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Academic Bulletin Freshman Tutorials - 2012-13 - 12 FT 12

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FT 012-B Callings

Jonathan Baer, Department of Religion
Some people speak of their work, their families, or some other important facet of their lives as a “calling” or “vocation.” Others have a job in which they “punch the clock” or simply work for the pay, while their families may not be integral parts of their identities and sense of purpose. Beyond work and family, some folks find their calling through religious commitments and organizations like churches or synagogues, while others may identify volunteer activities, community organizations, or some sort of larger cause as critical to the meaningfulness of their lives. In this tutorial, we will explore the meaning and nature of callings. What is a calling or vocation? How do I seek my calling or callings? The college experience, and particularly a liberal arts education, provides an outstanding opportunity to grow in your knowledge of the world about you as well as yourself, with an eye toward finding the places where your passions, interests, and talents intersect with the world’s needs. You will learn many details of chemistry, political science, and English in college, but you can also begin to shape a vision of your future informed by a sense of calling or vocation that offers rich meaning, direction, and integrity. As we examine the concept and experience of callings, we will draw upon religious (particularly Christian) and secular writings, stories, films, and personal accounts.

Baer, Jonathan
Credits: 1