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We want you to be prepared for future success with actual experiences. It's not who you know, but who knows you. It's not what you have done, but what you can do. That happens throughout the year, including summer. Below are Wabash-funded programs that will provide you the opportunity to experience the professional world and build your network. 

Summer@Wabash 2022 Dates

January 3, 2022             Call out for on-campus summer internship job descriptions
February 7, 2022           First deadline for on-campus summer internship job descriptions
February 14, 2022         Internship Week kick-off @ 1832 Brew: Resume Preparation
February 14, 2022         Round one of Summer@Work Internships are posted @8pm for all students to apply 
February 15, 2022         Summer@Work:  How to Find Summer Opportunities - Off and On-Campus 
February 16, 2022         Summer@Work:  Funding an Unpaid Internship
February 17, 2022          Coffee & Careers with Work & Learn Indiana, one of Indiana's largest internship databases

March 18, 2022               Deadline for students to apply to Wabash-funded internships
March 28, 2022              Dill Fund applications due     
April 1, 2022                     Dill Fund recipients notified by this date
April 8, 2022                    Deadline for students to accept Wabash-funded internships
April 19 & 20, 2022       Wabash-funded Internship/Work Information Session (choose one)
April - & -, 2020            Wabash-Funded Internship/Work Session - Student opportunities funded by Wabash must attend one of the sessions

Dill Fund

Proposals, arising from interests stimulated by a student's course work and Wabash experiences, should expand or deepen an area of study in a way not available through Wabash's traditional programs. Projects should be entirely student-generated, although students are encouraged to consult with faculty or staff as they plan their projects and prepare their proposals. The Dill Fund Committee considers proposals. All opportunities presented must be unpaid. Internship opportunities must be with non-profit organizations. These opportunities are student-initiated and are not posted in Handshake For more information see Dill Fund.

Contact: Career Services
Opportunities: Approximately 10-12
See Dill Fund Application Page
Deadlines: March 28, 2022 for internships, academic research, and off-campus study
Open to: Freshmen through Juniors 

DILL Small Business Internship Fund (SBIF)

The purpose of this program is to provide students with internship opportunities with alumni in a small business or entrepreneurial setting. The bulk of these opportunities are located outside Indiana. SBIF is an endowed fund managed by Career Services and funded by Wabash alumni. Qualifying opportunities are posted in Handshake and are specified as eligible for this program. You must also complete an SBIF application and submit it to Career Services by the application deadline date. Interns must complete a blog entry and a reflective paper. Students must plan to return to the college at the end of the internship.

Contact: Career Services
Opportunities: 10-14
Posted on Handshake
Application Deadline: March 28, 2022
Open to: Freshmen through Juniors

Summer Academic Internships

Summer Academic Internships are through academic departments. Students work side by side with professors assisting with academic research, writing, or running experiments.  These are HIGHLY competitive internships. Each Department has its own criteria for the selection of internships, but all internships are posted on Handshake and follow the regular timeline for internships, as outlined. Students are paid a stipend, and on-campus housing is provided to students. 

Contact: Department Chair
Opportunities:  30-35
Posted on Handshake
Application Deadline: March 18, 2022
Open to: Freshmen through Juniors

Summer Hourly Workers

There are multiple departments that hire students to work during the summer to support the regular work of the department. Positions range from the Dean of Students' Office to Trippet Hall Hotel, from Lilly Library to Career Services, and from IT Services to Allen Center. These are competitive applications and come with housing provided on campus. The Summer Hourly Workers duration range from 8 to 15 weeks.

Contact: Career Services
Opportunities:  30-35
Posted on Handshake
Application Deadline: March 18, 2022
Open to: Freshmen through Juniors

Coons and Cassel Grant

Managed by Political Science Department; internships in government and politics, any location.

Departmental Internships

Managed by each academic department and some campus offices; research and project-based summer opportunities, on campus.