piazza

Dallas Pitts Jr.

Bakhann Prom

Sean Roginski

Luke Rowles

Alex Rudicel Jr.

Andrew Schenkel

Griffin Schermer

Jason Shao

Tanner Skeel

Braiden Slavens

Griffin Smith

Ben Stachowski

Wes Steele

Sam Stewart

Drew Tandy

David and Ciara Thomas

Ryan Thomas

John Trebing

Dalton Vachon

Max Von Deylen

Ryan Wagenblast

Kevin Wagner

Ian Ward

Jonathon and Alanna Weaver

Joe Whitaker

Logan White

Christian Wirtz

Class of 2020

Mohammad Dayem Adnan

Bailey Allen

Michael Armbruster Jr.

Joseph Ballard

Chris Barker

Ryan Barr

Mitchell Beard

Jared Bertram

Jackson Blevins

Charlie Brewer

Quan Chau

Jimbo Chedid

Chase Cochran

Vince D'Angelo

Chris Diaz

Alex Eberhard

Artie Equihua

Matthew Fajt

Evan Foley

Nick Fox

Cruz Garcia

Christian Gosser

Nathan Gray

Nick Grujanac

Chandler Jacks

Noah Janssen

Hunter Jones

Shawn Jones

Tab Kenney

Jacob Kessler

Ben Kiesel

TJ Kilbourne

Johnny Kirts

Lo Lewis Jr.

Will Li

Ian Little

Ryan McDaniel

Ethan McNaughton

Anthony Mendez

Kaleb Mooney

Ashar Nadeem

Parker Noll

Balin Orcutt

Alex Pittsford

Luke Podgorny

CJ Ramsey

Michael Reising

Austin Rudicel

Frank Russel

Bennett Sayre

Eli Shadwick

Spence Shank

Aaron Sikorski

Drew Stults

Michael Tanchevski

Clark Tinder

Roarke Tollar

Marcus Torres

Pierce Van Houten

Jack Wagner

Henry Wannemuehler

Kyle Warbinton

Nick Weaver 1832

Anthony Williams Jr.

Austin Yeomans

Nate Young

Class of 2021

Sam Anderson

Matthew Annee

Brandon Bowell

Conner Brens

Danny Brewer

Simon Brumfield

Logan Butrum

Patrick Carper

Kory Cavanaugh

Matt Chinn

Anthony Cicciarelli

Tra Clemons

Brice Clesi

Danny Cuevas

Ben Dermody

Jan Dziadek

Charlie Esterline

Jalen Fielder

Ben Filippi

Walker Fisher

Saul Gallegos

Devin Guard

Peyton Guidry

Joel Gunderman

Simon Hacker

Paul Haesemeyer

Ryan Hahn

Monty Hargraves

Christopher Hartkemeier

Andrew Harvey

Tomas Hidalgo

Ahmaud Hill

Jonah Holdman

Kyle Holmer

Reyer Howe

Clayton Huber

Jeff Inman

Mathew Ireland

Blake Juerling

Andrew Jumonville Sr.

Corbin Kaiser

James Kirkland

Keegan Kirkwood

Nick Kobs

Justin Kopp

Joe LaRue

Eric Lakomek

Malcolm Lang

Charlie Leblanc

Bryce Looze

Parker Manges

Meggs Meggison

Christian Miller

Nikko Morris

Isaac Myers

Dustin Notter

Derek O'Connor

Cooper Ochs

Will Osborn

Jake Page

Tucker Payne

Spencer Rhine

Rip Ripple

Connor Rotterman

Emmanuel Rugamba Bitega

Caleb Rutan

Kyler Schalk

Donald Schuch

Dale Schurg

Bailey Scurlock

Aj Shaheen

Cailen Shepherd

Wesley Slaughter

Sean Smith

Jake Vermeulen

Micah Walker

Luke Wallace

Josh Wiggins

Nick Winter

John Witczak

Dillon Wolfe

Chad Wunderlich

Andrew Young Jr.

Nick Young

Michael Zubeck

Class of 2022

Eli Akers

Luis Amaro

Joey Annee

George Azar III

Cal Bailey

Kevin Ballard-Munn

Wes Bedwell

Luke Bender

Adam Berg

Max Bigler

Maxwell Bishop

Josh Blackburn

Sam Bleisch

Drew Bluethmann

Will Borland

Drew Boyer

Tony Brunenkant

Liam Buckley

Seth Buresh 1832

Daniel Burkert

Marcos Cadenas Medina

Nick Carson

Andrew Castellano

Cam Chadd

James Cloud

Kenny Coleman

Casey Crozier

Delmas Crum

Latham Davies

Solomon Davis

Emanuel DeLeon-Lara

James Despain

Nicholas Devaney

Ian Dickey

Aaron Dowdle

Ace Dzurovcik

Jeremiah Eaton

Henry Egan

Robbie Esrael

Jacob Fecht

Reese Fokine

Joey Forchetti

Jack Frey Jr.

Zavier Fullingim

Davionne Garrett

Mason Gaskin

Graham Gnagy

Andrew Gonczarow

Nick Goode

Alex Goodnight

Cameron Graham

Wade Haesemeyer

Ali Hakim

Will Hamilton

Jake Handley

Gordon Harman-Sayre

Brailen Harrington

Will Harvey

Kyle Hatch

Jack Hegwood

Rodney Hendricks III

Timothy Herring

Porter High

Joe Kaefer

Cameron Klabunde

Zack Lacey

Johnny Lamb

Merritt Lamm

Tag Lawalin

Kim Lay

James Lewis Jr.

James Love III

Sam Malott

Cesar Mares

Jose Marquez-Franco

AJ Martino Jr.

Reed Mathis

Isaiah McWilliams

Tyler Metheny

Noah Miller

Evan Nichols

Tommy Niemier

Nathan Ooley

Drew Page

Bryce Panozzo

Reagan Perkins

Sam Pipiras I

Jake Price

Ashfi Rahman Ashfi

Noah Rapp

Devin Reagle

John Henry Reith II

Andrew Rippy

Weston Rogers

Alexandru Mircea Rotaru

Hayden Rudes

Matt Runyon

Will Sawyer Jr.

Kellen Schreiber

Josh Scott

Hunter Seidler

Gerard Seig

Kevin Sheridan Jr.

Tanner Simmons

Tavic Simmons

Aneet Singh

Jackson Smith

Riley Smith

Cody Snook

Mike Sorcia

Mylo Thambipillay

Jared Timberman

Felix Valero-Davila

Devin Vanyo

Abe Wade

Sebastian Wang

Leo Warbington

Jamari Washington

Tyler Watson

Mason Young

Seth Younker

Christian Zeffel

Class of 2023

Luke Adams

Clayton Allen

Mason Allen

Ben Axel

Cameron Bacon

Dario Banuelos Jr.

Jon Barker

Caden Beckwith

Michael Bertram

Jackson Bologna

Charlie Brady

Sam Brewer

Adam Brookman

JT Bryant V

Evan Burge

Nathaniel Butts

Tanner Carver

Mark Caster

Tucker Coffman

Cade Cox

Tyler Danielewicz

Simon Decapua

Drew Delor

Dimitri Didmanidze

Casey Donovan

Adam El-Khalili

Jakob Faber

Thomas Fischer

Max Fricke

Jared Gady

Horacio Garcia-Rojas III

Shewa Gared

Jake Goodwin

Tommy Hansen

Jack Heldt

Evan Horn

Austin Hughes

Nolan Hughes

Ethan Hurt

RJ Jaiswal

Allen Johnson Jr.

Bradley Johnson

Grant Johnson

Max Johnson

Moni Jones

Max Kercheval

Alex Koers

Josh Kramer

Quinn Leous

Max Lundy

Mark Magnon Jr.

David Marsh

Noah Martin

Caleb McCarty

Bryce McCullough

Chris Merrill

Cameron Miller

Jackson Miller

Joe Mullin

Tim Neu

Marc Nicholson

Sam North

Jake Paige

Gavin Patrick

Liam Patton

Neil Pettinga

Nick Pfledderer

Sam Phillips

Javier Que

Trae Reynolds III

William Rolfson

Ian Rollins

Issac Salinas

Brandon Schafer

Lincoln Scott

Logan Smith

Zane Stout

Cooper Sullivan

Jack Sullivan

Simon Terpstra

Sam Thompson IV

Matthew Troy

Adan Villeda Jr.

Brady Walden

Noah Webster

Danny Wilson

Kyle Wiott

Eric Zhu

Class of 2024

Bryce Adams

Connor Baker

Joe Barnett

Cole Bergman

Cody Bevelhimer

Noah Bierma

Cole Borden

Jaron Bradford

Grant Braun

Chase Breaux

Matthew Brooks

Lucas Budler

Devin Burris

Keifer Carmean

Bryan Cherry

Sam Comer

Ben Cook

Austin Coon

Camden Cooper

Leo Dilts

Brett Driscoll

Kam Earley

Brandon Edwards

Brady Ester

Josh Fedorchak

Nathan Felix

Luke Fincher

Caulin Fitzgerald

Sam Foster

Nathan France

Cade Freeman

Caden Friedt

Cam Giles

Will Goheen

Jackson Grabill

Eric Green

Takeshi Greiner

Liam Grennon

Eero Gross

Samer Halabi

RT Hall

Adam Harpenau

Bradley Harrington

Drake Hayes

Gavin Hill

Jordan Hodge

Ian Holmberg

Jackson Hoover

Seth Hutchinson

Cooper Jacks I

Eli Jackson

Ben Jansen

Francisco Jimenez

Tripp Johnson III

Collin Johnson

Thomas Joven

Hayden Kammer

Will Keeling

Ki Kim

Drew Kubaszyk

Morgan Lamon

Jake Lawson

Cody LeNeave

Parker Lewis

Alex Litts

Reese Long

Jesus Lopez

Aidan Makled

Jacob Maldonado

Garson Matney

Reese May

Champ McCorkle

Trevor McKinney

Clay McPeek

Will Melcher

Nathanael Mertz

Benjamin Mijangos Sampsell I

Evan Miller

Samuel Miller

Jesus Monrroy Mazcorro

Bear Morales

Mason Naaman

Alex Le grd Ngaba

Anthony Nguyen

Blake Nichols

Tyson Nisley

Richard Pan

Jacob Parsons

Miles Patterson

Calvin Pawlowski

Caleb Peare

JT Rapp

Edreece Redmond II

Jacob Riddle

Joe Rios

Spencer Rivera

Turner Royal

Owen Runge

Luis Sanchez

Jon Schepers

Thomas Schnerre

Mitchell Shea

Jonathan Silva-Melendez

Jacob Simpson

Donovan Snyder

Nathaniel Staley

Jake Talbert

Jake Tarnow

Cory Taylor

Blaine Teeters

Nathaniel Terrazas

Adam Thielking

Nicholas Tipton

Will Trapp

Daniel Uribe

Zach Waldon

Jalen Ward

Kai Warren

Eli Widmer

Quinton Wood

Class of 2025

Alex Naylor


Katie Ansaldi

Jonathan and Carolyn Baer

Nathanael Baldwin

Rachel Barclay

Heather Bazzani

Violet Benge

William Bernhardt II

Daniel Bickett

Preston and Anne Bost

Jim and Kathleen Brown

Daniel Burke

John Bute

Emma Campbell

Bradley and Gwen Carlson

Nikki Carpenter

James Cherry and Crystal Benedicks

Ryan Clark

Kendra Cooks 1832

Kyle Daniels

Alexander DeLonis

Sara and Jeffrey Drury

Caitlin Ebbinghaus

Aaron Elam

Mindy Emberton

Cheryl Everett

Makenzie Ewoldt

Jeff Gower

Tammy Graves

Andrea Bear and Todd Handlogten

Josh Hardman

Bobby and Naomi Horton

Darold Hughes Jr.

Cassie Hunt

Natalie Hurt

Chris and Katelyn Keller

Jill Keller

Amber King

Dennis Krause

Tim and Carmon Lake

Elizabeth Manning

Mark McCartin-Lim

Lorraine McCrary

Tyler and Ashley McCreary

Todd and Kelly McDorman

Colin McKinney

Peter Mikek and Jane Hardy

Derek Mong

Donald Morel and Barbara Wentworth

Clyde and Jennifer Morgan

Gracie Munroe

Macanda Myers

Kay Nannet

Wally and Kathleen Novak

Eric and Carrie Olofson

Elan Pavlinich

Julia Perry

Gary and Alice Phillips

Jolene Pickett

Adrien Pouille

Karen Quandt

Adriann Rhoades

Sherry and Gary Ross 1832

Bob and Anne Royalty

Sujata Saha

Carl Schmitzer

Neil and Wendy Schmitzer-Torbert

Tyler Schmutz

Douglas Smith

Erika Sorensen-Kamakian

Eric Statler

Annie Strader

Patrick Sullivan

David and Cara Troutman

William and Cindy Turner

Cathy VanArsdall

Kyle Vowell

Heidi Walsh

Ellen Warren

Amy Weir

Matthew and Julia Wells

Becky Wendt

Chad and Amy Westphal

Bronwen Wickkiser

Scott and Kimberly Yeager


Rachel Abrahams

David Acocella

James Ahern

John Ajamie

Nathan Aker

Ann Allen

Kathi Allen

Mike Allen

Mike and Amy Alley

Mick and Dee Appleby

Daniel Arison

Phyllis Augspurger *

William Baker

David Banush

Paulino Barajas

Frank and Sharon Barber

Robert Bass

Aimee Batistatos

Kristin Baty Watts

Elizabeth Bauer

William and Pat Bauman

James Bean *

Parker and Katie Beauchamp

Chuck and Nancy Beemer 1832

Michael and Diane Beemer 1832

Bailee Belcher

Larry and Nancy Bennett

Scott Bennett

Diane Bernhardt

Talia Berry

Patricia Best

Jessica Betz

Sarah Billings

Carol Kay Blevins

Laura Blitz

Natalie Bowen

Richard and Eileen Bowen

Tori Bowerman

Roy Bowman

Dr. and Mrs. Brainard Brainard M.D.

Sarah Brashears

Bill Brauman

Benjamin Brehm

Cj Brenner

Bodie Brewer

Walker Brewer

Scott Bridge

Barbara Brill

Ronald and Ruth Brothers

Cole Brumett

Darrell Brumett

Leon Brumett

Marcus Brumett

Montgomery Brumett

Sandra Brumett

Janet Brush

Ronald and Cynthia Buchmeier

Brandy Bunton

Sarah Buresh 1832

Brandon and Summer Burke

Emily Burrow 1832

Laura Conners and Douglas Calisch

Barbara Campaigne

Kelley Carr D.D.S.

Rusty and Kathy Carter

Nancy Cassel

Rachel Charlip

James Cherry Jr. *

Linda Cherry

David and Janet Confer

Owen Cooks

Hope Coons

Rudy Cope

Harper Cornelius

Jim Creigh 1832

Joel Crespo

John Crossman 1832

Gloria Culver

John and Margaret Cumming

Marcus and Julia Cziesla

Marilyn Darnall

Amanda David

Anthony Davis

Benjamin Davis

Nancy Davis

Joe and Leslie Day

Randy Deer 1832

Charles Denison 1832

Sue Diaz

Thomas Dickinson and Deborah Butler

Marlyn Dimmick

Christopher Dimos 1832

Bill and Nancy Dirksing

Teri Dobberstein

William Drummond

Danford Due

Joseph and Deanna Duncan

Delia Duston *

Bob Dyer

Tom Dyer

Cassie Eby

Wanda Edwards

Kayla Effinger

Colleen Egan

Hillary Egan

Shannon Egan

Earl and Ruby Elliott

Steven and Diane Elmore

Deena Elrefai

Hilary Eppert

David and Pat Eppley

Howard Ester

Mike and Nancy Evans

Pam Farley

Koji Felton

Peter Felton

Susan Feutz

Mr. Finch Finch

Gale Fixmer

Jack Fleming

Jenifer Fleshman 1832

Robert Foote and Cheryl Hughes

Chloe Foster

Miriam and Joseph Foster

Katerina Friese

Terri Fyffe

Lindsey Garrsion

Kathryn Gloor

Gary and Carolyn Goff

Bethanie Gonsalves

Kai Good

Katherine Good

Emily Goodrich

Paul Goss

Anders Graham

Chelsea Greene

Evelyn Greer

Gwyneth Greer

Charles and Roberta Griffin

Nancy Grigaliunas

Barbara Gross *

Maria Guia

Karen and Randy Handley

Emma Haney

Todd Hanni

Parker Hardwick

Margaret Harger-Allen

Connie Harris

Jim and Carolyn Harshbarger

Megan Havlin

Marjorie Hawley *

Elaine Hays 1832

Claudette Henderson

James and Mary Henderson 1832

Carl and Rebecca Henry

Walt and Cynthia Henry

Joan Hentrup

Johanna Herring

Charlene Hess

Essie Hewett

Benjamin Hill 1832

Steven Hise

David Hoaglin 1832

David Hooten

Dick and Genevieve House

Helen and Marc Hudson

Tobey and Kelly Huey

Linda Hughes

Julie Hulsey

Deb Hunter

Mark Huser

Catherine Hutcherson

Lucy Isaacs

Edward and Jeannie James 1832

Julie Janoski

Bill and Delores Jellison

Brennen Jenkins

Kim and David Johnson

David Johnson and Anne Nobles

Mary Jo Johnston

Anthony Jones

Christina Jones

Elizabeth Jones

La Jones

Mark Jones

Richard E. and Helen Jositas

Nathaniel Kachur

George Kaczmarek

Ronald Kaczmarek

Kelley Karn

Athena Kellogg

Lewis Kellogg

Jaclyn Kempf

Timothy Kensinger

Kathy Kessler

Beth King

Maddie Kinzel

Martin Kirkwood

Kelli Kixmiller

Anita Klein 1832

Annette Knox

Sachin Kori

Jeremy Kotter

Theresa Kraft 1832

Robert Krebs

Diane Kreisher

Sidney Kull

Justin Laman

Chas Lapierre

Marissa Lapinsky

Olivia Lauck

Joseph Leavitt

Bruce Lee 1832

Thomas Lee 1832

Eva Legg

Frank Lewis

Douglas and Ruth Linsmith

Tim and Paula List

Jeanne Livingood

Va Lo

Louis and Carol Lombardi

Douglas Long 1832

Tina Long

Matthew Looney

Richard and Phyllis Loslo

Jerrilee Lucas

Ashley Ludman

Robert and Sandra Lyon

Josephine Madler

Elizabeth Magura

Dave and Ginny Maharry

Elizabeth Maher

Barbara Manges

Harry Manges

Bobby Manion

Sherlyn Mark

Leroy Marsh

Kelly and Luke Martin

Rhenetta Martin

Karen Gunther and Nestor Matthews

Lisa Maylee 1832

Seth McGuffin

Bridget McKay

Cody McLeod

Vicki McMaster

Joseph and Kathleen Mehltretter

James and Amy Mendelson

Antonio Mendez

Joan Mendez

Monica Mendez

Cathy and Bob Metz

Dennis and Terrie Meyer

John and Susan Meyer

Sonny Meyer *

Sue Meyer

Terri Meyer

Paul Mielke, Jr. and Jane Meier

Wendy Mielotz

Peggy Mifflin 1832

Charmeece Miller

Harrison Miller

Jackson Miller

James and Kathleen Miller

Jennifer Miller

Phil Morel

Harold Morgenstern

Ali Moss

John Motes

Amy Munroe

James Munroe

Paige Murphy

Donita Murphy-Sims

Claire Myers

Patrick and Karen Myers

Edgar and Ann Neely

Stephen Nesbitt

Caitlyn Fox and Matt Newcomb 1832

Mark Newlin

Ralph Nichols

Lowell Nicodemus

Patty Nolan

Alice Novak

James ONeill

Jack Oest

Sam and Lynda Ogle

Keith and Rebecca Ogorek

Christopher Oppy 1832

David and Susan Ormerod

Gary and Valentina Patitucci

Richard Patton

Jennifer Pehlke *

William Pence

Patricia Perkins

Rob Pickett

Michele and Jeff Pittard

Deborah and David Polley

Katie Potts

Robert and Barbara Price

Gigi Pritzker 1832

Michael Pucker 1832

Mindy Purcell

Pam and Clyde Rager

Robert and Michelle Ramsey

Jim and Stacy Rechtin

Susie Reel

Jean Regas

Margo Regas

Robert Remelius

Craig Reynolds

Dave and Linda Reynolds

Brooke Ridenour

Kathy Roberts

Roberta Roberts

Amber Rohr

Susan Rosen

Marge Ross

Todd Roswarski

John Rowe

Shirley Russ

Alexis Russell

Jennifer Salcedo

Michele Sarkisian

Jill Sawyer

Sharon Schmits

James and Deirdre Schmutz

Trevor Schmutz

Dennis Scholl

David Scott

John See

Kenneth Selby

Patrick Sells

Deborah Seltzer-Kelly and Michael Seltzer

Tony and Diana Sertich

Kayla Sexton

Elliot Shadwick

Sylvia Shaffer

Ben and Kristin Shane

Donald and Judith Shane

Seth Shields

Jillaine Shoop *

Micah Shrewsberry

Peter Silins and Rebecca Fenters

Troy Simmerson Jr. 1832

Mark Simmerson 1832

Michael Simmerson 1832

William Simmerson 1832

Gregory Simpson

Debbie Sinatra

Sharon Slaughter

Harrison Smith 1832

Joshua Smith

Kyle Smith

Marilyn Smith

Tyler Smith

Cindy and Jeff Snellenbarger

Barbara Solomon

Jon and Patti Sommer

Andrew Sorgatz

J B Sosbe

Sam Spade

Karen Spitzer

Ellen Springsteen

Julie Stamm

Holden Stamper

Brook Starnes

Tricia Statler

Colin Stayton

Lee Steadman

Gavin Stephens

Scotland Stevens

Neil Stevenson

Patricia Stewart

James Still

Edward Stuffle 1832

Katherine Sturgeon

Diane Sullivan

John Sullivan

Chris Svendsen

Callan Swaim

Dennis and Cynthia Swink

Gerald and Bonnie Switzer

Arlene Taliaferro

Jeff Tallia

Jennifer Evans and Jack Tankersley 1832

Ted and Margie Tarkow

Christopher Taylor

Ann and Patrick Taylor

Stephany Taylor

Ken and Brenda Tewel

Allison Thies

Barrett Thies

Liam Thies

Rowan Thies

Ryan Thies

Sophie Thies

Suzy Thies

Vivienne Thies

Eric Thompson

Heather and Cory Thrush

Melissa Tiedemann

Blake Toki

Linda Torbert

Mary and Roger Towell

Paul and Mary Kay Turner

Robert Tyler

Tammy and Larry Utterback

Emily Vail

Margaret Vandenheuvel

Anisha Vichare

Laura and Richard Vogler

Dina Waggoner

Rebecca Wagner

Kensie Waller

Josh Ward

Michele and Sam Ward

John Washburn and Amanda Fox

Rana Yared and Mark Weaver

Aaron Welch

Blake Welch

Madison Welch

Bea Wells

Ian Wells

Carolyn Wetzel

Elijah Wetzel

Emily Wetzel

Margaret Wetzel

Adrienne White

Kristy White

Jeanne Whitehead

Jessica Whyde

Jack Wickes

John Wilkinson

Cora Will

Aarik Williams

Abbie Williams

Ashley Winkley

Kelly Witte

Karen Wolf

Rich and Deborah Woods

Anna Woroch

Judge and Mrs. Wynne Wynne 1832

William Wynne 1832

Telesfore Wysocki

William Yackel *

Jenny Yarian-Scalpelli

Paisley Yemofio

Patrice Young

Suzanne and Barry Zadai

Patricia Zorger


Michael and Donna Abercrombie

Elias Abou Chedid

Ben and Rowena Abratigue

Susan and Brian Albrecht

Joe and Elizabeth Aldridge

Kurt and Catherine Alexander

Derek Allen Sr.

