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Academic Bulletin Political Science - 2011-12 - 316 PSC 316

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PSC 316 Public Policy

In this course, which focuses on domestic policy, students will learn about two different ways of studying public policy: public policy analysis and the politics of the policy process. Students will learn about public policy analysis and how it is both similar to and different from other fields of study in political science. During this part of the course, students will practice skills such as memo writing and client consultation. Students will study the politics of the policy process by comparing different models of policy formation and analyzing the different institutions that help shape public policy (the legislature, interest groups, bureaucracy, etc.). Students will do exercises with case studies and also participate in an in-class simulation. Counts as an advanced course in American politics. Offered every other year, this course is offered fall semester 2011-2012.

Prerequisite: Political Science 111 or permission of the instructor

Credits: 1

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