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Experiential Learning

Externships enable students to experiment first-hand in an organization, industry, field, or kind of life. This experience builds the critical knowledge and insights for discerning the best possibilities for career development--where strengths and interests fit with opportunity. Students spend one day to one month learning in an intensive job-shadow experience, often using school breaks to advance knowledge and prepare for summer internships and jobs.

Professional Immersion Experience (PIE) Put your skills to work and extend your reach with PIE. Take a test drive in a multitude of careers in these week-long professional immersion experiences including organizational site visits, networking opportunties, and on-the-ground experience in a new place. Current offerings include New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver and Indianapolis.


How to get an Externship:

  • Posted Externships-- Many Externships are posted for academic breaks (Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break).
  • Freestyle Externships--Work with Career Services to find a Externships when none of the posts match an interest; we will help you find leads; you will do some of the legwork to set up the Externship. Contact Cassie Hagan ( to get started.

Externship Examples:

  • Interested in law? Spend some time with Wabash alumni in law to figure out whether this path is right for you and help decide between different tracks (IP or immigration? How about corporate law?).
  • Interested in healthcare? We have a lot of Externship possibilities ranging from practicing physicians to professionals in healthcare administration.
  • Marketing? Finance? Operations? Ministry? Non-profits? We can help you find an Externship to explore a career possibility for you.

Funding your Externship:

  • Career Externships are typically short and unpaid.
  • You may qualify for up to $500 for Externships more than 100 miles from Crawfordsville, lasting more than 5 business days, or up to $200 for all other Externships.
  • Note that by bundling a funded Externship with a Bash Bunk and a visit to the Suit Room, there is almost no excuse for missing out on these opportunities.
  • You may recieve a small stipend to compensate for travel expenses. If Interested please contact Cassie Hagan ( to discuss this possiblity. 


If you would like to offer your assistance in the Career Test Drive program, please email Cassie Hagan (