Amos and Lisa Allen

Michael and Anna Allen

Ronald and Mary Alson

Rudolph Altergott and Karen Heidkamp 1832

Martin Alvizo and Luz Velazquez

Douglas Amich and Susan Francoeur-Amich

Terry and Carolyn Anker

Joseph and Jenny Annee Jr. 1832

Pinelopi Antonopoulos

Jeff and Tina Arbuckle

Scott and Barbara Armstrong

John and Nicole Asbury

Craig Asher

Jeana Asher

Gregg and Char Bailey

Brian and Deidre Bailey

Joseph and Barbara Bailey

Pat Barnett

William and Karen Barrett

Ben and Wilma Bauman

William and Carolyn Beck

Scott and Beth Bell

Timothy and Jennifer Bender

Joseph Benitez Jr.

Gregg and Suzanne Bennett

Jeremy and Brandy Bennett

Roger and Jane Bennett 1832

John and Sara Bertram

Jeffrey and Lesley Bertrand

Marianne Biederman

Curtis and Barbara Binder

Jerome and Elaine Bischof

Bob and Sue Black Sr.

Sherri Blackburn

Charlie and Louisa Blaich

Helen Blessinger

Scott and Angela Blevins

Natalie Blondell

Kevin and Paula Boarman

Chris and Teri Bock

Bret and Catherine Bologna

Robert and Dale Borland

Paul and Sharon Bosler

John and Susan Bott Jr.

Angela Bowell

Cathy Bowerman

Joan Bowman

John and Margaret Brady

Elizabeth Bray

Matthew and Michele Brookman

Gordon and Angela Brooks

Aaron and Shannon Bryant

Russell and Mary Bryant

Garrett and Jeanette Buckley

Laura Budler

Herb and Suzanne Bunton Jr.

Larry and Bonnie Burdick

Jim Burgett *

Robert and Loretta Campbell

Jim Carper and Susie Walsh

Andrew and Jennifer Carson

James and Rabinder Castellano

Mark and Jean Caster

James and Sara Cavanaugh

Jugesh and Aman Cheema 1832

Betty Cleaver

David and Drusilla Clingman

Mary Ellen Coates 1832

Linda Colglazier

Jennifer Colson

Ben and Meg Comer

Jeremy Conaway and Marlene Bevan

Jason Cooper and Holly Copper

Lisa Copsey

Nolan and Kimberely Costin

Donald and Dolly Craft

Fred and Melanie Craigin

John and J'netta Crawford

Andrew and Tina Cron

Ignacio and Silvia Cuevas 1832

Jerry and Christina Daniken

Scott and Dawn Davidson

Stephen and Victoria Davis Jr.

Tony and Emily Davis

Jeri De Leon-Lara

Mike and Joyce Deiser

Thomas and Jacqueline Dermody

James and Danielle Despain

Joan Dessloch 1832

Lori Devaney

John and Jeannie DiLuia

Brian and Sarah Dilts

Norman and Susan Dittmann

Marc and Teresa Dixon

Matthew Donovan and Angela White

David and Kimberly Doster

Del and Leah Doughty Jr.

Anthony and Rachel Douglas Sr.

Brent Dove

James Doyle

Keith Drake

Scott and Sharon Drehs

Kevin and Lisa Driscoll

William and Monica Duffy

Trig and Susan Durnil

Michael and Stephanie Dusza

Libby Dyer

David and JoNell Eaton

Michael and Nancy Eder

Nadina Edwards

Thad and Jennifer Edwards

Stephen and Renee Egan

Cyril and Bonnie Egler

Karl and Sharleen Eichel

Darrel and Erma Eichhorn

Cora Einterz

Nizar El-Khalili and Suad Issa

Mark and Joan Ellis

Mohamed and Elizabeth Elrefai

Mark and Randee Elsing

Kent and Lucy Emery Jr.

Robert Esparza and Margarita Lozano-Esparza

Patricia Estell

Sheila Evans

Brian and Kathleen Fahey

Paul and Myra Farmer

John and Liane Fenimore

Robert and Leslie Fenwick

Michael and Kelley Ferguson

Chuck and Leslie Fernung

Michael and Collette Festa

John and Autumn Filbrun

Asa and Jodi Fish

Peter and Diane Fish

Douglas and Elizabeth Flack

Gary and Linda Fleming

Lisa Floyd

Katherine Forbes

Chris and Kim Freeman

Richard and Joellyn Freije

Mick and Deana Friedt

George and Nancy Frondorf

Barrett and Wendy Gady

Francis and Cheryl Gantner

Bill and Caress Garten

Patti Godinez

Tony and Marabeth Gonczarow

Ramon and Elia Gonzalez III

Dana and Laura Goodman

Aubrey and Julia Gouveia

Thomas and Patricia Grabill

David and Pamela Green

William and Susan Grennon

Nathan Gross and Stephanie Asiala

Louis and Mara Grujanac

Amanda Guinn

Troy and Rachel Guthrie

Philip and Julie Gutwein

Linda Hamilton

Robin Hammer

William and Barbara Hammer

Dick and Sherry Hamstra

Peter and Amy Handley

Shaune Harlow

Kirk and Jennifer Harpenau

Brian and Holli Harrington

Lloyd and Cristie Harry

Jeff and Sue Hartill

David and Sarah Hartkemeier 1832

Gregory and Mary Hartley

Dale and Kathe Hartnett 1832

Bruce and Lori Harvey

Bill and Betsy Harvey

Elizabeth Harwood

Peter and Linda Haslett

Louise Hayes

Patrick and Cassie Hayes

Doris Hayhurst

Daniel and Karen Healy

Fred Hecker 1832

Mike and Kelly Hegwood

Amy Heiser

Joseph and JoEllen Helmer

Jim and Teresa Hendrickson

David and Jacqueline Hiatt

Alberto F. Hidalgo, Jr. and Dann Hilton 1832

Porter and Kelly High

Doug and Megan Hill

Delbert Himsel Jr.

Edward and Catherine Hintz

Michael and Susan Hinz

David and Lori Hirsch

Larry and Lou Ann Hoagland

Damon and Peggy Hodges

David and Zaida Hodges

Daniel and Michelle Hogan 1832

Richard and Marlene Hogue Sr.

Phillip and Stephanie Holdman

John and Joanna Holland

Gregory and Lisa Hollingsworth

Brian and Dawn Holmer

Dana and Linda Homo

Steven and Angela Hood

Rich and Jenn Hopkins

Brian and Julie Hoppel

Sam and Jennie Horner

George and Paula Horvath

Joe and Sue Huggler

Jim and Renee Hummel

Henry Hunt and Patsy WebberHunt

Chad and Janet Inman

Alan and Cindy Jacks

Kent and Stacia Jahnke

William and Paula James

Dennis and Jenny Jamison

Janis and Anne Janelsins

Douglas and Susan Jansen

Michelle and Wade Janssen 1832

Keith B. Johns, II and Ellen Johns

Wayne and Tammy Johnson Jr.

Aaron Johnson and Nita Gerig

Allen and Lauren Johnson MXICC

Dale and Coburn Johnson

Daniel and Debborah Johnson

Betsy Johnson 1832

John and Susanne Johnson

Kevin and Sheila Johnson

Rob and Karen Johnson

Veronica Johnson

Chris and Tiffany Jones

Kathy Jones

Thomas and Svetlana Jones

John and Lori Juerling

Edward and Debra Kammrath

Uday and Kelly Kanetkar

John and Toni Kanzler

Kurt and Julie Karns

James and Deborah Kaur

James and Suzanne Kelleher 1832

Thomas and Christine Kennelly

Fred and Helen Kepler

Frank and Rhonda Kessler II

Nicholas and Kim Kile

Jill Kilian

Terrence and Tami King

Jean Kirby-Jenkins

Tyrone and Tyna Kirk

Dennis and Karen Klembara

Robert and Janet Koehler

Larry and Shelly Koelper

Bruce and Paula Kopp

Pauline Kovich

Thomas and Lori Kramer

James and Mary Kressin

David and Cynthia Kroger

Anna Krug

You-Yuh and Ming-Ming Kuo

Scott and Tracey Lakomek

Ward and Rebecca Lamon

Troy and Sadie Landrum

Joseph and Shona Lansdell II

Ronald and Melissa Leblanc

Christopher and Sheryl Lee

Kent and Nancy Lefever

Joe and Susan Leithauser

James and Maria Lenkey

David and Angela Leshore

Thomas and Sara Lillis 1832

Carl and Jane Littrell

Alan and Mom Litts

Jerry and Barbara Loomis

Clarence and Denise Lopp

Christopher and Wendi Louks

James and Cheryl Love Sr.

Lee Lucas

Paul and Linda Ludwig

Lucian and Peg Lupinski Sr.

Gerald and Lisa Maciejewski

Jonathan and Miranda Madison

Larry and Cynthia Madson Jr.

Art Maillet

David and Kate Makled 1832

Patrick and Laurie Maloney

Mark and Laura Maraman

Dennis and Judith Marcus

Connie Mark

Tim and Darlene Marlow

Jeff and Pamela Marr

Mary Marsh

Jonathan and Marci Martin

Kathleen Martin

Robert Martin *

Desmond and Amala Massillamany

Philip and Christy Mathis

Steven and Victoria Matney

Dale and Debbie Mayer

Amy McAbee

Michael and Karen McCarthy

Ann McClamroch

Patricia McCullough

Shawn and Elizabeth McDonald

Patrick and Cassandra McGill

Dennis and Becky McKinney

Steve and Diane McLaughlin

Larry and Wendy McMann II

David and Stephanie Meara

Ryan and Emily Melcher

Brad and Dae Melchi

Anthony Mendez

Kimberly Mendez

Ricardo Merced and Sandra Marrero

Jeff and Sharlynn Metheny

Mark Michaloski

David and Karen Michalski

David Miller 1832

Dina Miller

Jay and Kelly Miller

Bob and Jean Mohr II

Jack Monninger

Joan Monninger

Laura Monroe *

Gary and Paula Moore

Jeffrey and Melissa Moore

Raoul and Laurel Moore

Rosemary Moton

John and Carla Mueller

Steve and Liz Mueller 1832

Tom and Dana Mullen

Thomas and Joan Mulry

Nick and Marissa Mulvey

Troy Munn

Randall and Amy Murdock

Donald and Laura Musil

Frank and Nancy Myers

Jeffery and Lisa Myers

Stacey Nance

Michael and Beth Nardi

Ryan and Yvetta Naylor

Charles and Jean Nemeth

Jairam Nerukavil Variath and Praveena Warrier

Bonnie Nestor 1832

Sherry Neu

William Newkirk

William and Jackie Nickel 1832

Rich and Christine Novack

Michael and Willa Nuppnau

James and Ruth Olive

Dale and Kathleen Oliver

Scott and Lisa Olmstead

Timothy and Jonetta Orender

Honorio and Maria Ortega

Matt and Susan Osborn

Mark and Jennifer Page 1832

Robert and Sandra Page

Richard Paige and Lydia Bell

Kovas and Laima Palubinskas

Raymond and Jill Panozzo Jr.

Keith and Melissa Parsons

Jean Patterson

Coy Patton and Angela Sigman-Patton

Frank and Sheila Patton

Richard and Kathryn Paul

Jeffrey and Amber Payne

Robert Peck

Mike and Joy Penrose

Timothy and Victoria Perkins

Thomas and Deidre Pettinga Sr. 1832

William and Gladys Pfeifer

Paul and Judy Pfledderer

Jeff and Kelly Pine

Timothy and Jennifer Ping

Rodger and Debra Powell

Joshua and Susan Powers III

Bradley and Terry Prather

Jerry and Heather Price

John and Amy Price

Aus and Virginia Purvlicis

Harry and Donna Quandt

Barbara Quick

Ernest and Margaret Rapp

Michael and Margie Raters

Deborah Rawlings

Edreece and Erika Redmond Sr. 1832, MXICC

David and Lora Redweik

Shawn and Angela Reed

Joe Reese

Joseph and Kristy Reese

Barbara Regnault

John Reis and Kimberly Kirkland

Charles Remmers and Elizabeth Fritz-Remmers

Karl and Nancy Repay

Paul and Barbara Rettberg

Roy and Michelle Reynolds Jr.

Richard and Shannon Rezek

Drs. Rhodes Rhodes

Mike and Adrienne Riddle

David and Florence Riese Sr.

Aaron and Kim Ripple

Robert and Gwendolyn Risk

Paula Rivers

David and Holly Rodgers

Dan and Donna Roehm

Teggie Rogers

Robert and Margaret Roginski

David and Leah Rolfson

John and Michelle Rollins

Vasile Victor and Mihaela Rotaru

David and Marcia Routh

Corey and Karen Rowland

John and Stella Royal

William and Janice Rubino Jr. 1832

Jeffery Rudes

Suzanne Rudes *

Grant and Susan Russel 1832

Greg Rust

John and Laura Rutherford

Richard Ryan

Lenora Rychlak

Mike and Jane Sabens

Pam and Carl Sacco

Debi Sahlhoff

Paul and Bonnie Sargent

Jennifer Scheele

Keith and Kimberly Scheid

George and Betty Schermer

Daniel and Patty Schipp

Robert and Helen Schramm

Scott and Kathy Schreiber

Gregory and Tracy Schwier

Bradley and Monika Scott 1832

Pat See 1832

Robert Seidler

Mary Seig

Stephen and Karen Selby

Greg and Trudy Selvia

Linda Sessa

Jon Seward

Rebecca Shadwick and Steven Robbins, Jr.

Matthew Shelp and Julia Thielking-Shelp

Jeff and Martha Sheridan

Jamie Shillings

Thomas and Jennifer Shrack

Bill and Bonnie Shreve

Michael and Joellen Simmons

Marc and Tamara Skaggs

John and Marie Slaughter

Jane Small

Glenn and Paula Smith III

Ben and Pam Smith

David and Christine Smith

Donald and Lori Smith

Timothy and Leandra Smith

Urania Smith

Philip Smithka

Terry and Michele Snook

Gary and Lynne Sobleski

Anthony Solano and Linda Taylor-Solano

Stacy Sommer

Andrew and Brenda Soshnick 1832

Keith and Dawn Sowers

Don and Mary Spagnolo

Bryan and Catherine Sponsler

Anthony Stafford

James and Deborah K. Stafford

Joseph and Joan Stephens

Michael and Barb Stewart

Michael and Sharon Stiglitz

April Stillinger

Frank Stockton

Bill and Deidra Storey

James and Cheryl Strain

Julie Stroud

Alan and Chris Stuart

Kurt and Tammy Stucker

Emily Stuckey

Holly Stults-Haas

Mark and Susan Styers

Christopher Sullivan and Sarah Crossman-Sullivan 1832

Stephen and Lisa Sullivan

Kevin and Mary Summers

Julie Surface

Eric and Martha Sutherlin

Roland Swanson

Ellen Swift

Beth and James Swift

Darrell and Jami Talbert

Ray and Michelle Tarnow

Colin and Regina Taylor

David and Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Norris and Stacey Teeters Jr.

Timothy and Kimberly Terry

Ganesan Thambipillay and Sok Koong Ng

Patrick and Kimberly Thibodeau

Christopher Thomas and Kathleen Shafer

Richard Thomas and Amy Brauman

Matthew and Shannon Thompson

Joseph and Mary Ann Thorp

James and Lisa Timberman

Connie Timmons 1832

Steven and Julie Tomich

Mr. and Mrs. Tooley Tooley

Efrein and Tina Torres

Steven Townsend and Terrie Hooker

Susan Tragesser

Larry and Iris Trapp 1832

Barry and Polly Trotter

Stephen and Eleanor Troy

Wayne and Brenda Turpin

Barton Tyner Sr.

Sophie Ulana

Felix Valero-Useche and Marisol Davila de Valero

Joe and Constance Varga

Leo and Annette Vassilo

Chris and Jessica Vawter

Juan Pablo and Cecilia Venegas

John and Michelle Venezia

Eric and Andrea Vermeulen

William and Gayle Vick

Sokrates and Litsa Vinihakis

Nicholas and Dixe Vukas

Keith and Tamara Wade

Todd and Gina Wagenblast

John Wagner

Dr. and Mr. Sean Walden Walden

John and Denise Walker

Theresa Walker

Kevin and Clare Wallace

Kerry and Mary Beth Walsh

Randy and Mary Wannemuehler

Bryan and Jean Ward

Scott and Ofelia Warn

Michael and Jean Warren

John and Melissa Warriner

Jerry and Vicki Watson

Rodney and Cheryl Watson

Roger and Tammy Watters

Tina Way and Mathew McCoy

Robert and Mindy Weaver

David and Debbie Webb

Dale Webster

Michael and Kimberly Werking

Kevin and Jodi West

Brian and Angela White

Deric and Angela Wilkins

Marjorie Willadsen

Ann Williams

Stephanie Williams

Teresa Williams

Lawrence and Ann Willig

Debbie Wilson

Sharon Wilson

Michael and Kimberly Winter

Roy and Karla Wirtz

Michael and Angela Witham

Jane Witkowski

Dale Witte

Rick and Kathy Wohlhuter

Sherry Wood

Richard Wright

Kathleen Wunderlich and Robert A. Wunderlich, Jr. 1832

Philip and Wendy Wyatt

Donald and Sally Young

Jacqueline Young

Kevin and Dana Young

James and BeAnn Younker

Donald and Rachel Zelaya

Lorraine Zirkle

Marc and Colleen Zubeck

Robert and Stacey Zurek

Loyalty Society

The Wabash Always Loyalty Society honors alumni and friends who demonstrate leadership through their philanthropic loyalty, and recognizes members for consecutive years of giving to the College at 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 or more years.

Consistent giving is the foundation on which all philanthropy to Wabash is built. Strong participation sends a clear message to our students that those who came before them place a high value on the Wabash living and learning experience and are willing to invest in the College.  Alumni and friends who are generous and loyal in their annual support expand Wabash’s great philanthropic tradition.

1832 Society - Leadership and Philanthropy

The Wabash mission statement boldly proclaims that the College educates men “to think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanely.” Members of the 1832 Society demonstrate for students what it means to “lead effectively” when they generously contribute annual gifts of $1,000 or more.

At Wabash we call it philanthropic leadership, and we recognize those who give $1,000 or more each year as members of the 1832 Society. It is a small but important group that has a serious impact on the demanding learning environment that is the essence of the Wabash experience.

Ray Jovanovich '84
The 1832 Society
Glee Club members after a concert

The 1832 Society is serious Philanthropy
Tuition revenue only accounts for half of what it costs to educate a student. Every student benefits from a “silent” scholarship before receiving any merit- or need-based financial assistance. Leadership gifts allow Wabash to recruit talented, hard-working, and well-rounded students regardless of their financial circumstances.

Leadership gifts allow Wabash to attract and retain faculty who are passionate about their disciplines and committed to engaging teaching.

1832 Society gifts provide a rigorous teaching and learning environment balanced with an enriching student life experience. From weeklong immersion learning trips, and weekend athletic and artistic events, 1832 Society support ensures Wabash men have an unparalleled education.

The impact of 1832 Society gifts is substantial.  Consider this: every student would have to pay an additional $3,643 to match what Annual Fund gifts provide each year. Those who give $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund each year as members of the 1832 Society account for approximately 80% of the Annual Fund total each year.

Do you want to be a part of the most serious group of Wabash benefactors?
Membership in the 1832 Society begins with those who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more from personal contributions or a combination of personal and corporate matching gifts. Membership in the 1832 Society recognition levels are indicated here:

1832 Society Gift Recognition Levels

$25,000 and above      Edmund O. Hovey Circle

$10,000 - $24,999       Frank H. Sparks Circle

$5,000 - $9,999           Elihu W. Baldwin Circle

$2,500 - $4,999           Byron K. Trippet Circle

$1,000 - $2,499           Caleb Mills Circle

Young 1832 Society Recognition Levels

Graduates in the classes of 2010-2019 who give at the levels listed here are recognized as Young 1832 Society members for making more substantial gifts to the College in the years immediately following their graduation.

$250 or greater in years 1-3 out

$500 or greater in years 4-6 out

$750 or greater in years 7-10 out

Membership in the 1832 Society establishes an identity for gatherings, solicitations, and relationship building. All 1832 Society members receive recognition in the Honor Roll of Donors, invitations to special on- and off-campus 1832 Society events, and exclusive communications designed for 1832 Society members.

Corporate Matches and Your 1832 Society Gift
Membership in the 1832 Society begins with those who make an annual gift of $1,000 or more from personal contributions or a combination of personal and corporate matching gifts.

To find out if your company offers a matching gift program, visit If your company is listed, simply complete the materials from your human resources department and send them to Wabash.

