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Academic Bulletin Teacher Education Program - 2011-12 - 420 EDU 420

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EDU 420 Content Pedagogy Seminar

During the period on campus prior to the beginning of student teaching, and continuing through the semester in five afternoon and/or evening seminars, the student teacher will continue his study of pedagogy by examining themes shared across content areas such as classroom management models, classroom-based research, assessment, legal and ethical issues of the profession, and examination and exploration of the professional associations. Candidates will also further their abilities to make instructional plans for student teaching, and receive support from faculty and cooperating teachers to further develop the classroom-based research project to be conducted during student teaching. Students are expected to complete the Verification of Student Learning Project and the Senior Program Portfolio. Ten hours of field experience hours in the student teaching placement school are required. One-half course credit, with student teaching, fall or spring semester.

Prerequisites: all previous courses in teacher education and acceptance to Student Teaching.

Credits: 1/2

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