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Academic Bulletin Political Science - 2011-12 - 344 PSC 344

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PSC 344 Insurgency, Revolution and Terrorism

What is terrorism? Is one man’s freedom fighter another man’s terrorist? What motivates a person to become a suicide bomber? What causes terrorism? How can states counter terrorism? How is terrorism different from an insurgency? Why has the United States experienced such difficulty in Iraq and Afghanistan? How can states counter and defeat insurgencies? These are all questions that have come to dominate much of the discussion in post 9/11 international relations. Although terrorism and insurgencies have existed in one form or another for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, these phenomena have become two of the more intractable and important problems in international relations. This course will address these and other questions from both global and U.S perspectives. Counts as an advanced course in international relations. This course is offered in the fall semester 2011-2012.

Prerequisite: Political Science 242 or permission of the instructor

Credits: 1

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