1 25 Jay, Wendell Wendell Jay* 1919 * [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
2 2 Dyer, Carol Carol Dyer^ 1937 ^ Mrs. Carol Dyer [empty string] Carol
3 5 Scholz, Christine L. Christine Scholz^ 1940 ^ Mrs. Christine L. Scholz [empty string] Christine
4 2 Baysinger, Jabez A. Jay Baysinger 1944 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Jabez A. Baysinger [empty string] Jay and Alma
5 2 Gudbrandsen, Peggy A. Peggy Gudbrandsen^ 1946 ^ Mrs. Peggy A. Gudbrandsen [empty string] Peggy
6 15 Niccum, June June Niccum^ 1946 ^ Mrs. June Niccum [empty string] June
7 25 Christian, Robert T. Bob Christian 1948 [empty string] Mr. Robert T. Christian [empty string] Bob
8 15 Davisson, Mary Emily S. Mary Emily Davisson^ 1948 ^ Mrs. Edwin Davisson [empty string] Mary Emily
9 25 Haas, Peggy T. Peggy Haas^ 1948 ^ Mrs. Peggy T. Haas [empty string] Peggy
10 10 Risinger, Wayne H. Wayne Risinger 1948 [empty string] Dr. Wayne H. Risinger [empty string] Wayne
11 25 Cherry, Dicken D. Dick Cherry 1832 1949 1832 Mr. H. Dicken Cherry [empty string] Dick
12 25 Milligan, Dale Dale Milligan 1832 1949 1832 Mr. Dale Milligan [empty string] Dale
13 10 Clauser, Janice S. Janice Clauser^ 1950 ^ Mrs. Janice S. Clauser [empty string] Janice
14 20 Collings, Freda Freda Collings^ 1950 ^ Mrs. Freda Collings [empty string] Freda
15 20 Givens Jr., James M. Jim Givens, Jr. 1950 [empty string] Mr. James M. Givens, Jr. [empty string] Jim
16 2 Haerle, George S. George Haerle 1950 [empty string] Mr. George S. Haerle [empty string] George
17 2 Johnston, Norma Norma Johnston^ 1950 ^ Mrs. Norma Johnston [empty string] Norma
18 5 Lankton, Milton C. Milt Lankton 1832 1950 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Milton C. Lankton [empty string] Milt and Helena
19 2 Leffler, S. Douglas Douglas Leffler 1950 [empty string] Rev. & Mrs. S. Douglas Leffler [empty string] Douglas and Marilyn
20 2 Maxwell, Richard H. Dick Maxwell 1832 1950 1832 Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Maxwell [empty string] Dick and Jean
21 25 Peet, William E. Bill Peet 1950 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. William E. Peet [empty string] Bill and Carolyn
22 20 Risley, Robert L. Bob Risley 1832 1950 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Risley [empty string] Bob and Charlotte
23 10 Calacci, Benjamin J. Ben Calacci* 1951 * Mr. Benjamin J. Calacci [empty string] Ben
24 25 Dunbar Jr., Willard P. Bill Dunbar, Jr. 1951 [empty string] Mr. Willard P. Dunbar, Jr. [empty string] Bill
25 2 Ellis, Willis H. Bill Ellis 1832 1951 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Willis H. Ellis [empty string] Bill and Gwyn
26 5 Emery, John F. John Emery 1951 [empty string] Mr. John F. Emery [empty string] John
27 25 Halwes Jr., Elmer W. Elmer Halwes, Jr.* 1951 * Mr. Elmer W. Halwes, Jr. [empty string] Elmer
28 25 Jackson, Warren K. Warren Jackson 1951 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Warren K. Jackson [empty string] Warren and Paula
29 20 Jacobs, Stuart K. Stu Jacobs 1951 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Stuart K. Jacobs [empty string] Stu and June
30 5 Joel, Joan L. Joan Joel^ 1951 ^ Mrs. Joan L. Joel [empty string] Joan
31 25 Lewis, Ellwood W. Ellwood Lewis 1951 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Ellwood W. Lewis [empty string] Ellwood and Barbara
32 15 Regnier, Margaret A. Margaret Regnier^ 1951 ^ Mrs. Margaret A. Regnier [empty string] Margaret
33 5 Rogers, Nancy Nancy Rogers^ 1951 ^ Mrs. Nancy Rogers [empty string] Nancy
34 10 Smith, Joseph L. Joe Smith 1951 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lee Smith [empty string] Joe and Regina
35 25 Von Der Lehr, William N. Bill Von Der Lehr 1951 [empty string] Dr. William N. Von Der Lehr [empty string] Bill
36 20 Yoder, Carol Carol Yoder^ 1951 ^ Mrs. Carol Yoder [empty string] Carol
37 5 Buktenica, Norman A. Buck Buktenica 1952 [empty string] Dr. Norman A. Buktenica Dr. Jonne' Lerner Buck and Jonne'
38 20 Elkins Jr., Robert A. Bob Elkins, Jr. 1952 [empty string] Mr. Robert A. Elkins, Jr. [empty string] Bob
39 25 Fisher, Donald G. Don Fisher 1952 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Donald G. Fisher [empty string] Don and Jeanne
40 5 Hultsch, Roland A. Rolly Hultsch 1832 1952 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Roland A. Hultsch [empty string] Rolly and Margaret
41 5 Iuppenlatz, John C. John Iuppenlatz 1832 1952 1832 Mr. John C. Iuppenlatz [empty string] John
42 2 Mahrdt, Elizabeth C. Elizabeth Mahrdt^ 1952 ^ Mrs. Elizabeth C. Mahrdt [empty string] Elizabeth
43 2 McCaman, Richard E. Dick McCaman 1952 [empty string] Dr. Richard E. McCaman [empty string] Dick
44 25 McKinney, Irmingard Irmi McKinney^ 1952 ^ Mrs. Irmingard McKinney [empty string] Irmi
45 10 Mullin, Gail E. Gail Mullin 1952 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. G.E. Mullin [empty string] Gail and Sharon
46 25 Reinke, William J. Bill Reinke 1832 1952 1832 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Reinke [empty string] Bill and Liz
47 15 Smaltz II, Hugh M. Hugh Smaltz II* 1952 * Mr. Hugh M. Smaltz II [empty string] Hugh
48 2 Smaltz, Chalna Chalna Smaltz^ 1952 ^ Mrs. Chalna Smaltz [empty string] Chalna
49 2 Augspurger, Diane Diane Augspurger^ 1953 ^ Mrs. Diane Augspurger [empty string] Diane
50 2 Crume Jr., E. Charles Charles Crume, Jr. 1832 1953 1832 Dr. E. Charles Crume, Jr. [empty string] Charles
51 15 Drummond, Roger O. Roger Drummond 1832 1953 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Roger O. Drummond [empty string] Roger and Ellen
52 25 Engledow, Jack L. Jack Engledow 1832 1953 1832 Dr. Jack L. Engledow [empty string] Jack
53 25 Florsheim Sr., Thomas W. Tom Florsheim, Sr. 1832 1953 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Florsheim [empty string] Tom and Nancy
54 25 Hawvermale, Herbert E. Herb Hawvermale 1953 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Hawvermale [empty string] Herb and Rita
55 2 Hay, Robert E. Bob Hay 1953 [empty string] Dr. Robert E. Hay [empty string] Bob
56 25 Hilgediek, Calvin W. Calvin Hilgediek 1953 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Calvin W. Hilgediek [empty string] Calvin and Donna
57 5 Littell Jr., George H. George Littell, Jr. 1832 1953 1832 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Littell, Jr. [empty string] George and Lois
58 20 Moffett, Sandra Sandy Moffett^ 1953 ^ Mrs. Sandra Moffett [empty string] Sandy
59 25 Moffett, Warren C. Pete Moffett* 1953 * Mr. Warren C. Moffett [empty string] Pete
60 25 Ray, Judith T. Judith Ray^ 1953 ^ Mrs. Judith T. Ray [empty string] Judith
61 2 Smith, James R. Jim Smith 1953 [empty string] Mr. James R. Smith [empty string] Jim
62 2 Stolz, Alan J. Alan Stolz* 1953 * Mr. Alan J. Stolz [empty string] Alan
63 2 Stolz, Gail C. Gail Stolz^ 1953 ^ Mrs. Gail C. Stolz [empty string] Gail
64 2 Sunderland, Louis B. Louis Sunderland 1953 [empty string] Mr. Louis B. Sunderland [empty string] Louis
65 2 Williams, Jean M. Jean Williams^ 1953 ^ Mrs. Jean M. Williams [empty string] Jean
66 2 Woods, Robert N. Bob Woods 1832 1953 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Woods [empty string] Bob and Betty
67 25 Augsburger, Carol A. Carol Augsburger^ 1954 ^ Mrs. Carol A. Augsburger [empty string] Carol
68 25 Dittus, Bjorg B. Bjorg Dittus^ 1954 ^ Mrs. Bjorg B. Dittus [empty string] Bjorg
69 2 Elisha, Arlene Arlene Elisha^ 1954 ^ Mrs. Arlene Elisha [empty string] Arlene
70 2 Elisha, Walter Y. Walt Elisha* 1954 * Mr. Walter Y. Elisha [empty string] Walt
71 25 Glascock, William D. Bill Glascock 1954 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. William D. Glascock [empty string] Bill and Sandi
72 25 Hogshire III, James A. Jim Hogshire III 1954 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hogshire III [empty string] Jim and Bev
73 2 Howe, Warren M. Abe Howe 1954 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Warren M. Howe [empty string] Abe and Janet
74 2 Huntsman, Sylvia K. Sylvia Huntsman^ 1954 ^ Mrs. Sylvia K. Huntsman [empty string] Sylvia
75 2 Johnson, Robert E. Bob Johnson 1954 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Johnson [empty string] Bob and Helen
76 2 Pantzer, Anne R. Anne Pantzer^ 1954 ^ Mrs. Anne R. Pantzer [empty string] Anne
77 25 Proffitt Esq., John D. John Proffitt, Esq. 1832 1954 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Proffitt [empty string] John and Judy
78 20 Rose, Richard M. Richard Rose 1954 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Rose [empty string] Richard and Kay Lynn
79 10 Sadler, Richard F. Dick Sadler 1954 [empty string] Mr. Richard F.W. Sadler [empty string] Dick
80 25 Smith, Gretel Gretel Smith^ 1954 ^ Mrs. Gretel Smith [empty string] Gretel
81 25 Twomey, James P. Jim Twomey 1954 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James P. Twomey [empty string] Jim and Biuina
82 2 Zimont, Charles R. Chuck Zimont* 1954 * Dr. Charles R. Zimont [empty string] Chuck
83 2 Zimont, Joelen C. Joey Zimont^ 1954 ^ Mrs. Joelen C. Zimont [empty string] Joey
84 2 Ault, Lynn L. Lynn Ault 1832 1955 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Lynn L. Ault [empty string] Lynn and Linda
85 2 Bell, William R. Bill Bell 1955 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bell [empty string] Bill and Jacqueline
86 10 Foster, Sue Sue Foster^ 1955 ^ Mrs. Sue Foster [empty string] Sue
87 10 Hardy, Charles O. Charlie Hardy 1832 1955 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Hardy [empty string] Charlie and Nancy
88 25 Hays, Thomas A. Tom Hays 1832 1955 1832 Mr. Thomas A. Hays [empty string] Tom
89 10 Johnston III, Remington A. Rem Johnston III 1832 1955 1832 Mr. Remington A. Johnston III [empty string] Rem
90 15 Kellogg, Robert L. Bob Kellogg 1832 1955 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kellogg [empty string] Bob and Ellen
91 25 Knight, Mary Mary Knight^ 1955 ^ Mrs. Mary Knight [empty string] Mary
92 25 Kumler, P. R. Roger Kumler 1832 1955 1832 Mr. and Mrs. P. Roger Kumler [empty string] Roger and Peggy
93 2 Marx, F. L. Link Marx 1955 [empty string] Mr. F. Lincoln Marx [empty string] Link
94 25 Nall, J. D. David Nall 1955 [empty string] Mr. J. David Nall [empty string] David
95 25 Payne, Richard C. Dick Payne 1955 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Payne [empty string] Dick and Anita
96 25 Reinhardt, Charles F. Charlie Reinhardt 1955 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Charles Reinhardt [empty string] Charlie and Linda
97 10 Wagner, Clifford P. Cliff Wagner 1955 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Clifford P. Wagner [empty string] Cliff and Anne
98 2 Wilson Tulley, Judy Judy Wilson Tulley^ 1955 ^ Mrs. Judy Wilson Tulley [empty string] Judy
99 25 Dinwiddie, Donald H. Don Dinwiddie* 1956 * Rev. Donald H. Dinwiddie [empty string] Don
100 5 Dinwiddie, Frances M. Sparky Dinwiddie^ 1956 ^ Mrs. Frances M. Dinwiddie [empty string] Sparky
101 5 Ehrich, Robert R. Bob Ehrich 1832 1956 1832 Dr. Robert R. Ehrich [empty string] Bob
102 2 Ellis, Richard S. Dick Ellis 1956 [empty string] Drs. Richard and Maria Ellis [empty string] Drs. Ellis
103 2 Fenesy, Ralph G. Ralph Fenesy* 1956 * Mr. Ralph G. Fenesy [empty string] Ralph
104 25 Givens, David W. David Givens 1832 1956 1832 Mr. and Mrs. David W. Givens [empty string] David and Betty
105 2 Hollett, Thomas S. Tom Hollett 1832 1956 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Hollett [empty string] Tom and Clare
106 25 Kometani, Thomas Y. Tom Kometani 1832 1956 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kometani [empty string] Tom and Janet
107 25 Kreighbaum, William E. Bill Kreighbaum 1956 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. William Kreighbaum [empty string] Bill and Carolyn
108 25 Logue, William H. Bill Logue 1956 [empty string] Dr. William H. Logue [empty string] Bill
109 2 Matheny, Stanley H. Stan Matheny 1956 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Stanley H. Matheny [empty string] Stan and Nancy
110 25 Olds, Dan W. Dan Olds 1956 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Dan W. Olds [empty string] Dan and Betty
111 25 Pavlikowski, Albert A. Al Pavlikowski 1832 1956 1832 Mr. Albert A. Pavlikowski [empty string] Al
112 25 Rice, Morris H. Morris Rice 1956 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Morris H. Rice [empty string] Morris and Suzanne
113 10 Schwab, Robert H. Bob Schwab 1956 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Schwab [empty string] Bob and Martha
114 25 Slagle, Larry B. Larry Slagle 1956 [empty string] Mr. Larry B. Slagle [empty string] Larry
115 5 Takahashi, Masato Mike Takahashi 1956 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Masato Takahashi [empty string] Mike and Marcia
116 25 Webster, Robert A. Bob Webster 1956 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Webster [empty string] Bob and Suzanne
117 5 Bean, Ronald C. Ron Bean 1832 1957 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Bean [empty string] Ron and Bobbe
118 25 Brand, Moses I. Moe Brand 1832 1957 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Moses I. Brand [empty string] Moe and Jane
119 10 Chapman, Larry J. Larry Chapman 1957 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Chapman [empty string] Larry and Shirley
120 2 Goddard Jr., Charles H. Charley Goddard, Jr. 1957 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Goddard, Jr. [empty string] Charley and Susie
121 2 Greenbaun, Yvonne Yvonne Greenbaun^ 1957 ^ Mrs. Yvonne Greenbaun [empty string] Yvonne
122 25 Hobson, Robert L. Bob Hobson* 1957 * Mr. Robert L. Hobson [empty string] Bob
123 2 Kimmell, Kenneth W. Ken Kimmell 1957 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Kimmell [empty string] Ken and Judy
124 20 Krause, Joseph T. Joe Krause 1957 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Krause [empty string] Joe and Barbara
125 2 Lehman, Evan L. Evan Lehman 1957 [empty string] Dr. Evan L. Lehman [empty string] Evan
126 25 Macri, Paul A. Paul Macri 1957 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Macri [empty string] Paul and Pam
127 2 Olshewsky, Thomas M. Thom Olshewsky 1957 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Olshewsky [empty string] Thom and Janet
128 25 Orr, David S. Dave Orr 1832 1957 1832 Mr. and Mrs. David S. Orr [empty string] Dave and Nancy
129 5 Peterson, Richard A. Dick Peterson 1957 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Peterson [empty string] Dick and Diane
130 2 Robbins, Sterling G. Sterling Robbins 1957 [empty string] Dr. Sterling G. Robbins [empty string] Sterling
131 25 Rohm, Charles E. Chuck Rohm 1832 1957 1832 Mr. Charles E. Rohm [empty string] Chuck
132 5 Saettler Jr., Erhard G. Dutch Saettler, Jr. 1957 [empty string] Mr. Erhard G. Saettler, Jr. [empty string] Dutch
133 5 Schroeder, Bruce E. Bruce Schroeder 1957 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Schroeder [empty string] Bruce and Kathleen
134 2 Shaw, Paul M. Paul Shaw 1957 [empty string] Mr. Paul M. Shaw [empty string] Paul
135 2 Siefker, Donald L. Don Siefker 1957 [empty string] Mr. Donald L. Siefker [empty string] Don
136 5 Smith M.D., S. Clarke Clarke Smith, M.D. 1832 1957 1832 Dr. and Mrs. S. Clark Smith [empty string] Clarke and Kathy
137 20 Wampler, Fredrick D. Fred Wampler 1832 1957 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick D. Wampler [empty string] Fred and Lura
138 25 Yanko, John B. John Yanko 1832 1957 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Yanko [empty string] John and Jeananne
139 5 Armstrong, Norman E. Norm Armstrong 1958 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Norman E. Armstrong [empty string] Norm and Georgia
140 20 Badgero, George D. George Badgero 1958 [empty string] Mr. George D. Badgero [empty string] George
141 2 Baker, Fred L. Fred Baker 1958 [empty string] Dr. Fred L. Baker [empty string] Fred
142 25 Bottomley, Richard A. Dick Bottomley 1832 1958 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bottomley [empty string] Dick and Sue
143 25 Colson M.D., Gordon C. Gordon Colson, M.D. 1958 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Colson [empty string] Gordon and Peggy
144 10 Core, Maurice G. Mauri Core 1832 1958 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice G. Core [empty string] Mauri and Patricia
145 2 Costanza, Joseph E. Joe Costanza 1958 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Costanza [empty string] Joe and Aurelia
146 25 Crowder, Jean A. Jean Crowder^ 1958 ^ Mrs. Jean A. Crowder [empty string] Jean
147 10 Faller, Larry D. Larry Faller 1832 1958 1832 Dr. Larry D. Faller [empty string] Larry
148 25 Galliher, David A. Dave Galliher 1832 1958 1832 Mr. and Mrs. David A. Galliher [empty string] Dave and Nancy
149 25 Govan, James L. Jim Govan 1958 [empty string] Mr. James L. Govan [empty string] Jim
150 5 Hinshaw, Carole J. Carole Hinshaw^ 1958 ^ Mrs. Carole J. Hinshaw [empty string] Carole
151 2 Joyner, Thomas Thomas Joyner 1958 [empty string] Mr. Thomas Joyner [empty string] Thomas
152 2 Kipp, Jeanne Jeanne Kipp^ 1958 ^ Mrs. Jeanne Kipp [empty string] Jeanne
153 2 Krause, Philip C. Philip Krause 1832 1958 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Krause [empty string] Philip and Nancy
154 2 Phillips, David S. Dave Phillips 1958 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. David S. Phillips [empty string] Dave and Sally
155 25 Reetz, Thomas G. Tom Reetz 1832 1958 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Reetz [empty string] Tom and Phyllis
156 25 Selle, Donald S. Don Selle 1958 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Selle [empty string] Don and Joan
157 25 Servies, Max E. Max Servies 1958 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Max E. Servies [empty string] Max and Nancy
158 2 Shortz, Gerald K. Kent Shortz 1958 [empty string] Dr. Gerald K. Shortz [empty string] Kent
159 15 Stasch CPCU, Ronald W. Ron Stasch, CPCU 1958 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Stasch [empty string] Ron and Margo
160 2 Townsend, Bonnie Bonnie Townsend^ 1958 ^ Mrs. Bonnie Townsend [empty string] Bonnie
161 25 Webb Jr., Wilbur A. Wilbur Webb, Jr. 1958 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur A. Webb, Jr. [empty string] Wilbur and Kay
162 25 Weber, Richard P. Rick Weber 1958 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Weber [empty string] Rick and Nancy
163 25 Whitney, Frank M. Frank Whitney 1958 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Whitney [empty string] Frank and Barbara
164 25 Wilhelm III, John F. John Wilhelm III 1958 [empty string] Mr. John F. Wilhelm III [empty string] John
165 25 Wyatt, John L. Jack Wyatt 1832 1958 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Wyatt [empty string] Jack and Beverly
166 10 deLanglade, Ronald A. Ron deLanglade 1958 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Ronald deLanglade [empty string] Ron and Ann
167 25 Axel, Duane L. Duane Axel 1832 1959 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Duane L. Axel [empty string] Duane and Linda
168 5 Balio, Agatino T. Tino Balio 1959 [empty string] Mr. Agatino T. Balio [empty string] Tino
169 25 Billings Jr., Roger D. Roger Billings, Jr. 1832 1959 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Billings, Jr. [empty string] Roger and Debbie
170 10 Bittner, Robert D. Bob Bittner 1959 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Bittner [empty string] Bob and Diane
171 25 Black Jr., Thomas E. Tom Black, Jr. 1959 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Black, Jr. [empty string] Tom and Joanne
172 25 Calkins, June M. Judy Calkins^ 1959 ^ Mrs. June M. Calkins [empty string] Judy
173 20 Carlson, Burton L. Burt Carlson 1959 [empty string] Mr. Burton L. Carlson Ms. Andrea P. Wood Burt and Andrea
174 25 Charles Jr., Robert F. Bob Charles, Jr. 1832 1959 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Charles, Jr. [empty string] Bob and Judy
175 25 Collins, William E. Bill Collins 1959 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. William E. Collins [empty string] Bill and Darlene
176 2 Cummings, Michael G. Mike Cummings 1959 [empty string] Mr. Michael G. Cummings [empty string] Mike
177 25 Dowell, Anthony R. Tony Dowell 1832 1959 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Dowell [empty string] Tony and Betsy
178 5 Dyer, William H. Bill Dyer 1959 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William H. Dyer [empty string] Bill and Denise
179 25 Green, Craig A. Craig Green 1959 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Green [empty string] Craig and Diane
180 2 Haffner, Charles L. Charles Haffner 1959 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Haffner [empty string] Charles and Ann
181 25 Henthorn, C. R. Rex Henthorn 1832 1959 1832 Mr. and Mrs. C. Rex Henthorn [empty string] Rex and Sandy
182 10 Hill, Gloria J. Gloria Hill^ 1959 ^ Mrs. Gloria J. Hill [empty string] Gloria
183 25 Hollett III, John E. John Hollett III 1832 1959 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hollett III [empty string] John and Ginny
184 5 Holmes, James M. Jim Holmes 1832 1959 1832 Dr. James Holmes Dr. Patricia A. Hutton Jim and Patricia
185 10 Horner, John M. John Horner 1959 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John M. Horner [empty string] John and Jan
186 15 Inman, Walter E. Walt Inman 1832 1959 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Inman [empty string] Walt and Anna
187 5 Johnson, Christopher H. Chris Johnson 1959 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Johnson [empty string] Chris and Lois
188 15 Johnson, Gary O. Gary Johnson 1959 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Gary O. Johnson [empty string] Gary and Debra
189 20 Malott, Joseph M. Joe Malott 1959 [empty string] Mr. Joseph M. Malott [empty string] Joe
190 25 Miller, L. H. Hoyt Miller 1832 1959 1832 Dr. and Mrs. L. Hoyt Miller [empty string] Hoyt and Kathy
191 15 Nordlund, Barbara Barbara Nordlund^ 1959 ^ Mrs. Barbara Nordlund [empty string] Barbara
192 2 Plummer, Michael D. Mike Plummer 1959 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Plummer [empty string] Mike and Sara
193 15 Riedlsperger, Max E. Max Riedlsperger 1959 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Max E. Riedlsperger [empty string] Max and Deanna
194 25 Schmidt USA (Ret.), Ernest R. Ernie Schmidt, USA (Ret.) 1832 1959 1832 Col. & Mrs. Ernest R. Schmidt [empty string] Ernie and Launa
195 2 Shewmon, Joseph O. Joe Shewmon 1959 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Shewmon [empty string] Joe and Sachiko
196 25 Speer, James R. Jim Speer 1959 [empty string] Mr. James R. Speer [empty string] Jim
197 2 Sperry, Donald L. Don Sperry 1959 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Sperry [empty string] Don and Dottie
198 20 Stanton, James A. Jim Stanton 1832 1959 1832 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Stanton [empty string] Jim and Shirling
199 2 Stoner, Lloyd N. Lloyd Stoner MXICC 1959 MXICC Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd N. Stoner [empty string] Lloyd and Elizabeth
