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Academic Bulletin Political Science - 2011-12 - 335 PSC 335

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A series of full- or half-credit courses, each of which will focus on a particular political theorist from the Renaissance or modern period. Specific offerings will vary from year to year. Counts as advanced course work in political theory. In the spring semester 2011-2012, the full-credit course offered will be:

PSC 335 History of Political Thought: Renaissance and Modern


In this course, students will gain exposure to a number of Machiavelli’s most important works, examine important scholarly controversies in the Machiavelli literature, and examine Machiavelli’s own references to public spaces in Florence. Students will analyze the effect of these spaces on Machiavelli’s conception of republicanism through a comparative examination of Florentine public spaces (on a required immersion trip) and local public spaces.

In the fall semester 2012-2013, the full-credit course offered will be: Nietzsche

Prerequisite: Political Science 231 or permission of the instructor.

Credits: 1/2

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