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Dill Fund

Through the generosity of Michael Dill '71, Wabash is able to fund, in the form of a stipend, selected student internship projects, independent study, or service projects. A description of the program follows. Questions should be directed to Roland Morin, Director of Professional Development. (  Summer 2020 Dill Fund applications will open on December 1, 2019.


There will be on-campus information sessions to address common concerns and answer specific questions. Sessions will be announced via campus email and via Handshake. It is important that the application process is started early. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

The deadline to apply is March 1, 2020.


G. Michael Dill Fund

The G. Michael Dill Fund was established by a generous gift from G. Michael Dill, '71. The fund supports the educational mission of the College by enabling students to explore off-campus opportunities outside of the normal academic year.


Types of Projects Funded

Proposals, arising from interests stimulated by a student's coursework and Wabash experiences, should expand or deepen an area of study in a way not available through Wabash’s traditional programs. Projects should be entirely student-generated, although students are encouraged to consult with faculty or staff as they plan their projects and prepare their proposals. Dill Fund will only support work/study/service experiences during the summer break. 


Examples of eligible projects and project costs may include:

  • Unpaid internships with non-profit organizations. (Funding for internships with Wabash faculty should be obtained through normal College research internship programs. Dill funds may not be used to supplement paid internships.)
  • Student-generated study and research projects (domestic or abroad).
  • Service or study programs (domestic or abroad). This includes organized study or service programs not normally available at the College. You may not use Dill Funding to pay for a course offered on another campus that you could have taken at Wabash.


  • The program is open to currently-enrolled students in their freshman through junior years.
  • Students must plan to return to the College at the end of the project.
  • Students of all majors are eligible.
  • Only ONE Dill Grant may be awarded to a student during his time at Wabash College.
  • Students may not accept or receive concurrent College awards during the summer. 

The Dill Fund Committee will take into account the quality of the project proposal in addition to previous study opportunities the applicant has had, such as off-campus study, immersion trips, or other college-funded internships. Dill funding is highly competitive.


How to Apply

All applications must be the original work of the student with only minimal assistance from others.

Please go to to complete your application online.  Complete applications will consist of the following:

  1. PROJECT NARRATIVE: Explains in detail the nature of the project and how it will enhance your educational experience or post-graduate plans.
  2. A DETAILED BUDGET NARRATIVE: Items to be listed could include travel costs, room & board, and program fees, etc. 
    • Award amounts can range up to a maximum of $3,200. For unpaid internships at non-profit organizations, the maximum stipend of $3,200 may be requested in place of actual budgeted costs. (Stipends are paid at a rate of $400 per week.) The funds are typically awarded in 4 installments during the course of the summer.
    • Proposals for unpaid internships or study programs must include written verification that the student has applied. Final funding for programs will require evidence of acceptance to the internship or program.
    • Awards will be issued through payroll and will be reported as taxable income. Taxes will be taken out of the awarded amount in the beginning. They will be included on the W-2 form issued by Wabash in January following the award.  
    • Beginning Summer 2020 - awards will only be paid as a stipend. No lump-sum payments will be made. A lump-sum payment is heavily taxed, and students would receive far less than the full award amount. Please plan accordingly.
  3. RECOMMENDATIONS: Must include recommendations from two (2) members of the Wabash faculty/staff.
    • Recommenders will be asked to comment on the suitability of the proposed project, you should have discussed the proposal with the recommending faculty/staff. 
    • The recommendations are due at the time that the application is due, March 1, 2020.  
    • You must notify your recommenders in advance to allow them time to complete the recommendations on your behalf. Missing recommendations will be considered an incomplete proposal.

NOTE: Incomplete proposals will not be considered. 


Reporting Procedure

Students receiving Dill grants will be required to submit the following to the Professional Development Office: 

  1. A signed agreement
  2. A written thank you to the funder
  3. A written report of the project
  4. A blog posting to be shared on the Wabash website
  5. A photo of you doing something related to the funding
  6. Grantees will also be expected to participate in an on-campus program to share their experience with the Wabash community.

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