200 2 Therber, Lonnie M. Lonnie Therber 1959 [empty string] Mr. Lonnie M. Therber [empty string] Lonnie
201 25 Wedgeworth Jr., Robert Bob Wedgeworth, Jr. 1832, MXICC 1959 1832, MXICC Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wedgeworth, Jr. [empty string] Bob and C.K.
202 2 Williams, Robert E. Bob Williams 1959 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Williams [empty string] Bob and Mary
203 10 Ashman, Robert F. Bob Ashman 1960 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Ashman [empty string] Bob and Claire
204 20 Askerberg Jr., Albert E. Al Askerberg, Jr. 1960 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Askerberg, Jr. [empty string] Al and Ingrid
205 2 Bahr Jr., Wilbur C. Will Bahr, Jr. 1960 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur C. Bahr, Jr. [empty string] Will and Lu
206 25 Bell, J. F. Jay Bell 1832 1960 1832 Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Bell [empty string] Jay and Lucy
207 25 Bowman, Philip N. Philip Bowman 1960 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Bowman [empty string] Philip and Mary Lou
208 25 Bridgewater, Walter C. Walt Bridgewater 1960 [empty string] Mr. Walter C. Bridgewater [empty string] Walt
209 2 Buser, Bill J. Billy Buser 1832 1960 1832 Mr. Bill J. Buser [empty string] Billy
210 10 Curtis, M. D. M. Curtis 1832 1960 1832 Dr. and Mrs. M. D. Curtis [empty string] M. and Audrey
211 5 Dick, H. D. Darrell Dick 1960 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. H. Darrell Dick [empty string] Darrell and Marilyn
212 2 Hall, Warren K. Warren Hall 1960 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Warren K. Hall [empty string] Warren and Patricia
213 25 Hasler, H. Victor Vic Hasler 1832 1960 1832 Mr. H. Victor Hasler Mrs. Karen S. Cochran-Hasler Vic and Karen
214 25 Jackson, Carol Carol Jackson^ 1960 ^ Mrs. Carol Jackson [empty string] Carol
215 25 Johnson, John D. John Johnson 1832 1960 1832 Dr. and Mrs. John D. Johnson [empty string] John and Jane
216 5 LaBorde, Carol Carol LaBorde^ 1960 ^ Mrs. Carol LaBorde [empty string] Carol
217 5 Lahey, David J. Dave Lahey 1832 1960 1832 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Lahey [empty string] Dave and Ruth
218 5 Lamboley, Wesley R. Wes Lamboley 1960 [empty string] Mr. Wesley R. Lamboley [empty string] Wes
219 5 Millar, Dan P. Dan Millar 1960 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Dan P. Millar [empty string] Dan and Kay
220 20 Neal Jr., Robert R. Bob Neal, Jr. 1832 1960 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Neal, Jr. [empty string] Bob and Barbara
221 25 Price, James D. Jim Price 1832 1960 1832 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Price [empty string] Jim and Charlotte
222 20 Quillin, Charles R. Charlie Quillin 1832 1960 1832 Dr. Charles R. Quillin [empty string] Charlie
223 2 Rader, James E. Jim Rader 1960 [empty string] Mr. James E. Rader Ms. Margaret A. Pond Jim and Margaret
224 10 Robinson, Omar L. Omar Robinson 1832 1960 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Omar L. Robinson [empty string] Omar and Judi
225 25 Souders, Larry V. Larry Souders 1960 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Larry V. Souders [empty string] Larry and Jeanine
226 25 Thomas, Ralph B. Ralph Thomas 1960 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Thomas [empty string] Ralph and Janet
227 2 Van Horne, Grant M. Grant Van Horne 1960 [empty string] Mr. Grant M. Van Horne [empty string] Grant
228 25 Wiese Jr., Theodore O. Ted Wiese, Jr. 1832 1960 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore O. Wiese, Jr. [empty string] Ted and Sandra
229 25 Bachman, John B. J.B. Bachman 1961 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bachman [empty string] J.B. and Barbara
230 25 Barnette Jr., Joseph D. Joe Barnette, Jr. 1832 1961 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Barnette, Jr. [empty string] Joe and Charlene
231 25 Beesley, Norman L. Norm Beesley 1832 1961 1832 Cdr. & Mrs. Norman L. Beesley [empty string] Norm and Josephine
232 5 Bentley, Milton L. Milt Bentley 1961 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. Bentley [empty string] Milt and Heide
233 25 Birdzell, John R. John Birdzell 1832 1961 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Birdzell [empty string] John and JoAnn
234 15 Bock, Robert W. Bob Bock 1832 1961 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bock [empty string] Bob and Peggy
235 10 Bohlin, J. D. Dave Bohlin 1961 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. J. David Bohlin [empty string] Dave and Jeanne
236 25 Brooks Jr., Austin E. Aus Brooks, Jr. 1832 1961 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Austin E. Brooks, Jr. [empty string] Aus and Lucy
237 25 Burns, Douglas F. Doug Burns 1832 1961 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Burns [empty string] Doug and Pat
238 15 Conlon, Timothy J. Tim Conlon 1961 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Conlon [empty string] Tim and Mary
239 25 Cumming, Susan B. Susie Cumming^ 1961 ^ Mrs. Susan B. Cumming [empty string] Susie
240 5 Currier Sr., John D. John Currier, Sr. 1961 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John D. Currier [empty string] John and Janet
241 10 Dexter, Richard E. Rick Dexter 1961 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Dexter [empty string] Rick and Constance
242 2 Elliott, John T. Jack Elliott 1961 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. John T. Elliott [empty string] Jack and Jeanne
243 5 Engler, Donald L. Don Engler 1961 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Engler [empty string] Don and Janet
244 15 Faller, William Bill Faller 1961 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. William Faller [empty string] Bill and Adelheid
245 20 Gakstatter, Jack H. Jack Gakstatter 1961 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Jack H. Gakstatter [empty string] Jack and Susanne
246 10 Hapner, Kenneth D. Ken Hapner 1832 1961 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Hapner [empty string] Ken and Sharon
247 10 Herman M.D., Stephen J. Steve Herman, M.D. 1832 1961 1832 Stephen J. Herman, M.D. [empty string] Steve
248 25 Hildebrand, Samuel H. Sam Hildebrand 1961 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hildebrand [empty string] Sam and Susie
249 2 Hughes Jr., Michael P. Mike Hughes, Jr. 1961 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. Hughes, Jr. [empty string] Mike and Rosie
250 25 Jones, Robert B. Bob Jones 1961 [empty string] Dr. Robert B. Jones [empty string] Bob
251 20 Kiley, Joseph P. Joe Kiley 1832 1961 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Kiley [empty string] Joe and Ann
252 25 LeDonne, Vincent V. Vince LeDonne 1832 1961 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent V. LeDonne [empty string] Vince and Nancy
253 2 Lippard III, Walter K. Walt Lippard III 1961 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Walter K. Lippard III [empty string] Walt and Diane
254 2 McElroy M.D., Robert J. Bob McElroy, M.D. 1961 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. McElroy [empty string] Bob and Jane
255 25 McMichael, James D. Jim McMichael 1961 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. James D. McMichael [empty string] Jim and Patricia
256 20 Miller, Stanley W. Stan Miller 1832 1961 1832 Mr. Stanley W. Miller [empty string] Stan
257 15 Moore, Jay F. Jay Moore 1961 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Jay F. Moore [empty string] Jay and Nancy
258 15 Nichols, James R. Jim Nichols 1961 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James R. Nichols [empty string] Jim and Janis
259 2 Oehler, Robert C. Curt Oehler 1961 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Oehler [empty string] Curt and Marilyn
260 15 Olexia, Paul D. Paul Olexia 1961 [empty string] Drs. Paul and Sally Olexia [empty string] Drs. Olexia
261 25 Pippen, Peter J. Pete Pippen 1832 1961 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Pippen [empty string] Pete and Janie
262 5 Reinhart, Ronald W. Ron Reinhart 1961 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Reinhart [empty string] Ron and Jane
263 25 Ruebeck, Beverly D. Bev Ruebeck^ 1961 ^ Mrs. Beverly D. Ruebeck [empty string] Bev
264 5 Sanders, William M. Bill Sanders 1961 [empty string] Mr. William M. Sanders [empty string] Bill
265 25 Sheridan, Sue Sue Sheridan^ 1961 ^ Mrs. Sue Sheridan [empty string] Sue
266 2 Sommer, Harold M. Hal Sommer 1961 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Harold M. Sommer [empty string] Hal and Sara
267 2 Spilman, Robert M. Bob Spilman 1961 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Spilman [empty string] Bob and Anne
268 2 Talbot, Earl A. Earl Talbot 1961 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Earl Talbot [empty string] Earl and Lydia
269 25 Todd, Ted R. Ted Todd 1961 [empty string] Hon. and Mrs. Ted R. Todd [empty string] Judge and Mrs. Todd
270 25 Voigt, Robert G. Bob Voigt 1832 1961 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Voigt [empty string] Bob and Susan
271 2 Weddle, Donald R. Don Weddle 1961 [empty string] Mr. Donald R. Weddle [empty string] Don and Vicky
272 2 Wood, Janice Jan Wood^ 1961 ^ Mrs. Janice Wood [empty string] Jan
273 25 Ball, G. M. Mike Ball 1832 1962 1832 Dr. and Mrs. G. Michael Ball [empty string] Mike and Lois
274 10 Blackburn, W. E. Gene Blackburn 1962 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. W. Eugene Blackburn [empty string] Gene and Alice
275 25 Brink, David R. David Brink 1832 1962 1832 Mr. and Mrs. David R. Brink [empty string] David and Ellen
276 25 Downen, David E. David Downen 1832 1962 1832 Mr. David E. Downen Ms. Kathryn Kniffen David and Kate
277 15 Drayer, Stephen P. Steve Drayer 1962 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Drayer [empty string] Steve and Barbara
278 25 Emmick, Thomas L. Tom Emmick 1832 1962 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Emmick [empty string] Tom and Donna
279 25 Emmitt, Tim J. Tim Emmitt 1832 1962 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Tim J. Emmitt [empty string] Tim and Marcia
280 20 Feit, Thomas V. Thom Feit 1962 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Feit [empty string] Thom and Barbara
281 25 Fewell, Terry G. Terry Fewell 1962 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Terry G. Fewell [empty string] Terry and Johanna
282 10 Fry, Brian R. Brian Fry 1962 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Brian R. Fry [empty string] Brian and Lois-Rae
283 10 Fuller, H. R. Bob Fuller 1962 [empty string] Mr. H. Robert Fuller [empty string] Bob
284 20 Gaisser, Thomas K. Tom Gaisser 1962 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Gaisser [empty string] Tom and Julia
285 5 Gillespie, David R. Dave Gillespie 1962 [empty string] Mr. David R. Gillespie [empty string] Dave
286 25 Haney, W. P. Pat Haney 1832 1962 1832 Dr. and Mrs. W. Patrick Haney [empty string] Pat and Penny
287 25 Johnson, James P. Jim Johnson 1962 [empty string] Rev. and Mrs. James P. Johnson [empty string] Jim and Nancy
288 5 Kerner M.D., Donald J. Don Kerner, M.D. 1832 1962 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Donald K. Kerner [empty string] Don and Shirley
289 15 Lauritzen, Thomas P. Tom Lauritzen 1962 [empty string] Mr. Thomas P. Lauritzen [empty string] Tom and Donna
290 15 Lentz, Jacob B. Brad Lentz 1962 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. J. Brad Lentz [empty string] Brad and Susan
291 2 Lentz, R. D. Dale Lentz 1962 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. R. Dale Lentz [empty string] Dale and Phyd
292 25 Little, James W. Jim Little 1962 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James W. Little [empty string] Jim and Susan
293 15 McNeely, J. L. Lee McNeely 1832 1962 1832 Mr. and Mrs. J. Lee McNeely [empty string] Lee and Rose
294 25 Mendenhall, Mary Mary Mendenhall^ 1962 ^ Mrs. Mary Mendenhall [empty string] Mary
295 15 Monroe, Bruce M. Bruce Monroe 1962 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Monroe [empty string] Bruce and Elizabeth
296 5 Nigh, William E. Bill Nigh 1962 [empty string] Mr. William E. Nigh [empty string] Bill
297 10 Nutting, John F. Jack Nutting 1962 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John F. Nutting [empty string] Jack and Linda
298 15 Racey, William R. Bill Racey 1832 1962 1832 Mr. William R. Racey [empty string] Bill
299 25 Reams, Thomas C. Tom Reams 1832 1962 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Reams [empty string] Tom and Carol
300 15 Robinson, Jerry A. Robbie Robinson 1962 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Robinson [empty string] Robbie and Sharon
301 10 Schneider, David J. David Schneider 1962 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. David J. Schneider [empty string] David and Doris
302 5 Staples, John W. John Staples 1832 1962 1832 Dr. John W. Staples [empty string] John
303 20 Stephenson, Richard J. Dick Stephenson 1832 1962 1832 Mr. and Dr. Richard J. Stephenson [empty string] Dick and Stacie
304 25 Sutton, Brent K. Brent Sutton 1962 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Brent K. Sutton [empty string] Brent and Nancy
305 20 Templin, Charles R. Bob Templin 1962 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Templin [empty string] Bob and Gloria
306 25 Thompson, William F. Bill Thompson 1832 1962 1832 Mr. William F. Thompson [empty string] Bill
307 25 Whowell, Thomas W. Tom Whowell 1832 1962 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Whowell [empty string] Tom and Geri
308 10 Young Ph.D., Malcolm B. Mal Young, Ph.D. 1962 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm B. Young [empty string] Mal and Ann
309 20 Zieke, Theodore H. Ted Zieke 1962 [empty string] Mr. Theodore H. Zieke [empty string] Ted
310 25 Alig, Roger C. Roger Alig 1963 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Roger C. Alig [empty string] Roger and Marcia
311 25 Amsler, Rolf R. Rolf Amsler 1963 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Rolf R. Amsler [empty string] Rolf and Harriet
312 25 Billings, Thomas R. Tom Billings 1963 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Billings [empty string] Tom and Nancy
313 2 Boyd Jr., Warren A. Mike Boyd, Jr. 1963 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Boyd, Jr. [empty string] Mike and Elizabeth
314 25 Brattain, George A. George Brattain 1832 1963 1832 Mr. & Mrs. George A. Brattain [empty string] George and Susan
315 5 Brown, Harrison R. Richard Brown 1963 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Harrison R. Brown [empty string] Richard and Betty
316 5 Cassell, Frank A. Frank Cassell 1963 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Cassell [empty string] Frank and Elizabeth
317 25 Coons, Stephen M. Steve Coons 1963 [empty string] Mr. Stephen M. Coons Mr. John Grudzien Steve and John
318 25 Crofts, Daniel W. Dan Crofts 1963 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Crofts [empty string] Dan and Elizabeth
319 2 Doyel, John K. John Doyel 1963 [empty string] Mr. John K. Doyel Mrs. Carolyn Doyel John and Carolyn
320 10 Ferguson, Stephen L. Steve Ferguson 1832 1963 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Ferguson [empty string] Steve and Connie
321 20 Ford, Warren T. Warren Ford 1832 1963 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Warren T. Ford [empty string] Warren and Sharon
322 20 Gibbs, John W. John Gibbs 1963 [empty string] Mr. John W. Gibbs [empty string] John
323 2 Hatfield, Susan Susan Hatfield^ 1963 ^ Mrs. Susan Hatfield [empty string] Susan
324 20 Hedges, Peter J. Pete Hedges 1963 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Hedges [empty string] Pete and Mary
325 20 Hockensmith, David A. Dave Hockensmith 1963 [empty string] Rev. & Mrs. David Hockensmith [empty string] Dave and Stephanie
326 25 Hutchison, Larry K. Larry Hutchison 1832 1963 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Larry K. Hutchison [empty string] Larry and Annette
327 5 Jay, Stephen J. Steve Jay 1832 1963 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Jay [empty string] Steve and Anne
328 25 Johnson, David O. Dave Johnson 1963 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. David O. Johnson [empty string] Dave and Jackie
329 20 Johnson, Leonard R. Rusty Johnson 1832 1963 1832 Drs. Leonard & Dianna Johnson [empty string] Rusty and Dianna
330 10 Klug, W. S. Steve Klug 1963 [empty string] Dr. W. Stephen Klug Ms. Kathleen Johannessen Steve and Kathleen
331 25 Kruse Jr., Robert J. Bob Kruse, Jr. 1963 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kruse, Jr. [empty string] Bob and Katherine
332 5 LaBounty, John H. John LaBounty 1963 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John H. LaBounty [empty string] John and Marcia
333 2 Locey, Michael D. Mike Locey 1963 [empty string] Dr. Michael D. Locey [empty string] Mike
334 10 Lowery, William R. Bill Lowery 1832 1963 1832 Dr. and Mrs. William R. Lowery [empty string] Bill and Liz
335 25 McCully, Thomas R. Tom McCully 1832 1963 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McCully [empty string] Tom and Susan
336 20 McGimpsey, Earl R. Earl McGimpsey 1963 [empty string] Hon. and Mrs. Earl McGimpsey [empty string] Judge and Mrs. McGimpsey
337 10 Miller, Mark F. Mark Miller 1832 1963 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Mark F. Miller [empty string] Mark and Rosemary
338 25 Milligan, Thomas K. Tom Milligan 1832 1963 1832 Hon. and Mrs. Thomas Milligan [empty string] Judge and Mrs. Milligan
339 20 Nichols, Russell L. Rusty Nichols 1832 1963 1832 Dr. & Mrs. Russell L. Nichols [empty string] Rusty and Pat
340 25 Ouellette, Robert G. Robert Ouellette 1963 [empty string] Mr. Robert G. Ouellette Ms. Joanie Ritter Robert and Joanie
341 2 Sonnemaker, James F. Jim Sonnemaker 1963 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. James F. Sonnemaker [empty string] Jim and Sherran
342 25 Stanford, Alan C. Alan Stanford 1832 1963 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Stanford [empty string] Alan and Betty
343 25 Steele, Timothy D. Tim Steele 1963 [empty string] Dr. Timothy D. Steele [empty string] Tim
344 5 Toll Jr., T. Peter Peter Toll, Jr. 1963 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. T. Peter Toll, Jr. [empty string] Peter and Emily
345 25 Verachtert, Thomas A. Tom Verachtert 1963 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Verachtert [empty string] Tom and Marilyn
346 15 Warfel, Linden A. Lin Warfel 1963 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Linden A. Warfel [empty string] Lin and Kay
347 25 White Jr., William P. Bill White, Jr. 1963 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William P. White, Jr. [empty string] Bill and Carolyn
348 5 Adams, Robert W. Bob Adams 1964 [empty string] Mr. Robert W. Adams [empty string] Bob
349 2 Alessi, Paul T. Paul Alessi 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Alessi [empty string] Paul and Susanne
350 2 Alfrey III, Harry D. Harry Alfrey III 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Alfrey III [empty string] Harry and Roberta
351 2 Allen, J. R. Richard Allen 1964 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Allen [empty string] Richard and Sheila
352 25 Augspurger, William D. Bill Augspurger 1832 1964 1832 Mr. William D. Augspurger [empty string] Bill
353 10 Birch, Christopher E. Chris Birch 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Birch [empty string] Chris and Marcia
354 15 Bubelis, Walter F. Walt Bubelis 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Bubelis [empty string] Walt and Dona
355 5 Bubenzer, Bruce Bruce Bubenzer 1832 1964 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bubenzer [empty string] Bruce and Marilyn
356 25 Burgess, Dudley A. Dudley Burgess 1832 1964 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Dudley A. Burgess [empty string] Dudley and Judy
357 2 Buzard, A. V. Vince Buzard 1964 [empty string] Mr. A. Vincent Buzard Mrs. Ann Burr Vince and Ann
358 10 Camblin, Mark L. Mark Camblin 1964 [empty string] Dr. Mark L. Camblin [empty string] Mark
359 2 Campaigne, David A. Dave Campaigne 1964 [empty string] Dr. David A. Campaigne [empty string] Dave
360 5 Childress, James J. Jim Childress 1964 [empty string] Dr. James J. Childress Ms. Qin Zhou Jim and Qin
361 15 Collier, Daniel M. Dan Collier 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Collier [empty string] Dan and Ginger
362 2 Dean, David M. David Dean 1964 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. David M. Dean [empty string] David and Polly
363 2 Durham III, James R. Dick Durham III 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Durham III [empty string] Dick and Betsy
364 25 Fox Jr., John N. John Fox, Jr. 1832 1964 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John N. Fox, Jr. [empty string] John and Kathy
365 25 Gibbs, Dennis L. Dennis Gibbs 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lee Gibbs [empty string] Dennis and Sissy
366 2 Gross, A. C. Chris Gross* 1964 * Mr. A. Christopher Gross [empty string] Chris
367 2 Hadley, Terry P. Terry Hadley 1964 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Terry P. Hadley [empty string] Terry and Judy
368 15 Hanlin, Todd C. Todd Hanlin 1832 1964 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Todd C. Hanlin [empty string] Todd and Marla
369 25 Harris III, William F. Frank Harris III 1832 1964 1832 Dr. and Mrs. William F. Harris III [empty string] Frank and Marilyn
370 20 Herkner, David W. David Herkner 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hernker [empty string] David and Carla
371 2 Kline, John R. John Kline 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kline [empty string] John and Hiroko
372 2 Kraft, Frederic B. Fred Kraft 1832 1964 1832 Dr. Frederic B. Kraft Dr. Gayle Davis Fred and Gayle
373 5 Kukral, Dean K. Dean Kukral 1964 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Dean K. Kukral [empty string] Dean and Betty
374 20 Langenfeld, J. M. Mike Langenfeld 1964 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Langenfeld [empty string] Mike and Paula
375 2 Lindeman Jr., Clifford L. Skip Lindeman, Jr. 1964 [empty string] Rev. and Mrs. Clifford L. Lindeman, Jr. [empty string] Skip and Harlane
376 2 Lindstrom, Robert B. Bob Lindstrom 1964 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Lindstrom [empty string] Bob and Joyce
377 5 Litterst, David M. David Litterst 1964 [empty string] Mr. David M. Litterst [empty string] David
378 20 Livengood, C. D. Dave Livengood 1832 1964 1832 Drs. David & Joanna Livengood [empty string] Drs. Livengood
379 2 Marshall, Maurice L. Mauri Marshall 1964 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Maurice L. Marshall [empty string] Mauri and Maureen
380 2 McCabe, James E. Jim McCabe 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James E. McCabe [empty string] Jim and Cindy
381 20 Merrill, L. K. Kent Merrill 1832 1964 1832 Dr. and Mrs. L. Kent Merrill [empty string] Kent and Midge
382 5 Merry, Elizabeth B. Beth Merry^ 1964 ^ Mrs. Elizabeth B. Merry [empty string] Beth
383 15 Miller Jr., Harold E. Hal Miller, Jr. 1832 1964 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Miller, Jr. [empty string] Hal and Susan
384 15 Miller, Philip G. Philip Miller 1832 1964 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Miller [empty string] Philip and Holly
385 20 Miller, Stephen G. Steve Miller 1832 1964 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Miller [empty string] Steve and Effie
386 5 Millican II, James T. Jim Millican II 1832 1964 1832 Mr. and Mrs. James T. Millican II [empty string] Jim and Marianne
387 5 Mitchell, Robert T. Bob Mitchell 1832 1964 1832 Mr. Robert T. Mitchell [empty string] Bob
388 2 Montgomery, Samuel L. Sam Montgomery 1964 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Montgomery [empty string] Sam and Mia
389 25 Morris, James A. Jim Morris 1964 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. James A. Morris [empty string] Jim and Sharon
390 25 Nichols, Ronald R. Ron Nichols 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Nichols [empty string] Ron and Connie
391 2 Nizamoff, Nicholas C. Nick Nizamoff 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Nizamoff [empty string] Nick and Darlene
392 2 Parker, William S. Bill Parker 1964 [empty string] Dr. William S. Parker [empty string] Bill
393 5 Petering, David H. Dave Petering 1964 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. David H. Petering [empty string] Dave and Louise
394 25 Robbins III, William H. Bill Robbins III 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William H. Robbins III [empty string] Bill and Sally
395 2 Robertson Jr., William C. Bill Robertson, Jr. 1832 1964 1832 Dr. and Mrs. William C. Robertson, Jr. [empty string] Bill and Jana
396 25 Roeder, Robert G. Bob Roeder 1964 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Roeder [empty string] Bob and Cun Jing
397 15 Scott III, Troy W. Troy Scott III 1832 1964 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Troy W. Scott III [empty string] Troy and Susan
398 15 Scott, David A. David Scott 1964 [empty string] Mr. David A. Scott [empty string] David
399 10 Sehr Jr., Robert J. Bob Sehr, Jr. 1832 1964 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sehr, Jr. [empty string] Bob and Laura
400 2 Shearer Jr., Kenneth W. Ken Shearer, Jr. 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Shearer, Jr. [empty string] Ken and Cheryl
401 25 Sinnock, Kendrick J. Tad Sinnock 1964 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Kendrick J. Sinnock [empty string] Tad and Rosie
402 2 Steuber, A. F. Fred Steuber 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. A. Fred Steuber [empty string] Fred and Betty
403 10 Tuberty, Michael J. Mike Tuberty 1964 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Tuberty [empty string] Mike and Judith
404 2 Tweedle, John F. John Tweedle 1964 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John F. Tweedle [empty string] John and Claudia
405 2 Watkins, William D. Dave Watkins 1964 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. William D. Watkins [empty string] Dave and Sue
406 25 Yoder III, Albert C. Al Yoder III 1964 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Albert C. Yoder III [empty string] Al and Sharon
407 15 Adams, R. Morris Morrie Adams 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. R. Morris Adams [empty string] Morrie and Nancy
408 10 Alfrey, Carl G. Carl Alfrey 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Alfrey [empty string] Carl and Judie
409 25 Anderson, Allan J. Allan Anderson 1832 1965 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Allan J. Anderson [empty string] Allan and Jane
410 5 Batchelder, Frances L. Lori Batchelder^ 1965 ^ Mrs. Frances L. Batchelder [empty string] Lori
411 2 Berg, S. W. Bill Berg 1965 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. S. William Berg [empty string] Bill and Donna
412 5 Blackburn, Logan S. Logan Blackburn 1965 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Logan S. Blackburn [empty string] Logan and Phebe
413 20 Blount, Lawrence C. Larry Blount 1832 1965 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence C. Blount [empty string] Larry and Susan
414 15 Buntin, Presley T. P.T. Buntin 1832 1965 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Presley T. Buntin [empty string] P.T. and Mickey
415 5 Butler, Neal R. Neal Butler 1832 1965 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Neal R. Butler [empty string] Neal and Jean
416 25 Carroll, James A. Jim Carroll 1965 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. James A. Carroll [empty string] Jim and Anne
417 25 Colehower, Roger T. Roger Colehower 1832 1965 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Roger T. Colehower [empty string] Roger and Patricia
418 10 Cory, Ralph N. Ralph Cory 1965 [empty string] Mr. Ralph N. Cory [empty string] Ralph
419 5 Craske Jr., Alfred G. Skip Craske, Jr. 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Craske, Jr. [empty string] Skip and Gale
420 5 Daikoku, Norman H. Norm Daikoku 1832 1965 1832 Dr. Norman H. Daikoku [empty string] Norm
421 5 Dall, Michael Mike Dall 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dall [empty string] Mike and Betty
422 5 Duran, John A. John Duran 1832 1965 1832 Mr. John A. Duran [empty string] John
423 2 Gilman, William W. Bill Gilman 1832 1965 1832 Mr. and Mrs. William W. Gilman [empty string] Bill and Lynn
424 25 Glover, Richard C. Dick Glover 1965 [empty string] Mr. Richard C. Glover [empty string] Dick
425 2 Halstead, Frederick A. Fred Halstead 1965 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Halstead [empty string] Fred and Donna
426 2 Henze, Ronald A. Ron Henze 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Henze [empty string] Ron and Sandra
427 2 Hoffmann, Joseph F. Joe Hoffmann 1965 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Hoffmann [empty string] Joe and Joan
428 25 Hughes, Richard D. Dick Hughes 1832 1965 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hughes [empty string] Dick and Shannie
429 2 Kemper, Byron W. Byron Kemper 1965 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Byron W. Kemper [empty string] Byron and Jougsook
430 20 Kovalcheck Jr., Kassian A. Kass Kovalcheck, Jr. 1832 1965 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Kassian A. Kovalcheck, Jr. [empty string] Kass and Patricia
431 2 Linnenberg, John W. John Linnenberg 1965 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. John W. Linnenberg [empty string] John and Linda
432 25 MacCallum, Robert A. Bob MacCallum 1832 1965 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. MacCallum [empty string] Bob and Alice
433 10 Martin III, Robert F. Bob Martin III 1832 1965 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Martin III [empty string] Bob and Jody
434 20 Matthews CPM, G. T. Trippe Matthews, CPM 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. G. Trippe Matthews [empty string] Trippe and Linda
435 15 McCarthy III, James L. Jim McCarthy III 1832 1965 1832 Mr. James L. McCarthy III [empty string] Jim
436 10 Metzler, Malcolm M. Mickey Metzler 1832 1965 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm M. Metzler [empty string] Mickey and Ann
437 20 Michna USN (Ret.), K. R. Ralph Michna, USN (Ret.) 1965 [empty string] Cdr. and Mrs. K. Ralph Michna [empty string] Ralph and Virginia
438 2 Millikan Jr., William J. Bill Millikan, Jr. 1965 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. William J. Millikan, Jr. [empty string] Bill and Phyllis
439 25 Moore, E. K. Kent Moore 1832 1965 1832 Mr. and Mrs. E. Kent Moore [empty string] Kent and Linda
440 5 Nicol, Harold L. Harry Nicol 1965 [empty string] Rev. and Mrs. Harold L. Nicol [empty string] Harry and Lois
441 20 Niemann, W. L. Larry Niemann 1832 1965 1832 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Niemann [empty string] Larry and Kris
442 15 O'Connor, Penelope J. Penny O'Connor^ 1965 ^ Ms. Penelope J. O'Connor [empty string] Penny
443 25 Pactor, Peter A. Peter Pactor 1965 [empty string] Mr. Peter A. Pactor [empty string] Peter
444 2 Parker, N. J. Jim Parker 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. N. James Parker [empty string] Jim and Barbara
445 20 Patterson Jr., James M. Jay Patterson, Jr. 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James M. Patterson, Jr. [empty string] Jay and Ellen
446 25 Polk, Richard A. Rich Polk 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Polk [empty string] Rich and Deborah
447 2 Probert, Charles S. Charlie Probert 1965 [empty string] Mr. Charles S. Probert [empty string] Charlie
448 5 Queener, Stephen W. Steve Queener 1965 [empty string] Dr. Stephen W. Queener Dr. Sherry F. Queener Drs. Queener
449 15 Ross, James F. Rick Ross 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James F. Ross [empty string] Rick and Mary Ann
450 25 Ruthenburg, John C. Pete Ruthenburg 1832 1965 1832 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ruthenburg [empty string] Pete and Mary
451 2 Schick, Donald M. Don Schick 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Schick [empty string] Don and Helen
452 10 Schnackenberg, F. Richard Rick Schnackenberg 1965 [empty string] Dr. F. Richard Schnackenberg Mr. John Landau Rick and John
453 2 Stoner, LeRoy L. LeRoy Stoner 1965 [empty string] Mr. LeRoy L. Stoner [empty string] LeRoy
454 2 Taylor, Bernard G. Bernie Taylor 1965 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Bernard G. Taylor [empty string] Bernie and Mary
455 2 Tynan, Michael J. Mike Tynan 1832 1965 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Tynan [empty string] Mike and Nancy
456 20 Van Deest, William H. Bill Van Deest 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William H. Van Deest [empty string] Bill and Diane
457 10 Weeks M.D., Michael B. Mike Weeks, M.D. 1965 [empty string] Michael B. Weeks, M.D. [empty string] Mike
458 25 White, Terrence W. Terry White 1965 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Terrence W. White [empty string] Terry and Arlene
459 15 Williams, Thomas F. Tom Williams 1832 1965 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Williams [empty string] Tom and Cathy
460 10 Witherspoon, Robert P. Bob Witherspoon 1832 1965 1832 Dr. Robert P. Witherspoon Mr. Ryan Iwamoto Bob and Ryan
461 2 Zimmers, Thomas W. Tom Zimmers 1965 [empty string] Mr. Thomas W. Zimmers [empty string] Tom
462 5 Zumwalt, Ross E. Ross Zumwalt 1832 1965 1832 Dr. Ross E. Zumwalt Dr. Cheryl L. Willman Ross and Cheryl
463 2 Ackil, James E. James Ackil 1966 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. James E. Ackil [empty string] James and Kay
464 5 Adamson, James C. James Adamson 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James C. Adamson [empty string] James and Tonia
465 2 Antibus, Harry C. Harry Antibus 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Antibus [empty string] Harry and Sara
466 25 Bell, Charles H. Charlie Bell 1832 1966 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Bell [empty string] Charlie and Janet
467 25 Black, Carroll R. Cal Black 1832 1966 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Carroll R. Black [empty string] Cal and Marsha
468 10 Blossom, Gerald L. Jerry Blossom 1832 1966 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Blossom [empty string] Jerry and Carla
469 5 Coligan Ph.D., John E. John Coligan, Ph.D. 1832 1966 1832 Dr. and Mrs. John E. Coligan [empty string] John and Nelda
470 20 Cook, William R. Bill Cook 1832 1966 1832 Dr. William R. Cook [empty string] Bill
471 10 Davis Jr., John W. Bill Davis, Jr. 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis, Jr. [empty string] Bill and Judith
472 10 Davis, John G. Jack Davis 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John G. Davis [empty string] Jack and Oanh
473 10 Dick, C. Lynn Lynn Dick 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. C. Lynn Dick [empty string] Lynn and Jane
474 25 Fargher, John T. John Fargher 1832 1966 1832 Dr. and Mrs. John T. Fargher [empty string] John and Lynne
475 20 Ferguson, William F. Bill Ferguson 1832 1966 1832 Mr. & Mrs. William F. Ferguson [empty string] Bill and Sue
476 20 Fisher III, William J. Jay Fisher III 1832 1966 1832 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fisher III [empty string] Jay and Marty
477 20 Flanagan, John F. John Flanagan 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John F. Flanagan [empty string] John and Patti
478 25 Flickinger USA, Retired, Lowell K. Lowell Flickinger, USA, Retired 1966 [empty string] Lt. Col. & Mrs. L. Flickinger [empty string] Lowell and Susan
479 20 Forsythe, Louise Louise Forsythe^ 1966 ^ Mrs. Louise Forsythe [empty string] Louise
480 10 Garman, Gregory H. Greg Garman 1966 [empty string] Rev. Gregory H. Garman Ms. Barbara Hager Greg and Barbara
481 20 Gineris, James D. Jim Gineris 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James D. Gineris [empty string] Jim and Nancy
482 25 Gisler, John H. John Gisler 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gisler [empty string] John and Gail
483 25 Gould, Stephen A. Steve Gould 1966 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Gould [empty string] Steve and Susan
484 2 Grantz Jr., William P. Bill Grantz, Jr. 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William P. Grantz, Jr. [empty string] Bill and Richela
485 25 Halgren, Carl R. Carl Halgren 1966 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Carl R. Halgren [empty string] Carl and Morgan
486 25 Hauber, Jack C. Jack Hauber 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Hauber [empty string] Jack and Sally
487 25 Haugh, Larry D. Larry Haugh 1966 [empty string] Prof. and Mrs. Larry D. Haugh [empty string] Larry and Jane
488 2 Heneman III, Herbert G. Herb Heneman III 1832 1966 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Heneman, III [empty string] Herb and Susan
489 25 Herrin Jr., John Q. John Herrin, Jr. 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Herrin, Jr. [empty string] John and Nancy
490 15 Hesser, F. J. Jan Hesser 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. F. Jan Hesser [empty string] Jan and Sue
491 15 Hildebrand, Stephen G. Steve Hildebrand 1966 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Hildebrand [empty string] Steve and Gail
492 10 Holdread, Jon W. Jon Holdread 1832 1966 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Jon W. Holdread [empty string] Jon and Judy
493 2 Kendall, David E. David Kendall 1832 1966 1832 Mr. and Mrs. David E. Kendall [empty string] David and Anne
494 2 Kercher, Leroy F. Leroy Kercher 1966 [empty string] Mr. Leroy F. Kercher [empty string] Leroy
495 15 Krattebol, David M. Dave Krattebol 1832 1966 1832 Mr. & Mrs. David M. Krattebol [empty string] Dave and Anne
496 2 Lawler, William E. Bill Lawler 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William E. Lawler [empty string] Bill and Nancy
497 2 Lennes Jr., John B. John Lennes, Jr. 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John B. Lennes, Jr. [empty string] John and Karna
498 25 Luce, Ned H. Ned Luce 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Ned H. Luce [empty string] Ned and B.J.
499 25 Lumpp II, Roger E. Roger Lumpp II 1832 1966 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Lumpp, II [empty string] Roger and Susan
500 20 Main, Robert S. Bob Main 1966 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Main [empty string] Bob and Jan
501 10 Matsey, David P. David Matsey 1966 [empty string] Hon. and Mrs. David P. Matsey [empty string] Judge and Mrs. Matsey
502 10 Meng Jr., John C. Jack Meng, Jr. 1832 1966 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Meng, Jr. [empty string] Jack and Inky
503 20 Miller, John D. John Miller 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John D. Miller [empty string] John and Jane
504 20 Murphy, Joseph A. Joe Murphy 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Murphy [empty string] Joe and Marilyn
505 2 Neal, Edward S. Squier Neal 1966 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Edward Squier Neal [empty string] Squier and Peggy
506 5 Nilsson, Mark F. Mark Nilsson 1832 1966 1832 Mr. Mark F. Nilsson [empty string] Mark
507 2 Nucci, Alfred R. Alfred Nucci 1966 [empty string] Mr. Alfred R. Nucci [empty string] Alfred
508 25 Ochsenschlager, Thomas P. Tom Ochsenschlager 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ochsenschlager [empty string] Tom and Denise
509 2 Paulson, Lynn Lynn Paulson^ 1966 ^ Mrs. Lynn Paulson [empty string] Lynn
510 2 Race M.D., Donald J. Don Race, M.D. 1832 1966 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Race [empty string] Don and Judy
511 5 Ray Jr., William E. Bill Ray, Jr. 1966 [empty string] Dr. William E. Ray, Jr. Dr. Kathleen Nicholson Bill and Kathleen
512 10 Riddle, David W. Dave Riddle 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. David W. Riddle [empty string] Dave and Nancy
513 2 Ridolfo, Anthony S. Tony Ridolfo 1832 1966 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony S. Ridolfo [empty string] Tony and Suzanne
514 5 Robb Jr., William S. Bill Robb, Jr. 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William S. Robb [empty string] Bill and Mary
515 2 Roeder, James L. James Roeder 1832 1966 1832 Hon. and Mrs. James L. Roeder [empty string] Judge and Mrs. Roeder
516 20 Rudicel, Max H. Max Rudicel 1966 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Max H. Rudicel [empty string] Max and Barb
517 10 Sanford, Frank J. Frank Sanford 1966 [empty string] Mr. Frank J. Sanford [empty string] Frank
518 25 Schild, Kenneth R. Ken Schild 1832 1966 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Schild [empty string] Ken and Gail
519 25 Sedmak, Gerald V. Jerry Sedmak 1966 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Gerald V. Sedmak [empty string] Jerry and Denise
520 2 Sedmak, Joseph J. Jim Sedmak 1966 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Sedmak [empty string] Jim and Barbara
521 25 Smith, Robert A. Bob Smith 1966 [empty string] Mr. Robert A. Smith Ms. Kathy Ober Bob and Kathy
522 5 Spade, Paul V. Paul Spade 1966 [empty string] Dr. Paul V. Spade [empty string] Paul
523 10 Summers Ph.D., William A. Bill Summers, Ph.D. 1966 [empty string] Dr. William A. Summers, Jr. Ms. Robin L. Kline Bill and Robin
524 10 Taybos D.D.S., George M. George Taybos, D.D.S. 1832 1966 1832 George M. Taybos, D.D.S. Ms. Mary Pfeifer George and Mary
525 20 Thies, Roger C. Roger Thies 1832 1966 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Thies [empty string] Roger and Kathleen
526 25 Todd, William B. Bill Todd 1966 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William B. Todd [empty string] Bill and Linda
527 10 Townsend, Rodney P. Rod Townsend 1966 [empty string] Rodney P. Townsend [empty string] Rod
528 5 VanDolah, H. J. Jim VanDolah 1966 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. H. James Vandolah [empty string] Jim and Melissa
529 25 Vogel, Stanley J. Stan Vogel 1832 1966 1832 Dr. Stanley J. Vogel Rev. Sandra Vogel Stan and Sandy
530 5 Vozel, Richard G. Dick Vozel 1966 [empty string] Mr. Richard G. Vozel [empty string] Dick
531 25 Walker USA (Ret), Stanley L. Stan Walker, USA (Ret) 1832 1966 1832 Col. & Mrs. Stanley L. Walker [empty string] Stan and Peggy
532 2 Ware, Suzanne C. Suzy Ware^ 1966 ^ Mrs. Suzanne C. Ware [empty string] Suzy
533 25 Wason, James M. Jim Wason 1832 1966 1832 Mr. James M. Wason [empty string] Jim
534 25 Whigham, Dennis F. Dennis Whigham 1966 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Dennis F. Whigham [empty string] Dennis and Janice
535 20 Williams Jr., James P. Jay Williams, Jr. 1832 1966 1832 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Williams, Jr. [empty string] Jay and Jennifer
536 5 Wood, Gerald C. Jerry Wood 1966 [empty string] Dr. Gerald C. Wood Ms. Edra Garrett Jerry and Edra
537 2 Wooden III, Howard E. Howard Wooden III 1966 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Howard E. Wooden III [empty string] Howard and Bobbi
538 10 Bahler, Nelson E. Nelson Bahler 1832 1967 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Nelson E. Bahler [empty string] Nelson and Debbie
539 15 Ball, Elizabeth L. Elizabeth Ball^ 1967 ^ Mrs. Elizabeth L. Ball [empty string] Elizabeth
540 25 Bell, Edward A. Ed Bell 1967 [empty string] Mr. Edward A. Bell [empty string] Ed
541 5 Bickell, David L. Dave Bickell 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bickell [empty string] Dave and Linda
542 20 Bloomer, David L. Dave Bloomer 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bloomer [empty string] Dave and Pamela
543 2 Boone, Alan L. Alan Boone 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Boone [empty string] Alan and Sandra
544 5 Brannin, David A. David Brannin 1967 [empty string] Mr. David A. Brannin [empty string] David
545 25 Brown, Marilyn E. Marilyn Brown^ 1967 ^ Mrs. Marilyn E. Brown [empty string] Marilyn
546 15 Brown, Ronald C. Ron Brown 1967 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Brown [empty string] Ron and Judy
547 20 Brumbaugh, John M. Jack Brumbaugh 1967 [empty string] Mr. John M. Brumbaugh [empty string] Jack
548 15 Butler, Michael G. Mike Butler 1832 1967 1832 Mr. Michael G. Butler [empty string] Mike
549 10 Chilausky, Richard L. Rich Chilausky 1832 1967 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chilausky [empty string] Rich and Lore
550 15 Claffey, Stephen A. Steve Claffey 1967 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Claffey [empty string] Steve and Linda
551 10 Coffman, Jeremy B. Jeremy Coffman 1967 [empty string] Mr. Jeremy B. Coffman [empty string] Jeremy
552 5 Cook, Edward D. Ed Cook 1967 [empty string] Capt. Edward D. Cook [empty string] Ed
553 10 Coons M.D., Philip M. Phil Coons, M.D. 1832 1967 1832 Dr. Philip M. Coons Dr. Elizabeth S. Bowman Phil and Liz
554 25 Culver, Edward A. Ed Culver 1967 [empty string] Mr. Edward A. Culver Ms. Ingrid Ritchie Ed and Ingrid
555 25 Cunningham USAF Ret., Paul M. Paul Cunningham, USAF Ret. 1832 1967 1832 Lt. Col. and Mrs. Paul M. Cunningham, Jr. [empty string] Paul and Pamela
556 25 Decker, C. D. Dave Decker 1832 1967 1832 Dr. and Mrs. C. David Decker [empty string] Dave and Penelope
557 15 Dickerson, Clark L. Clark Dickerson 1967 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Clark L. Dickerson [empty string] Clark and Sherry
558 10 Evans USMC (Ret.), John S. John Evans, USMC (Ret.) 1967 [empty string] Col. and Mrs. John S. Evans, Jr. [empty string] John and Nancy
559 2 Fortier, Michel J. Mike Fortier 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Michel J. Fortier [empty string] Mike and Gail
560 2 Gilkison, Thomas E. Tom Gilkison 1967 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Gilkison [empty string] Tom and Barbara
561 25 Golliher, Stephen L. Steve Golliher 1832 1967 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Golliher [empty string] Steve and Cindy
