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Academic Bulletin Music - 2011-12 - 261 MUS 261

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MUS 261 Individual Applied Instruction

Students earn one-half course credit for two contiguous semesters of individual instruction in voice, piano, guitar, or one of the standard instruments of the orchestra. The student receives twelve half-hour lessons in each semester, and thus the full course consists of 24 half-hour lessons. The course may be repeated once, for a total of one credit (four semesters of study). Students may continue beyond a fourth semester, but additional semesters cannot be taken for credit. Students taking lessons for credit are tested and graded at the end of each semester; the final grade is assigned after the completion of two semesters of study. Music 261 and 361 are not given on a credit/no credit basis. Students who opt to take one-hour lessons will receive no additional credit, and must pay in full for the additional half-hour. For any student who signs up for one-hour lessons, there will be an increased expectation both in preparation and in testing. In Music 261 and 361, students will go beyond the purely technical aspects of singing or playing an instrument. They will be expected to master a variety of repertoire, and to understand historical, cultural, analytic, and stylistic aspects of works studied in applied instruction. Students enrolled in Music 261/361 are expected to perform in at least one student recital during the academic year. Music majors are required to take individual instruction for two years. The two-year course counts as one of the nine credits toward the major. Music minors are required to take individual instruction for one year. The one-year course counts as one-half credit toward the minor. All students who wish to receive individual instruction for credit, including majors, minors, and non-majors, must show minimal proficiency, both in reading music and in playing the instrument of choice (or in matching pitch if voice lessons are desired) before beginning instruction for credit. Eligibility for credit will be determined by the Music Department through an entrance audition and a music theory exam offered during the first week of each semester. The usual semester sequence is Fall-Spring, but under unusual circumstances and with the permission of the Music Department, a student may begin lessons in the spring semester and complete them in the fall.

Credits: 1/2

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