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Academic Bulletin Music - 2011-12 - 202 MUS 202

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MUS 202 Instruments and Culture

An introduction to world-music instrumental cultures with an emphasis on organology. A wide selection of traditional instruments will provide a basis for the study of cultural, scientific, and artistic aspects of instrumental music. Specific cultures are illuminated by the examination of aesthetic principles valued by each tradition, the role of musical instruments in culture, the theory of each tradition, and the visual representation of the instrument as both a sound and an art object. The course culminates in a final project. For this project, students may choose to write a term paper, give a class paper presentation, perform on a traditional instrument, or design and build an instrument by constructing a replica of an existing instrument, modifying a traditional instrument, or creating a totally new musical instrument design. This course is offered in the spring semester. 

Credits: 1

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