562 10 Goodrich Sr., John B. John Goodrich, Sr. 1832 1967 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Goodrich, Sr. [empty string] John and Sarona
563 25 Harrell, Dennis O. Dennis Harrell 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O. Harrell [empty string] Dennis and Lorna
564 15 Harvey, William M. Mike Harvey 1967 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. W. Michael Harvey [empty string] Mike and Donna
565 25 Helm, Richard K. Rick Helm 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Helm [empty string] Rick and Freida
566 25 Henry, Dennis C. Dennis Henry 1967 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Henry [empty string] Dennis and Mary
567 25 Hile, Duane L. Duane Hile 1832 1967 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Duane L. Hile [empty string] Duane and Mary Ann
568 15 Houck, Earl R. Earl Houck 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Houck [empty string] Earl and Carol
569 25 Hover, James R. Jim Hover 1967 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. James R. Hover [empty string] Jim and Kelly
570 2 Ingle III, William D. Bill Ingle III 1967 [empty string] Mr. William D. Ingle III [empty string] Bill
571 15 Jenkins Jr., Daniel C. Dan Jenkins, Jr. 1967 [empty string] Mr. Daniel C. Jenkins, Jr. [empty string] Dan
572 15 Jones, David E. David Jones 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. David E. Jones [empty string] David and Corinne
573 25 Kish, Wendell G. Wendy Kish 1832 1967 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Wendell G. Kish [empty string] Wendy and Sandra
574 25 Landis, Larry S. Larry Landis 1832 1967 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Landis [empty string] Larry and Carol
575 25 Larzelere Ph.D., Robert E. Bob Larzelere, Ph.D. 1967 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Larzelere [empty string] Bob and Rosalie
576 2 Lawson, John E. John Lawson 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lawson [empty string] John and Marsha
577 15 Lockhart Jr., Haines B. Haines Lockhart, Jr. 1967 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Haines B. Lockhart, Jr. [empty string] Haines and Janet
578 5 Loheide, Stephen R. Steve Loheide 1832 1967 1832 Dr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Loheide [empty string] Steve and Michele
579 2 Lwanga, Joseph K. Joe Lwanga 1967 [empty string] Mr. Joseph K. Lwanga [empty string] Joe
580 10 Lykke, Peer T. Peer Lykke 1967 [empty string] Mr. Peer T. Lykke [empty string] Peer
581 2 Mader, Mark E. Mark Mader 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Mader [empty string] Mark and Deborah
582 15 Marshall, John C. John Marshall 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John C. Marshall [empty string] John and Romelle
583 2 May, John P. John May 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John P. May [empty string] John and Laura
584 10 Merrell, David M. David Merrell 1967 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. David M. Merrell [empty string] David and Jan
585 10 Montieth, David V. Dave Montieth 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. David V. Montieth [empty string] Dave and Karen
586 25 Moody, John B. John Moody 1967 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. John B. Moody [empty string] John and Virginia
587 10 Myers, Robert H. Bob Myers 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Myers [empty string] Bob and Judy
588 10 Newby, J. B. Bruce Newby 1832 1967 1832 Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Newby [empty string] Bruce and Carmen
589 2 Newport, John R. John Newport 1967 [empty string] Mr. John R. Newport Mrs. Jan Hilderbrand John and Jan
590 10 Petrak, Daniel R. Dan Petrak 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Petrak [empty string] Dan and Linda
591 25 Pyle, Alan R. Alan Pyle 1832 1967 1832 Mr. Alan R. Pyle [empty string] Alan
592 20 Randak, Linda Linda Randak^ 1967 ^ Mrs. Linda Randak [empty string] Linda
593 15 Robertson, Jack W. Jack Robertson 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Robertson [empty string] Jack and Catherine
594 25 Robinson, Paul J. Robbie Robinson 1832 1967 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Robinson [empty string] Robbie and Marcy
595 15 Rushton, James E. Jim Rushton 1967 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. James E. Rushton [empty string] Jim and Becky
596 2 Salomone, Ronald E. Ron Salomone 1967 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Salomone [empty string] Ron and Ann
597 25 Schaefer, Jerome C. Jerry Schaefer 1832 1967 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Jerome C. Schaefer [empty string] Jerry and Margie
598 25 Seifried, Michael R. Mike Seifried 1967 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Seifried [empty string] Mike and Linda
599 2 Sheese, Ronald L. Ron Sheese 1832 1967 1832 Dr. Ronald L. Sheese [empty string] Ron
600 20 Siegel, Frederick W. Fred Siegel 1832 1967 1832 Dr. Frederick W. Siegel [empty string] Fred
601 2 Smith, Roger E. Roger Smith 1967 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Roger E. Smith [empty string] Roger and Marsha
602 25 Snipes, Gene E. Gene Snipes 1832 1967 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Snipes [empty string] Gene and Marsha
603 5 Stahler MSW, James D. Jim Stahler, MSW 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James D. Stahler [empty string] Jim and Kay
604 2 Stratton III, Rex B. Rex Stratton III 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Rex B. Stratton III [empty string] Rex and Barbara
605 10 Sturman Jr., John K. John Sturman, Jr. 1967 [empty string] Dr. John K. Sturman, Jr. [empty string] John
606 25 Webster, Jackson R. Jack Webster 1967 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Jackson R. Webster [empty string] Jack and Sandra
607 10 Werner, Thomas H. Tom Werner 1832 1967 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Werner [empty string] Tom and Patricia
608 25 Williams, Andrew S. Andy Williams 1832 1967 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew S. Williams [empty string] Andy and Susan
609 10 Williamson, Fadia F. Fadia Williamson^ 1967 ^ Mrs. Fadia F. Williamson [empty string] Fadia
610 15 Witte, Alan C. Alan Witte 1832 1967 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Witte [empty string] Alan and Susan
611 2 Wood, George S. Steve Wood 1967 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. G. Steve Wood [empty string] Steve and Janine
612 15 Zimmerman, John F. John Zimmerman 1832 1967 1832 Dr. and Mrs. John F. Zimmerman [empty string] John and Margie
613 5 Akers Ph.D., Michael J. Mike Akers, Ph.D. 1968 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Akers [empty string] Mike and Mary
614 5 Allen, Thomas J. Tom Allen 1968 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Allen [empty string] Tom and Leslie
615 25 Austin Sr., Benjamin L. Ben Austin, Sr. 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Austin, Sr. [empty string] Ben and Nancy
616 20 Avery, David H. Dave Avery 1968 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. David H. Avery [empty string] Dave and Victoria
617 20 Baker, Stanley R. Stan Baker 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Baker [empty string] Stan and Alberta
618 5 Bambrey, Thomas E. Tom Bambrey 1832 1968 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bambrey [empty string] Tom and Roselie
619 25 Bowen, Stephen S. Steve Bowen 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Bowen [empty string] Steve and Joanie
620 5 Brouhard, Ben H. Ben Brouhard 1968 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Ben H. Brouhard [empty string] Ben and Julia
621 25 Butler, Van H. Van Butler 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Van H. Butler [empty string] Van and Mary
622 25 Byrn, James R. Jim Byrn 1968 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. James R. Byrn [empty string] Jim and Linda
623 25 Callaway, G. R. Dick Callaway 1832 1968 1832 Mr. G. Richard Callaway [empty string] Dick
624 10 Christon, Andrew S. Andy Christon 1968 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Andrew S. Christon [empty string] Andy and Mary
625 2 Cook, David B. Dave Cook 1832 1968 1832 Dr. David B. Cook [empty string] Dave
626 15 Cox, Edward O. Ed Cox 1968 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Edward O. Cox [empty string] Ed and Linda
627 2 Dashiell, James R. Jim Dashiell 1968 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. James R. Dashiell [empty string] Jim and Sue Ann
628 25 Douglas, Michel W. Mike Douglas 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Michel W. Douglas [empty string] Mike and Tina
629 2 Dybel, Michael W. Michael Dybel 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Dybel [empty string] Michael and Beverly
630 10 Eads, Todd L. Todd Eads 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Todd L. Eads [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Eads
631 2 Eversole, G. M. Galen Eversole 1968 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. G. Mark Eversole [empty string] Galen and Cynthia
632 5 Gallagher, J. M. Mike Gallagher 1832 1968 1832 Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Gallagher [empty string] Mike and Kathy
633 2 Goldsmith, Stephen Steve Goldsmith 1968 [empty string] Mr. Stephen Goldsmith [empty string] Steve
634 15 Gorman, Timothy E. Tim Gorman 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Gorman [empty string] Tim and Annette
635 15 Gower, Richard G. Rich Gower 1832 1968 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Gower [empty string] Rich and Jan
636 15 Greves, John H. John Greves 1832 1968 1832 Dr. and Mrs. John H. Greves [empty string] John and Mari
637 25 Grogg, Lee E. Lee Grogg 1968 [empty string] Mr. Lee E. Grogg Ms. Shirley R. Havenga Lee and Shirley
638 2 Hagen, David C. Dave Hagen 1968 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. David C. Hagen [empty string] Dave and Lois
639 25 Hansen, Stephen W. Steve Hansen 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Hansen [empty string] Steve and Carol
640 5 Hatfield, Alan K. Alan Hatfield 1832 1968 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Alan K. Hatfield [empty string] Alan and Connie
641 2 Hill, E. R. Ron Hill 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. E. Ronald Hill [empty string] Ron and Geri
642 15 Hill, Thomas C. Tom Hill 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Hill [empty string] Tom and Marlene
643 2 Hizer, David D. Dave Hizer 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. David D. Hizer [empty string] Dave and Judy
644 2 Howard, Beatrice Beatrice Howard^ 1968 ^ Mrs. Beatrice Howard [empty string] Beatrice
645 15 Hutcheson, James L. Jim Hutcheson 1832 1968 1832 Mr. James L. Hutcheson [empty string] Jim
646 5 Johnson, Steven J. Steve Johnson 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Johnson [empty string] Steve and Jeanne
647 20 Kelley, James A. Jim Kelley 1968 [empty string] Dr. James A. Kelley [empty string] Jim
648 25 Kennedy III, Peter M. Peter Kennedy III 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Kennedy III [empty string] Peter and Carroll
649 5 Klika, B. S. Scott Klika 1968 [empty string] Mr. B. Scott Klika [empty string] Scott
650 2 Koepke, Kenneth A. Ken Koepke 1832 1968 1832 Mr. Kenneth A. Koepke [empty string] Ken
651 5 Kornas, Wayne J. Wayne Kornas 1832 1968 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Wayne J. Kornas [empty string] Wayne and Carol
652 25 Kowaleski Jr., H. S. Stan Kowaleski, Jr. 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. H. Stanley Kowaleski, Jr. [empty string] Stan and Nancy
653 25 Kraft, Charles C. Chuck Kraft 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Kraft [empty string] Chuck and Becky
654 2 Kraft, John C. John Kraft 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kraft [empty string] John and Darlene
655 25 Laramore, Stephen W. Steve Laramore 1832 1968 1832 Mr. Stephen W. Laramore [empty string] Steve
656 25 Leahy, John E. John Leahy 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John E. Leahy [empty string] John and Phyllis
657 5 Markin, William R. Bill Markin 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William R. Markin [empty string] Bill and Sandra
658 2 Matthews, Steven S. Steve Matthews 1968 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Steven S. Matthews [empty string] Steve and Karen
659 5 Milligan FACP, Samuel L. Sam Milligan, FACP 1832 1968 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Milligan [empty string] Sam and Anna
660 15 Millikin, James R. Jim Millikin 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James R. Millikin [empty string] Jim and Helen
661 25 Moon, Elaine Elaine Moon^ 1968 ^ Mrs. Elaine Moon [empty string] Elaine
662 25 Morton, Douglas B. Doug Morton 1968 [empty string] Hon. & Mrs. Douglas B. Morton [empty string] Judge and Mrs. Morton
663 2 Noaman, Qais G. Qais Noaman 1968 [empty string] Mr. Qais G. Noaman [empty string] Qais
664 20 Oesterle, John K. John Oesterle 1968 [empty string] Mr. John K. Oesterle [empty string] John
665 2 Popejoy, Thomas L. Tom Popejoy 1968 [empty string] Mr. Thomas L. Popejoy [empty string] Tom
666 15 Powers, James E. Jim Powers 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James E. Powers [empty string] Jim and Rebecca
667 2 Reed, H. J. Jason Reed 1968 [empty string] Rev. and Mrs. H. Jason Reed [empty string] Jason and Ann
668 2 Roe, Jon E. Jon Roe 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Roe [empty string] Jon and Constance
669 15 Roper USAF (Ret.), James E. Jim Roper, USAF (Ret.) 1968 [empty string] Col. and Mrs. James E. Roper [empty string] Jim and Liz
670 25 Schlechte, John V. John Schlechte 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John V. Schlechte [empty string] John and Konnie
671 2 Schurger, Frederick A. Fred Schurger 1968 [empty string] Hon. Frederick A. Schurger [empty string] Fred
672 2 Slickers, Randall J. Randy Slickers 1968 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Randall J. Slickers [empty string] Randy and Jane
673 15 Smith, Terry L. Terry Smith 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Smith [empty string] Terry and Kathryn
674 25 Snodell III, CPA, Walter S. Walt Snodell III, CPA 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Snodell III [empty string] Walt and Kathy
675 2 Staley, Harry L. Harry Staley 1968 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Staley [empty string] Harry and Lisa
676 25 Stayton, Michael B. Mike Stayton 1832 1968 1832 Mr. Michael B. Stayton [empty string] Mike
677 25 Stout, Richard A. Rich Stout 1968 [empty string] Dr. Richard Alan Stout Dr. Laura L. Lane Rich and Laura
678 25 Susie, Daniel F. Dan Susie 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Susie [empty string] Dan and Sydney
679 10 Sutton, Mark D. Mark Sutton 1968 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Sutton [empty string] Mark and Dianne
680 20 Vannatter, Dan M. Dan Vannatter 1832 1968 1832 COL. and Mrs. Dan M. Vannatter [empty string] Dan and Betty
681 2 Weesner, Robert E. Bob Weesner 1832 1968 1832 Mr. Robert E. Weesner [empty string] Bob
682 5 Williams, James W. Jim Williams 1968 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. James W. Williams [empty string] Jim and Beverly
683 10 Williams, Raymond B. Raymond Williams 1832 1968 1832 Dr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Williams [empty string] Raymond and Lois
684 15 Wilson, Phillip E. Phil Wilson 1968 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Wilson [empty string] Phil and Lisa
685 10 Wise, Claude T. Claude Wise 1832 1968 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Claude T. Wise [empty string] Claude and Sue
686 2 Alexander, Jay R. Jay Alexander 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Alexander [empty string] Jay and Lynn
687 2 Allen, Sharyn Sharyn Allen^ 1969 ^ Mrs. Sharyn Allen [empty string] Sharyn
688 25 Anagnos, George T. George Anagnos 1969 [empty string] Mr. George T. Anagnos [empty string] George
689 25 Antonelli, John P. John Antonelli 1969 [empty string] Mr. John P. Antonelli [empty string] John
690 2 Ault, Gary M. Gary Ault 1832 1969 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Ault [empty string] Gary and Cindy
691 25 Barb, Stuart C. Stuart Barb 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Barb [empty string] Stuart and Paula
692 10 Bennett, Donald P. Don Bennett 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Bennett [empty string] Don and Carla
693 2 Bowen, Roger W. Roger Bowen 1969 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Roger W. Bowen [empty string] Roger and Barbara
694 15 Bradshaw, Frederick G. Fred Bradshaw 1969 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Bradshaw [empty string] Fred and Barbara
695 25 Brandes Jr., Robert W. Bob Brandes, Jr. 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Brandes, Jr. [empty string] Bob and Jana
696 25 Brown, Jack E. Jack Brown 1832 1969 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Brown [empty string] Jack and JoAnne
697 10 Burrell, John A. John Burrell 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John A. Burrell [empty string] John and Cindy
698 20 Campbell Jr., Richard J. Rick Campbell, Jr. 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Campbell, Jr. [empty string] Rick and Carol
699 10 Carlson, David J. Dave Carlson 1969 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. David J. Carlson [empty string] Dave and Jami
700 2 Christoph, William R. Bill Christoph 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William Christoph [empty string] Bill and Kerry
701 25 Cragwall Jr., Jasper A. Jay Cragwall, Jr. 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Jasper A. Cragwall, Jr. [empty string] Jay and Kathy
702 15 Crawford, Kenneth C. Ken Crawford 1832 1969 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Crawford [empty string] Ken and Erika
703 20 Crook, John R. John Crook 1832 1969 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Crook [empty string] John and Miriam
704 2 Cross, Jeffrey F. Jeff Cross 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Cross [empty string] Jeff and Ann
705 25 Culley Jr., John B. John Culley, Jr. 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John B. Culley, Jr. [empty string] John and Betty
706 10 Davidson, Jeffrey S. Jeff Davidson 1832 1969 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Davidson [empty string] Jeff and Susan
707 20 Dowd, John E. John Dowd 1832 1969 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Dowd [empty string] John and Susan
708 20 Elson, Richard C. Richard Elson 1832 1969 1832 Mr. Richard C. Elson Ms. Pauline Michaud Richard and Pauline
709 5 Finger, Steven C. Steve Finger 1969 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Finger [empty string] Steve and Vickey
710 2 Flynn, Robert D. Bob Flynn 1969 [empty string] Mr. Robert D. Flynn [empty string] Bob
711 2 Fox, Stephen R. Steve Fox 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Fox [empty string] Steve and Bie Yie
712 20 Gale, Frederick L. Fred Gale 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Gale [empty string] Fred and Jean
713 5 Gorscak, Richard D. Rich Gorscak 1832 1969 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Gorscak [empty string] Rich and Linda
714 20 Green M.D., Ivan R. Ivan Green, M.D. 1832 1969 1832 Dr. Ivan R. Green Dr. Noreen Green Drs. Green
715 15 Hafling, David N. David Hafling 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. David N. Hafling [empty string] David and Debra
716 2 Hall, Robert E. Bob Hall 1969 [empty string] Mr. Robert E. Hall Ms. Mary Pat Wilson Bob and Mary Pat
717 5 Harrison, Jay M. Jay Harrison 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Harrison [empty string] Jay and Molly
718 10 Hart Jr., Albert D. Al Hart, Jr. 1832 1969 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Hart, Jr. [empty string] Al and Sally
719 5 Harter, Terry P. Terry Harter 1969 [empty string] Drs. Terry and Martha Harter [empty string] Drs. Harter
720 2 Hunter, Thomas D. Tom Hunter 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Hunter [empty string] Tom and Kate
721 2 Kabisch, Stephen B. Steve Kabisch 1969 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Kabisch [empty string] Steve and Denice
722 10 Knight, E. R. Ray Knight 1832 1969 1832 Dr. and Mrs. E. Ray Knight [empty string] Ray and Yvonne
723 5 Kothe, Alison Alison Kothe 1969 [empty string] Ms. Alison Kothe Mr. Patrick Traub Alison and Patrick
724 10 Lineback, Riki D. Rik Lineback 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Riki D. Lineback [empty string] Rik and Linda
725 25 Mabin, William C. Bill Mabin 1832 1969 1832 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mabin [empty string] Bill and Angela
726 15 McVicker, Robert F. Bob McVicker 1969 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. McVicker [empty string] Bob and Barbara
727 10 Mihalko, Stephen C. Steve Mihalko 1832 1969 1832 Lt. Col. Stephen C. Mihalko [empty string] Steve
728 2 Mitchum, Ron Ron Mitchum 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Ron Mitchum [empty string] Ron and Teri
729 25 Moak, Richard J. Richard Moak 1832 1969 1832 Lt. and Mrs. Richard J. Moak [empty string] Richard and Suzie
730 10 Monroe, Wayne D. Wayne Monroe 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Monroe [empty string] Wayne and Connie
731 5 Morelli, Arthur F. Art Morelli 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Morelli [empty string] Art and Tina
732 20 Mullendore, Bradley E. Brad Mullendore 1969 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Mullendore [empty string] Brad and Sue
733 2 Oesterheld, Douglas K. Doug Oesterheld 1969 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Oesterheld [empty string] Doug and Kate
734 25 Pancost, David W. Dave Pancost 1832 1969 1832 Dr. David W. Pancost Dr. Paige Franklin Dave and Paige
735 10 Parker, C. L. Larry Parker 1832 1969 1832 Dr. and Mrs. C. Lawrence Parker [empty string] Larry and Anne
736 2 Parkhill, H. D. David Parkhill 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. H. David Parkhill [empty string] David and Jane
737 2 Patton, Ronald C. Ron Patton 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Patton [empty string] Ron and Laurie
738 20 Phelan, Joseph A. Joe Phelan 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Phelan [empty string] Joe and Mary Catherine
739 15 Pollard, Russell O. Russell Pollard 1969 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Russell O. Pollard [empty string] Russell and Mary
740 2 Preston, Harry E. Harry Preston 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Preston [empty string] Harry and Karon
741 10 Raiser, Charles W. Charlie Raiser 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raiser [empty string] Charlie and Jan
742 5 Renbarger, Jerry J. Jerry Renbarger 1969 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Jerry J. Renbarger [empty string] Jerry and Judy
