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Frequently Asked Questions | Admissions

What kinds of people come to Wabash?
Wabash attracts young men of intellect, spirit, creativity and conscience. During their time at Wabash, they train their minds to think critically, their hearts to live humanely, their bodies to act responsibly and their spirits to lead effectively. A Wabash man broadens his perspectives and builds long lasting relationships that benefit himself and the community around him.

How is Wabash rated among other Liberal Arts colleges?
Check out this article to see how Wabash ranks among the four-year colleges and universities in the U.S.!

What academic degree would I receive from Wabash?
In four years, you will receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. Unlike the educational systems in many countries, in the United States “arts” refers to the Liberal Arts and Sciences. Therefore, your degree could be in one of 27 majors. The B.A. is the first step in higher education for most professional and graduate education in the United States.

Young men listen to details about WabashWhat subjects are offered at Wabash?
We offer 40+ majors and minors grouped in three divisions areas: Science & Mathematics, Humanities & Fine Arts, and Social Sciences. Some of our most popular majors are Biology, Economics, Mathematics,  Political Science, PPE, and Rhetoric. Wabash is also well known and respected for its preparation of future lawyers, doctors and businessmen. Of our alumni, one in eight hold the title CEO, President or Chairman... and we have an 94% acceptance rate into medical school and a 96% acceptance rate into law school.

Does Wabash offer a degree in Business or Engineering?
Wabash offers a business minor and a 3-2 Engineering program in conjunction with Purdue University, