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Academic Bulletin Teacher Education Program - 2011-12 - 401 EDU 401

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EDU 401-406 Special Methods in the Content Areas

Each special methods course builds upon the previous course in adolescent literacy, enabling the student to further examine the methods and pedagogy specific to his discipline. The course will cover the remaining Indiana content standards for teachers, and students will review the Indiana P-12 standards, while examining the methods and procedures particular to each discipline in both classroom and field-based settings. Using the inquiry-based model introduced in Education 400, students will revisit and revise their classroom-based research (CBR) project to be conducted during student teaching. The course is team-taught by liberal arts and high school faculty who will mentor candidates in their field-based experiences (practice in teaching) and with the development of the CBR project. Field work experiences at the secondary level are required.
401. Teaching of Language Arts (English )
402. Teaching of Mathematics
403. Teaching of Laboratory Sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)
404. Teaching of Social Studies (Psychology, History, Economics, Political Science)
405. Teaching of Foreign Languages (Modern)
406. Teaching of Latin

Level: Admitted students only. This course is typically offered in the second half of fall semester.

Prerequisites: Psychology 101, Education 101, 201, 202,302, senior standing and admission to the Teacher Education Program, or by permission of the instructor and the Director of Teacher Education.

Credits: 1/2

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