743 25 Sadler, David B. Dave Sadler 1832 1969 1832 Mr. and Mrs. David B. Sadler [empty string] Dave and Linda
744 25 Schroeder, John C. John Schroeder 1832 1969 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Schroeder [empty string] John and Diane
745 20 Showalter, John F. John Showalter 1832 1969 1832 Dr. and Mrs. John F. Showalter [empty string] John and Peg
746 25 Sirmin, Stephen P. Steve Sirmin 1969 [empty string] Mr. Stephen P. Sirmin [empty string] Steve
747 10 Snodgrass, Chris G. Chris Snodgrass 1969 [empty string] Dr. Chris G. Snodgrass Dr. Carol J. Murphy Chris and Carol
748 5 Sparks, Douglas E. Doug Sparks 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Sparks [empty string] Doug and Katsuko
749 25 Spear, Robert S. Bob Spear 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Spear [empty string] Judge and Mrs. Spear
750 25 Spurway Jr., Elliot W. J. Jack Spurway, Jr. 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Elliot W. J. Spurway, Jr. [empty string] Jack and Guy
751 10 Stauber, Daniel H. Dan Stauber 1969 [empty string] Mr. Daniel H. Stauber [empty string] Dan
752 5 Steck, Edward W. Ed Steck 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Steck [empty string] Ed and Heidi
753 20 Steinkeler M.D., Steven M. Steve Steinkeler, M.D. 1969 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Steinkeler [empty string] Steve and Sandra
754 2 Swinehart, Richard D. Dick Swinehart 1969 [empty string] Mr. Richard D. Swinehart [empty string] Dick
755 25 Wachs, Theodore R. Ted Wachs 1832 1969 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Wachs [empty string] Ted and Elisabeth
756 25 Wade, Gary M. Gary Wade 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Wade [empty string] Gary and Karen
757 15 Waldschmidt, William E. William Waldschmidt 1969 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. William Waldschmidt [empty string] William and Cathy
758 5 Wiley, John J. John Wiley 1969 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wiley [empty string] John and Paulette
759 10 Willhite, James R. Jim Willhite 1969 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. James R. Willhite [empty string] Jim and Candy
760 2 Wilson Jr., Frederick W. Fred Wilson, Jr. 1832 1969 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Wilson, Jr. [empty string] Fred and Debbie
761 10 Armstrong, Jay C. Jay Armstrong 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Jay C. Armstrong [empty string] Jay and Jane
762 25 Ault, David A. Dave Ault 1970 [empty string] Hon. and Mrs. David A. Ault [empty string] Judge and Mrs. Ault
763 15 Beckwith, Lewis D. Lew Beckwith 1832 1970 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis D. Beckwith [empty string] Lew and Marcia
764 25 Crowley, Charles E. Chuck Crowley 1970 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Crowley [empty string] Chuck and Mary
765 2 Danielson, Sharon K. Sharon Danielson^ 1970 ^ Mrs. Sharon K. Danielson [empty string] Sharon
766 25 Davis Jr., John B. John Davis, Jr. 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John B. Davis, Jr. [empty string] John and Mary Ann
767 20 Day, Paul B. Paul Day 1832 1970 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Day [empty string] Paul and Angie
768 15 Durant, Peter H. Peter Durant 1832 1970 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Durant [empty string] Peter and Suzanne
769 25 Emkes, Bernard J. Bernie Emkes 1832 1970 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Emkes [empty string] Bernie and Marta
770 2 Evens, Richard R. Dick Evens 1832 1970 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Evens [empty string] Dick and Peggy
771 5 Fahl, Robert S. Bob Fahl 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Fahl [empty string] Bob and Roseann
772 25 Fischer, John E. John Fischer 1970 [empty string] Prof. John E. Fischer [empty string] John
773 15 Freeman, Thomas B. Tom Freeman 1832 1970 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Freeman [empty string] Tom and Susan
774 5 German, Charles A. Charley German 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. German [empty string] Charley and Diane
775 20 Gregory CPA, Michael M. Mike Gregory, CPA 1832 1970 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Gregory [empty string] Mike and Jensy
776 25 Hall, Mark G. Mark Hall 1970 [empty string] Lt. Cdr. and Mrs. Mark G. Hall [empty string] Mark and Janet
777 20 Hearson, Lester L. Les Hearson 1832 1970 1832 Dr. Lester L. Hearson [empty string] Les
778 10 Herold, Robert E. Bob Herold 1832 1970 1832 Dr. Robert E. Herold [empty string] Bob
779 2 Inman, Kenneth J. Ken Inman 1970 [empty string] Drs. Kenneth and Sally Inman [empty string] Drs. Inman
780 2 Irons, Ernest W. Ernie Irons 1832 1970 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Irons [empty string] Ernie and Janet
781 20 Kelley, Michael J. Mike Kelley 1832 1970 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kelley [empty string] Mike and Edwina
782 5 Leslie, Robert F. Bob Leslie 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Leslie [empty string] Bob and Nancy
783 5 Ling M.D., Frank W. Frank Ling, M.D. 1832 1970 1832 Frank W. Ling, M.D. Mrs. Janis Ling Frank and Janis
784 5 Lunderman, Dwight D. Dwight Lunderman 1970 [empty string] Mr. Dwight D. Lunderman [empty string] Dwight
785 15 Marra, Ronan S. Ronan Marra 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Ronan S. Marra [empty string] Ronan and Marilyn
786 2 McKain, Steven M. Steve McKain 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. McKain [empty string] Steve and Jane
787 2 McLane Jr., William J. Bill McLane, Jr. 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William J. McLane, Jr. [empty string] Bill and Nancy
788 25 McSwane, David Z. Dave McSwane 1970 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. David Z. McSwane [empty string] Dave and Ava
789 25 Middendorf, Bruce F. Bruce Middendorf 1970 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Bruce F. Middendorf [empty string] Bruce and Mary
790 25 Moehling, Paul M. Paul Moehling 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Moehling [empty string] Paul and Susie
791 5 Nickloy, Jeffrey S. Jeff Nickloy 1970 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Nickloy [empty string] Jeff and Sandy
792 5 Olsen, William B. Bill Olsen 1832 1970 1832 Mr. William B. Olsen [empty string] Bill
793 25 Paul III, Jesse J. Jess Paul III 1970 [empty string] Mr. Jesse J. Paul III Mrs. Jane Kim Jess and Jane
794 25 Pollom, Robert M. Bob Pollom 1832 1970 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Pollom [empty string] Bob and Stephanie
795 25 Pope, Mary A. Molly Pope^ 1970 ^ Mrs. Molly Pope [empty string] Molly
796 20 Reed, Donald E. Don Reed 1970 [empty string] Dr. Donald E. Reed [empty string] Don
797 2 Reynolds, Dean F. Dean Reynolds 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Dean F. Reynolds [empty string] Dean and Yael
798 2 Ritter, Garry L. Garry Ritter 1832 1970 1832 Dr. Garry L. Ritter [empty string] Garry
799 2 Sauer, Hal E. Hal Sauer 1970 [empty string] Mr. Hal E. Sauer [empty string] Hal
800 2 Scahill, Edwin C. Ed Scahill 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Scahill [empty string] Ed and Pam
801 20 Shane, David N. Dave Shane 1832 1970 1832 Mr. and Mrs. David N. Shane [empty string] Dave and Anne
802 2 Sheffner, Paul W. Paul Sheffner 1970 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Sheffner [empty string] Paul and Angela
803 2 Shelby, Ronald V. Ron Shelby 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Shelby [empty string] Ron and Susan
804 20 Sidebottom, Philip L. Phil Sidebottom 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sidebottom [empty string] Phil and Barbara
805 10 Siegmann, Robert M. Bob Siegmann 1970 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Siegmann [empty string] Bob and Elizabeth
806 25 Simpson Jr., George H. George Simpson, Jr. 1832 1970 1832 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Simpson, Jr. [empty string] George and Brenda
807 20 Spray, John L. John Spray 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John L. Spray [empty string] John and Sandy
808 5 Swayzee, Franziska Franziska Swayzee^ 1970 ^ Mrs. Franziska Swayzee [empty string] Franziska
809 5 Swayzee, James C. Jim Swayzee* 1970 * Mr. James C. Swayzee [empty string] Jim
810 2 Van de Roovaart III, John F. John Van de Roovaart III 1970 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John F. Van de Roovaart III [empty string] John and Laura
811 2 Vaughan, Warner G. Warner Vaughan 1970 [empty string] Mr. Warner G. Vaughan [empty string] Warner
812 10 Vogt, David P. Dave Vogt 1970 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. David P. Vogt [empty string] Dave and Dianne
813 5 Waitman, Randall B. Randy Waitman 1970 [empty string] Mr. Randall B. Waitman [empty string] Randy
814 25 Adams III, Wayne O. Skip Adams III 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Wayne O Adams III [empty string] Skip and Linda
815 5 Allen, Gregory L. Greg Allen 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Allen [empty string] Greg and Tiffany
816 25 Anderson, Jarold A. Jerry Anderson 1971 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Jarold A. Anderson [empty string] Jerry and Priscilla
817 2 Baldwin, Scott T. Scott Baldwin 1971 [empty string] Mr. Scott T. Baldwin [empty string] Scott
818 20 Ball, James L. Jim Ball 1832 1971 1832 Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ball [empty string] Jim and Anita
819 5 Blau, Stephen F. Steve Blau 1971 [empty string] Mr. Stephen F. Blau [empty string] Steve
820 2 Bogigian, Robert G. Bob Bogigian 1832 1971 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Bogigian [empty string] Bob and Ellen
821 2 Brackemyre, John S. John Brackemyre 1971 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. John S. Brackemyre [empty string] John and Virginia
822 2 Bradway Ph.D., Bruce M. Bruce Bradway, Ph.D. 1971 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Bradway [empty string] Bruce and Karen
823 20 Bromley, James T. Jim Bromley 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James T. Bromley [empty string] Jim and Madelaine
824 2 Buehler, Scott R. Scott Buehler 1971 [empty string] Dr. Scott R. Buehler [empty string] Scott
825 10 Burton, Rufus T. Rufus Burton 1971 [empty string] Mr. Rufus T. Burton [empty string] Rufus
826 10 Covey, Stephen D. Steve Covey 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Covey [empty string] Steve and Doris
827 5 Dart, Marilyn S. Sue Dart^ 1971 ^ Mrs. Marilyn S. Dart [empty string] Sue
828 5 Davnie III, William F. Bill Davnie III 1832 1971 1832 Rev. and Mrs. William F. Davnie III [empty string] Bill and Charlotte
829 25 Dziubinskyj, Andrew A. Andy Dziubinskyj 1971 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Dziubinskyj [empty string] Andy and Marta
830 25 Eaton, Jeffrey D. Jeff Eaton 1832 1971 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Eaton [empty string] Jeff and Jan
831 2 Fisher, Justin K. Jake Fisher 1971 [empty string] Rev. and Mrs. Justin K. Fisher [empty string] Jake and Teresa
832 20 Flynn, Nelson D. Nelson Flynn 1832 1971 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Nelson D. Flynn [empty string] Nelson and Ann
833 2 Graham, David R. Dave Graham 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. David R. Graham [empty string] Dave and Judy
834 5 Gray, David L. Dave Gray 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. David L. Gray [empty string] Dave and Tricia
835 15 Gregory, Roderick F. Rick Gregory 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Gregory [empty string] Rick and Joan
836 20 Haase, Frederick A. Fred Haase 1971 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Haase [empty string] Fred and Nancy
837 2 Hansen M.D., Gary R. Gary Hansen, M.D. 1971 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Hansen [empty string] Gary and Judy
838 5 Hausmann, William F. Bill Hausmann 1971 [empty string] Mr. William F. Hausmann [empty string] Bill
839 25 Hawley, Peter L. Pete Hawley 1832 1971 1832 Mr. Peter L. Hawley [empty string] Pete
840 2 Hedge, Cloyce L. Cloyce Hedge 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Cloyce L. Hedge [empty string] Cloyce and Christine
841 10 Holderbaum, Daniel Dan Holderbaum 1971 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Holderbaum [empty string] Dan and Michelle
842 20 Holland III, Theodore F. Trey Holland III 1832 1971 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Holland III [empty string] Trey and Cheryl
843 25 Johnson, Clark W. Clark Johnson 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Clark W. Johnson [empty string] Clark and Susie
844 25 Johnson, F. B. Brad Johnson 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. F. Bradford Johnson [empty string] Brad and Trudy
845 10 Julian, Bruce A. Bruce Julian 1971 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Julian [empty string] Bruce and Rachel
846 5 Kalb, John M. John Kalb 1832 1971 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kalb [empty string] John and Deborah
847 25 Kamplain, James M. Jim Kamplain 1832 1971 1832 Dr. and Mrs. James M. Kamplain [empty string] Jim and Esta
848 2 Kazdan, Samuel I. Sam Kazdan 1971 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Samuel I. Kazdan [empty string] Sam and Phyllis
849 25 Kepchar, Allen J. Allen Kepchar 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Kepchar [empty string] Allen and Pamela
850 25 Kepple, Eugene C. Gene Kepple 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Kepple [empty string] Gene and Jan
851 2 Kirtley, Samuel W. Sam Kirtley 1832 1971 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Kirtley [empty string] Sam and Becky
852 5 Lammering, Judy Judy Lammering^ 1971 ^ Mrs. Judy Lammering [empty string] Judy
853 2 Lathrop, John M. John Lathrop 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lathrop [empty string] John and Connie
854 25 Lemon, Michael K. Mike Lemon 1971 [empty string] Mr. Michael K. Lemon Ms. Cynthia A. Parry Mike and Cindy
855 25 Long, Cathy Cathy Long^ 1971 ^ Mrs. Cathy Long [empty string] Cathy
856 25 Main, David M. Dave Main 1832 1971 1832 Dr. and Mrs. David M. Main [empty string] Dave and Chris
857 10 Martella, Thomas J. Tom Martella 1971 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Martella [empty string] Tom and Jana
858 2 Matthews, Allen G. Allen Matthews 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Matthews [empty string] Allen and Martha
859 10 McDaniel, Stephen J. Steve McDaniel 1971 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. McDaniel [empty string] Steve and Danuta
860 20 Miller USN (Ret.), Alexander A. Alex Miller, USN (Ret.) 1832 1971 1832 Rear Adm. and Mrs. Alexander A. Miller [empty string] Alex and Brenda
861 15 Morford, Richard A. Dick Morford 1971 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Morford [empty string] Dick and Yoko
862 10 Myers, Dennis W. Dennis Myers 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Myers [empty string] Dennis and Jane
863 25 Pactor, Jon R. Jon Pactor 1832 1971 1832 Mr. Jon R. Pactor Mrs. Andrea Pactor Jon and Andrea
864 25 Paul, Garrett E. Garrett Paul 1971 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Garrett E. Paul [empty string] Garrett and Betsy
865 25 Peters, James L. Jim Peters 1971 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. James L. Peters [empty string] Jim and Susan
866 2 Pfanschmidt, David A. Dave Pfanschmidt 1971 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. David Pfanschmidt [empty string] Dave and Diane
867 20 Phelps Esq., Lawrence W. Larry Phelps, Esq. 1971 [empty string] Mr. Lawrence W. Phelps Ms. Kathryn M. Anderson Larry and Kathryn
868 25 Pitkin, Edward M. Ed Pitkin 1832 1971 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Pitkin [empty string] Ed and Judith
869 10 Randak, Mark E. Mark Randak 1832 1971 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Randak [empty string] Mark and Christine
870 2 Rasmussen, Gregory T. Greg Rasmussen 1832 1971 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Rasmussen [empty string] Greg and Susan
871 15 Rendel, James F. Jim Rendel 1971 [empty string] Mr. James F. Rendel [empty string] Jim
872 5 Rifner, Philip J. Phil Rifner 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Rifner [empty string] Phil and Norma
873 25 Royal, Carl A. Carl Royal 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Royal [empty string] Carl and Judith
874 20 Runge, Thomas G. Tom Runge 1832 1971 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Runge [empty string] Tom and Carol
875 20 Rydell, William P. Bill Rydell 1832 1971 1832 Mr. and Mrs. William P. Rydell [empty string] Bill and Bonnie
876 20 Ryder, John L. John Ryder 1832 1971 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ryder [empty string] John and Lain
877 25 Shoop CW4, USA Ret., Orlo G. Orlo Shoop, CW4, USA Ret. 1971 [empty string] Mr. Orlo G. Shoop [empty string] Orlo
878 20 Street, John L. John Street 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John L. Street [empty string] John and Deanna
879 20 Wildman Ph.D., Steven S. Steve Wildman, Ph.D. 1832 1971 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Steven S. Wildman [empty string] Steve and Susan
880 2 Wong, Raymond K. Ray Wong 1832 1971 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Raymond K. Wong [empty string] Ray and Shirley
881 2 Young, Andrew L. Andy Young 1971 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Young Young Family Trust Mr. and Mrs. Young
882 25 Badgley, William W. Bill Badgley 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William W. Badgley [empty string] Bill and Carol
883 20 Barnes Jr., Ben A. Ben Barnes, Jr. 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Barnes, Jr. [empty string] Ben and Jane
884 25 Baxter, Jeffrey L. Jeff Baxter 1832 1972 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Baxter [empty string] Jeff and Melissa
885 25 Birney USN (Ret.), Reed C. Reed Birney, USN (Ret.) 1832 1972 1832 Capt. and Mrs. Reed C. Birney [empty string] Reed and Brenda
886 2 Boner, Rex R. Rex Boner 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Rex R. Boner [empty string] Rex and Joyce
887 5 Bowerman M.D., Richard E. Dick Bowerman, M.D. 1832 1972 1832 Dr. Richard E. Bowerman Mrs. Theresa Bowerman Dick and Theresa
888 25 Bridge, John B. John Bridge 1832 1972 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bridge [empty string] John and Cathy
889 25 Butler, Daniel C. Dan Butler 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Butler [empty string] Dan and Sherry
890 2 Butler, Fred O. Fred Butler 1832 1972 1832 Dr. Fred O. Butler [empty string] Fred
891 10 Cameron M.D., Robert B. Bruce Cameron, M.D. 1832 1972 1832 Dr. Robert B. Cameron Dr. Beverly Cameron Drs. Cameron
892 2 Chambers Jr., John W. John Chambers, Jr. 1972 [empty string] Dr. John W. Chambers, Jr. Dr. Barbara Haile John and Barbara
893 10 Chillson, Bradley C. Brad Chillson 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Bradley C. Chillson [empty string] Brad and Anne
894 2 Dockendorf, Michael E. Doc Dockendorf 1972 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dockendorf [empty string] Doc and Deborah
895 15 Dreyer, Gerald A. Jerry Dreyer 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Dreyer [empty string] Jerry and Jolynn
896 2 Ebert, Kim F. Kim Ebert 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Kim F. Ebert [empty string] Kim and Rebecca
897 5 Federenko, Thomas E. Tom Federenko 1972 [empty string] Mr. Thomas E. Federenko [empty string] Tom
898 25 Fobes, Richard W. Rick Fobes 1972 [empty string] Mr. Richard W. Fobes [empty string] Rick
899 2 Fritch, Stephen A. Steve Fritch 1972 [empty string] Mr. Stephen A. Fritch [empty string] Steve
900 2 Garrard CFP, Eric C. Eric Garrard, CFP 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Garrard [empty string] Eric and Kristine
901 25 Goff, Bradley E. Brad Goff 1972 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Bradley E. Goff [empty string] Brad and Macie
902 5 Goodwin, Gordon J. Gordon Goodwin 1972 [empty string] Dr. Gordon J. Goodwin Ms. Zelma Taylor Gordon and Z
903 2 Grube, Danton W. Dan Grube 1972 [empty string] Mr. Danton W. Grube [empty string] Dan
904 2 Hagaman, Frank H. Frank Hagaman 1972 [empty string] Mr. Frank H. Hagaman [empty string] Frank
905 25 Hammond, Michael B. Michael Hammond 1832 1972 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Hammond [empty string] Michael and Suzy
906 2 Handy, Gail Gail Handy^ 1972 ^ Mrs. Gail Handy [empty string] Gail
907 2 Hansen III, Arthur G. Art Hansen III 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Hansen III [empty string] Art and Andrea
908 5 Hiatt, Michel G. Mike Hiatt 1972 [empty string] Mr. Michel G. Hiatt [empty string] Mike
909 25 Howard, Michael R. Mike Howard 1832 1972 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Howard [empty string] Mike and Marsha
910 25 Hussey, Stephen E. Steve Hussey 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Hussey [empty string] Steve and Debbie
911 2 Kenley, Rodney S. Rod Kenley 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Rodney S. Kenley [empty string] Rod and Kim
912 25 Kurth, Dennis R. Dennis Kurth 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Kurth [empty string] Dennis and Barbara
913 25 Lehman Esq., Douglas C. Doug Lehman, Esq. 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Lehman [empty string] Doug and Minda
914 20 McClelland III, Hugh H. Hugh McClelland III 1832 1972 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh H. McClelland III [empty string] Hugh and Linda
915 2 McDowell Jr., Dock Dock McDowell, Jr. MXICC 1972 MXICC Mr. and Mrs. Dock McDowell, Jr. [empty string] Dock and Cynthia
916 20 McGar, Bruce S. Bruce McGar 1832 1972 1832 Mr. Bruce S. McGar [empty string] Bruce
917 2 McQuillan, James D. Jim McQuillan 1972 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. James D. McQuillan [empty string] Jim and Eileen
918 20 McShane, Thomas W. Tom McShane 1972 [empty string] Col. & Mrs. Thomas W. McShane [empty string] Tom and Diane
919 5 Mynsberge, John K. John Mynsberge 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John K. Mynsberge [empty string] John and Nola
920 15 Neidert, Gerald A. Jerry Neidert 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Neidert [empty string] Jerry and Anita
921 2 Ottinger, Gregg D. Gregg Ottinger 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Gregg D. Ottinger [empty string] Gregg and Kenda
922 5 Prunier, Michael L. Mike Prunier 1972 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Prunier [empty string] Mike and Judy
923 10 Pulver, Thomas B. Tom Pulver 1972 [empty string] Mr. Thomas B. Pulver [empty string] Tom
924 25 Quick, Thomas A. Tom Quick 1972 [empty string] Mr. Thomas A. Quick [empty string] Tom
925 2 Rigg, Clinton B. Clint Rigg 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Ms. Clinton B. Rigg [empty string] Mr. Rigg and Ms. Rigg
926 25 Russell, Donald W. Don Russell 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Russell [empty string] Don and Jo Ann
927 5 Schmidt, Daniel L. Dan Schmidt 1832 1972 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Schmidt [empty string] Dan and Rebecca
928 5 Sharpe, Ronald A. Ron Sharpe 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Sharpe [empty string] Ron and Mary
929 20 Shelbourne, K. D. Don Shelbourne 1832 1972 1832 Dr. and Mrs. K. Donald Shelbourne [empty string] Don and Carol
930 2 Simpson, James R. Jim Simpson 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James R. Simpson [empty string] Jim and Lynn
931 25 Smith, Thomas W. Tom Smith 1832 1972 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Smith [empty string] Tom and Patricia
932 25 Spitler, Gregg S. Gregg Spitler 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Gregg S. Spitler [empty string] Gregg and Ann
933 2 Trela, Timothy W. Tim Trela 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Trela [empty string] Tim and Maryclare
934 2 Van Deursen, Don M. Don Van Deursen 1972 [empty string] Mr.and Mrs. Don M. Van Deursen [empty string] Don and Rita
935 15 Wilson, Kerry J. Kerry Wilson 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Kerry J. Wilson [empty string] Kerry and Gloria
936 25 Wilson, William N. Bill Wilson 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William N. Wilson [empty string] Bill and Bobbie
937 5 Wolf, Gary R. Gary Wolf 1972 [empty string] Mr. Gary R. Wolf Ms. Jane Parkey Gary and Jane
938 5 York USMC (Ret.), Stephen T. Steve York, USMC (Ret.) 1972 [empty string] Lt. Col. and Mrs. Stephen T. York [empty string] Steve and Debra
939 25 Zavesky, James M. Jim Zavesky 1972 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James M. Zavesky [empty string] Jim and Laura
940 10 Albrecht, John E. John Albrecht 1973 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. John E. Albrecht [empty string] John and Ellen
941 15 Allen, Peter J. Pete Allen 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Allen [empty string] Pete and Patsy
942 5 Angelone, George T. George Angelone 1973 [empty string] Mr. George T. Angelone Ms. Gretchen Gutman George and Gretchen
943 5 Appley, Richard G. Rick Appley 1973 [empty string] Mr. Richard G. Appley [empty string] Rick
944 2 Bockstahler Jr., C. W. Bill Bockstahler, Jr. 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. W. Bockstahler, Jr. [empty string] Bill and Katy
945 25 Braddock, James D. Jim Braddock 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James D. Braddock [empty string] Jim and Patricia
946 15 Buek, Thomas W. Tom Buek 1832 1973 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Buek [empty string] Tom and Jeri
947 2 Buerger USN Ret., Frank M. Frank Buerger, USN Ret. 1973 [empty string] Capt. Frank M. Buerger, USN Ret. [empty string] Frank
948 25 Burnley, John M. Mike Burnley 1973 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. John M. Burnley [empty string] Mike and Annie
949 5 Busch, John A. John Busch 1832 1973 1832 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Busch [empty string] John and Barbara
950 5 Clark, M. L. Lee Clark 1832 1973 1832 Mr. and Mrs. M. Lee Clark [empty string] Lee and Arlana
951 10 Clark, Nathaniel Nate Clark MXICC 1973 MXICC Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Clark [empty string] Nate and Sandra
952 5 Collings, Joseph R. Joe Collings 1973 [empty string] Mr. Joseph R. Collings [empty string] Joe
953 2 Dale, William A. Bill Dale 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William A. Dale [empty string] Bill and Debbie
954 5 Dean, Dennis R. Dennis Dean 1832 1973 1832 Dr. Dennis R. Dean [empty string] Dennis
955 15 Feick, John M. John Feick 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John M. Feick [empty string] John and Debbie
956 5 Foos, Jack L. Jack Foos 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Foos [empty string] Jack and Carol
957 2 Fourakis, Margaritis S. Marios Fourakis 1973 [empty string] Mr. Margaritis S. Fourakis [empty string] Marios
958 20 Freeman, Douglas R. Douglas Freeman 1832 1973 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas R. Freeman [empty string] Douglas and Carolyn
959 2 Ganson, Paula J. Paula Ganson^ 1973 ^ Mrs. Paula J. Ganson [empty string] Paula
960 10 Garber, John E. John Garber 1973 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. John E. Garber [empty string] John and Mary Ann
961 15 Gastineau, Jane Jane Gastineau^ 1973 ^ Mrs. Jane Gastineau [empty string] Jane
962 25 Grossnickle, Ted R. Ted Grossnickle 1973 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Ted R. Grossnickle [empty string] Ted and Marcia
963 25 Guebard, Bruce A. Bruce Guebard 1973 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Guebard [empty string] Bruce and Deborah
964 10 Haklin, Joseph R. Joe Haklin 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Haklin [empty string] Joe and Marilyn
965 15 Howard, Leslie A. Les Howard 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Howard [empty string] Les and Sherie
966 2 Kepchar, Dennis M. Dennis Kepchar 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Kepchar [empty string] Dennis and Heidi
967 25 Kissling, Robert F. Bob Kissling 1832 1973 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Kissling [empty string] Bob and Cathy
968 25 Lau, James M. Jim Lau 1832 1973 1832 Dr. James M. Lau [empty string] Jim
969 15 Laurent, James R. Jim Laurent 1973 [empty string] Mr. James R. Laurent [empty string] Jim
970 5 Liffick, Thomas F. Thom Liffick 1973 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Liffick [empty string] Thom and Barbara
971 20 Lowe, John W. John Lowe 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lowe [empty string] John and Laura
972 25 Mallers, Peter G. Pete Mallers 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Mallers [empty string] Pete and Christine
973 5 Miller, Chester L. Chet Miller 1832 1973 1832 Mr. Chester L. Miller [empty string] Chet
974 25 Moody, David C. David Moody 1973 [empty string] Mr. David C. Moody Ms. Mary E. Catherwood David and Mary
975 20 Moorman, Craig A. Craig Moorman 1832 1973 1832 Drs. Craig and Diana Moorman [empty string] Drs. Moorman
976 10 Morris, Stephen W. Steve Morris 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Morris [empty string] Steve and Laura
977 25 Mullen, James P. Jim Mullen 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James P. Mullen [empty string] Jim and Lyn
978 2 Murphy, Steven D. Steven Murphy 1973 [empty string] Mr. Steven D. Murphy Ms. Lisa Thomas Steven and Lisa
979 10 Norton, Barbara Barbara Norton^ 1973 ^ Mrs. Barbara Norton [empty string] Barbara
980 10 Ong, Bruce N. Nelson Ong 1973 [empty string] Dr. B. Nelson Ong [empty string] Nelson
981 2 Orme-Rogers, Charles A. Chuck Orme-Rogers 1973 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Charles Orme-Rogers [empty string] Chuck and Catherine
982 2 Petruzzi, Christopher R. Chris Petruzzi 1973 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Chris R. Petruzzi [empty string] Chris and Georgina
983 2 Pinkerton, Gary L. Gary Pinkerton 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Pinkerton [empty string] Gary and Wendy
984 5 Pursel, James W. Jim Pursel 1832 1973 1832 Mr. James W. Pursel [empty string] Jim
985 15 Reynolds, John F. JR Reynolds 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John F. Reynolds [empty string] JR and Cindy
986 25 Roembke Jr., Raymond J. Ray Roembke, Jr. 1832 1973 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Roembke, Jr. [empty string] Ray and Cathy
987 5 Rudesill, R. C. Charles Rudesill 1973 [empty string] Mr. R. Charles Rudesill [empty string] Charles
988 25 Simmons, Mark J. Mark Simmons 1832 1973 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Simmons [empty string] Mark and Debbie
989 2 Steck, Hans W. Hans Steck 1832 1973 1832 Mr. Hans W. Steck [empty string] Hans
990 2 Stigler, Lemuel Lemuel Stigler 1973 [empty string] Mr. Lemuel Stigler [empty string] Lemuel
991 25 Stocks III, Thomas D. Tom Stocks III 1832 1973 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Stocks III [empty string] Tom and Marie
992 25 Thomas III, James A. Jim Thomas III 1832 1973 1832 Dr. and Mrs. James A. Thomas III [empty string] Jim and Lynn
993 5 Walsh, Thomas M. Tom Walsh 1832 1973 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Walsh [empty string] Tom and Anne
994 2 White, Raymond R. Ray White 1832 1973 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Raymond R. White [empty string] Ray and Kim
995 25 Whiteman, Timothy R. Tim Whiteman 1973 [empty string] Dr. & Mrs. Timothy R. Whiteman [empty string] Tim and Jan
996 10 Wilson, Larry J. Larry Wilson 1973 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Wilson [empty string] Larry and Dawna
997 20 Young, Charles A. Charles Young 1832 1973 1832 Dr. Charles A. Young Mrs. Ranae A. Young Charles and Ranae
998 10 Adams, Richard O. Rick Adams 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Adams [empty string] Rick and Becky
999 15 Benecke Jr., James E. Jim Benecke, Jr. 1832 1974 1832 Dr. and Mrs. James E. Benecke, Jr. [empty string] Jim and Barbara
1000 25 Birk, Jeffery H. Jeff Birk 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery H. Birk [empty string] Jeff and Deborah
1001 20 Black, Robert J. Bob Black 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Black [empty string] Bob and Cassandra
1002 2 Bolenbaugh, Philip J. Phil Bolenbaugh 1974 [empty string] Mr. Philip J. Bolenbaugh [empty string] Phil
1003 5 Bridge, Thomas A. Tom Bridge 1832 1974 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bridge [empty string] Tom and Beth
1004 2 Coffinbarger, Terry W. Terry Coffinbarger 1974 [empty string] Mr. Terry W. Coffinbarger [empty string] Terry
1005 25 Cooper, Robert M. Robert Cooper 1974 [empty string] Drs. Robert and Moshay Cooper [empty string] Robert and Moshay
1006 25 DeRose, Victor A. Vic DeRose 1832 1974 1832 Mr. Victor A. DeRose [empty string] Vic
1007 25 Dewart, Mark A. Mark Dewart 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Dewart [empty string] Mark and Sharon
1008 25 Doemel, William N. Bill Doemel 1832, MXICC 1974 1832, MXICC Dr. William N. Doemel [empty string] Bill
1009 25 Dumser, David J. Dave Dumser 1832 1974 1832 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Dumser [empty string] Dave and Julie
1010 25 Eckerle, Michael L. Mike Eckerle 1974 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Eckerle [empty string] Mike and Becky
1011 10 Gaff, Terry M. Terry Gaff 1974 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Terry M. Gaff [empty string] Terry and Susan
1012 15 German, G. Michael Mike German 1974 [empty string] Mr. G. Michael German [empty string] Mike
1013 25 Gildea CPA, John H. John Gildea, CPA 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gildea [empty string] John and Debbie
1014 2 Given, Douglass B. Doug Given 1832 1974 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Douglass B. Given [empty string] Doug and Kim
1015 25 Gjeldum, Carl W. Carl Gjeldum 1832 1974 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Gjeldum [empty string] Carl and Pam
1016 20 Hall, Robert H. Bob Hall 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hall [empty string] Bob and Melanie
1017 5 Harris, Robert A. Bob Harris 1832 1974 1832 Mr. Robert A. Harris Mrs. Sharon A. Floro Bob and Sharon
1018 2 Homann, Kurt R. Kurt Homann 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Kurt R. Homann [empty string] Kurt and Carol
1019 15 Ikawa, Bruce E. Bruce Ikawa 1974 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Ikawa [empty string] Bruce and Kay
1020 2 Keating, Michael C. Mike Keating 1974 [empty string] Mr. Michael C. Keating [empty string] Mike
1021 5 Kessler, Benjamin C. Ben Kessler 1832 1974 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin C. Kessler [empty string] Ben and Theresa
1022 15 Masten, Daniel C. Dan Masten 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Masten [empty string] Dan and Mildred
1023 25 Maury, Thomas E. Tom Maury 1974 [empty string] Mr. Thomas E. Maury Ms. Joan S. Quigley-Maury Tom and Joan
1024 10 May, Craig V. Craig May 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Craig V. May [empty string] Craig and Lucy
1025 20 McDaniel, James R. Jim McDaniel 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James R. McDaniel [empty string] Jim and Yvonne
1026 15 Medler, Michael M. Mike Medler 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Medler [empty string] Mike and Susan
1027 25 Musgrave, John D. John Musgrave 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John D. Musgrave [empty string] John and Robyn
1028 5 Myers, John L. Jack Myers 1974 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. John L. Myers [empty string] Jack and JoEllen
1029 25 Nelson, Stephen R. Steve Nelson 1974 [empty string] Mr. Stephen R. Nelson [empty string] Steve
1030 2 Nolt, Beverly Beverly Nolt^ 1974 ^ Mrs. Beverly Nolt [empty string] Beverly
1031 20 Nysewander, Phillip A. Phil Nysewander 1974 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Nysewander [empty string] Phil and Joyce
1032 15 O'Bryan Jr., William R. Bill O'Bryan, Jr. 1832 1974 1832 Mr. and Mrs. William R. O'Bryan, Jr. [empty string] Bill and Susie
1033 5 Pattison, James W. Jim Pattison 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James W. Pattison [empty string] Jim and Carol
1034 2 Peterson, Raymond E. Ray Peterson 1974 [empty string] Mr. Raymond E. Peterson [empty string] Ray
1035 2 Rohrer, Ralph E. Ralph Rohrer 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Rohrer [empty string] Ralph and Melinda
1036 20 Santello, Stephen J. Steve Santello 1974 [empty string] Mr. Stephen J. Santello [empty string] Steve
1037 10 See, Patricia B. Patsy See^ 1974 ^ Mrs. Patricia B. See [empty string] Patsy
1038 25 Tipps, Paul D. Paul Tipps 1832 1974 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Tipps [empty string] Paul and Mary
1039 2 Van Drie Jr., John H. John Van Drie, Jr. 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John H. Van Drie, Jr. [empty string] John and Susan
1040 2 Weber, Richard C. Rick Weber 1974 [empty string] Dr. Richard C. Weber [empty string] Rick
1041 2 Williams, Clifford B. Clifford Williams 1974 [empty string] Mr. Clifford B. Williams [empty string] Clifford
1042 10 Wise, Terence C. Terry Wise 1974 [empty string] Mr. Terence C. Wise Ms. Mary L. Fieber Terry and Mary
1043 5 Zinn, John M. John Zinn 1974 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John M. Zinn [empty string] John and Marcel
1044 25 Asbury, John L. John Asbury 1975 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John L. Asbury [empty string] John and Kim
1045 5 Beardsley, M. J. John Beardsley 1975 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. M. John Beardsley [empty string] John and Susan
1046 2 Bego, David A. Dave Bego 1975 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bego [empty string] Dave and Barb
1047 5 Betz, Robert G. Bob Betz 1975 [empty string] Mr. Robert G. Betz [empty string] Bob
1048 2 Black, Rickey E. Rick Black 1975 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Rickey E. Black [empty string] Rick and Kym
1049 2 Bunnell, Charles A. Charlie Bunnell 1832 1975 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Bunnell [empty string] Charlie and Carol
1050 5 Burkett, Michael K. Mike Burkett 1975 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Burkett [empty string] Mike and Nancy
1051 10 Chamness, Robert P. Bob Chamness 1832 1975 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Chamness [empty string] Bob and Sandra
1052 10 Collier J.D., Willyerd R. Willyerd Collier, J.D. MXICC 1975 MXICC Mr. & Mrs. Willyerd R. Collier [empty string] Willyerd and Marta
1053 2 Crowell M.D., Robert R. Bob Crowell, M.D. 1832 1975 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Crowell [empty string] Bob and Nancy
1054 20 Duguid, James P. Jim Duguid 1975 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. James P. Duguid [empty string] Jim and Patricia
1055 20 Edquist, Daniel E. Dan Edquist 1975 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Edquist [empty string] Dan and Janice
1056 5 Fell, William D. Bill Fell 1832 1975 1832 Mr. William D. Fell [empty string] Bill
1057 5 Fisher, Jeffrey J. Jeff Fisher 1975 [empty string] Dr. Jeffrey J. Fisher [empty string] Jeff
1058 10 Forney, Keven D. Keven Forney 1975 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Keven D. Forney [empty string] Keven and Penny
1059 5 Giesting, Thomas J. Tom Giesting 1975 [empty string] Mr. Thomas J. Giesting [empty string] Tom
1060 20 Guffin, George M. Mack Guffin 1975 [empty string] Mr. G. Mack Guffin [empty string] Mack
1061 2 Hartry, Thomas R. Tom Hartry 1975 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Hartry [empty string] Tom and Susan
1062 5 Hawley, Timothy C. Tim Hawley 1975 [empty string] Mr. Timothy C. Hawley [empty string] Tim
1063 2 Healey, Patrick J. Pat Healey 1832 1975 1832 Drs. Patrick and Diane Healey [empty string] Pat and Diane
1064 25 Hockberger, Joseph H. Joe Hockberger 1975 [empty string] Mr. Joseph H. Hockberger Mrs. Theresa Yeager Joe and Theresa
1065 2 Kiley, T. M. Mike Kiley 1975 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Kiley [empty string] Mike and Jill
1066 20 Kingery, Sheila A. Sheila Kingery^ 1975 ^ Mrs. Sheila A. Kingery [empty string] Sheila
1067 2 Knox, R. T. Tom Knox 1832 1975 1832 Mr. R. Thomas Knox [empty string] Tom
1068 15 Leffel III, Philip C. Phil Leffel III 1975 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Leffel III [empty string] Phil and Elizabeth
1069 10 Lilly, Jon C. Jack Lilly 1975 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Lilly [empty string] Jack and Aggie
1070 20 Maciejewski, Dennis E. Dennis Maciejewski 1975 [empty string] Mr. Dennis E. Maciejewski [empty string] Dennis
1071 25 Mamula Ph.D., Paul W. Paul Mamula, Ph.D. 1975 [empty string] Paul W. Mamula, Ph.D. Patricia A. Goodman-Mamula, Ph.D. Paul and Patricia
1072 25 Miller-McLemore, W. M. Mark Miller-McLemore 1832 1975 1832 Rev. & Mrs. W Miller-McLemore [empty string] Mark and Bonnie
1073 5 O'Connell, Henry J. Henry O'Connell 1832 1975 1832 Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. O'Connell [empty string] Henry and Kay
1074 20 Petrie, Dale L. Dale Petrie 1975 [empty string] Mr. Dale L. Petrie Mrs. Linda A. Petrie Dale and Linda
1075 2 Ruwe, William D. Bill Ruwe 1975 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. William D. Ruwe [empty string] Bill and Yvonne
1076 2 Schroer, Timothy E. Tim Schroer 1975 [empty string] Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Schroer [empty string] Tim and Becky
1077 2 Shonkwiler II, Richard W. Rick Shonkwiler II 1975 [empty string] Rev. and Mrs. Richard W. Shonkwiler II [empty string] Rick and Nancy
1078 20 Smith, Samuel R. Sam Smith 1975 [empty string] Mr. Samuel R. Smith [empty string] Sam
1079 2 Spencer, Eric W. Eric Spencer 1975 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Spencer [empty string] Eric and Colleen
1080 2 Stevens Jr., Harlow D. Harlow Stevens, Jr. 1975 [empty string] Mr. Harlow D. Stevens, Jr. [empty string] Harlow
1081 2 Sturbaum, Christopher W. Chris Sturbaum 1975 [empty string] Mr & Mrs Christopher Sturbaum [empty string] Chris and Barb
1082 2 Wagner, Steven A. Steve Wagner 1832 1975 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Wagner [empty string] Steve and Nancy
1083 2 Wagner, Steven W. Steve Wagner 1975 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Wagner [empty string] Steve and Dianne
1084 25 Winter, Mark L. Mark Winter 1832 1975 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Winter [empty string] Mark and Mary
1085 15 Woolls Esq., Paul Paul Woolls, Esq. 1975 [empty string] Mr. Paul Woolls Ms. Betty O'Shaughnessy Woolls Paul and Betty
1086 25 Anglis, Leonard F. Len Anglis 1832 1976 1832 Dr. and Mrs. Leonard F. Anglis [empty string] Len and Nancy
1087 20 Ashby Sr., William T. Bill Ashby, Sr. 1976 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. William T. Ashby, Sr. [empty string] Bill and Susan
1088 2 Barber, Michael J. Mike Barber 1976 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Barber [empty string] Mike and Angie
1089 2 Beasley, Robert C. Bob Beasley 1976 [empty string] Mr. Robert C. Beasley Ms. Kim Campbell Bob and Kim
1090 5 Bechdol, J. P. Pat Bechdol 1832 1976 1832 Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Bechdol [empty string] Pat and Elizabeth
1091 2 Berta, T. R. Randy Berta 1976 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. T. Randall Berta [empty string] Randy and Janet
1092 25 Braun, Michael K. Mike Braun 1976 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Braun [empty string] Mike and Maureen
1093 5 Bright, D. A. Aubrey Bright 1976 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. D. Aubrey Bright [empty string] Aubrey and Mary
1094 2 Brown, Michael D. Mike Brown 1976 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Brown [empty string] Mike and Debbie
1095 2 Buser, Joseph R. Joe Buser 1976 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Buser [empty string] Joe and Gretchen
1096 25 Cavanaugh, Eric M. Rick Cavanaugh 1832, MXICC 1976 1832, MXICC Mr. and Mrs. Eric M Cavanaugh [empty string] Rick and Patti
1097 2 Coffey, Michael L. Mike Coffey 1976 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Coffey [empty string] Mike and Patsy
1098 25 Collins, John R. John Collins 1976 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. John R. Collins [empty string] John and Peggy
1099 20 Currey, Richard C. Dick Currey 1976 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Currey [empty string] Dick and Chris
1100 2 Darmon, Michael J. Mike Darmon 1976 [empty string] Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Darmon [empty string] Mike and Virginia
1101 2 Deschner, Robert P. Bob Deschner 1976 [empty string] Mr. Robert P. Deschner [empty string] Bob
1102 2 Drake, James S. James Drake 1832 1976 1832 Mr. James S. Drake [empty string] James
1103 25 Gagen, Timothy J. Tim Gagen 1832 1976 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Gagen [empty string] Tim and Ann
1104 25 Hadley, David J. David Hadley 1832 1976 1832 Dr. and Mrs. David J. Hadley [empty string] David and Sheridan
1105 20 Hartman, Micheal C. Mike Hartman 1832 1976 1832 Dr. & Mrs. Micheal C. Hartman [empty string] Mike and Chryss
1106 5 Hill III, William W. Bill Hill III 1832 1976 1832 Mr. and Mrs. William W. Hill, III [empty string] Bill and Sue
1107 25 Howell, Roy L. Roy Howell 1832 1976 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Howell [empty string] Roy and Nina
1108 2 Hunt, Stephen A. Steve Hunt 1976 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Hunt [empty string] Steve and Polly
1109 2 Jones, R. E. Ed Jones 1976 [empty string] Mr. and Mrs. R. Edward Jones [empty string] Ed and Diane
1110 2 Keeker, William E. Bill Keeker 1976 [empty string] Mr. William E. Keeker [empty string] Bill
1111 25