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Academic Bulletin Teacher Education Program - 2011-12 - 302 EDU 302

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EDU 302 Diversity and Multicultural Education in High School Curriculum and Instruction

A high school general methods course taught in the context of multicultural education and diversity. Students are introduced to a variety of multicultural education models, learning theory, and the constructivist approach to teaching and learning. With an emphasis on student diversity (defined broadly to include developmental, motivational, gender, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic diversity), the course introduces students to a variety of planning and instructional methods consistent with constructivism. The course culminates in a two-week student teaching experience in a local high school. As well, students who complete EDU 302 and who have met other Education Program requirements are eligible to participate in The Chicago Urban Education & Cultural Experience, a required part of the Education Program.

Level: Admitted students only, except by permission of the Director of Teacher Education. (Education students who are planning to study abroad would take the course in the senior year fall semester.) This course is offered in the fall semester.

Credits: 1

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