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Academic Bulletin Division I Faculty - 2011-12

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This division includes the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Physics.

Faculty 2011-2012

Polley, L.D(chair)
Bost, A.
Brown, J.
Burton, P.
Dallinger, R.
Feller, S. ***
Foote, R.
Hoopes, M.
Ingram, A.
Kinnaman, L.
Krause, D.***
Limmer, D.
Madsen, M.
McColgin, M.
McKinney, C.
Novak, W.
Poffald, E.
Porter, L.
Ransom, T.
Sparks-Thissen, R.
Taylor, A.
Thompson, P.**
Turner, W.
Westphal, C.***
Wetzel, E.
Wysocki, L.
*Sabbatical leave, fall semester
**Sabbatical leave, spring semester
***Sabbatical leave, full year
# Leave, fall semester
## Leave, spring semester
### Leave, full year
+ Administrative leave, fall
++ Administrative leave, spring
+++ Administrative leave, full year
^ Administrative appointment, fall
^^ Administrative appointment, spring
^^^ Administrative appointment, full year
~ Part-time