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Academic Bulletin Music - 2011-12 - 221 MUS 221

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MUS 221 Introduction to Electronic Music

This course introduces you to the technical and creative aspects of electronic music, and explores the nature of music and musical experience. Students learn what others have done with electronic media, work in an electronic music studio to discover what is possible now, and discuss the benefits and pitfalls of this rich and flexible but easily abused medium. Topics include the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), digital sequencing, audio editing, signal processing, music acoustics, synthesis, spatialization, multi-track recording and mixing, aesthetics of sonic art, psychology and reception of music, and composition with electronic media. To facilitate discovery, students are required to spend six hours a week in Electronic Music Studio (EMS) in addition to two regular class meetings each week. This course is offered in the fall semester.

Prerequisite: Open only to sophomores and above or by permission of the instructor.

Credits: 1

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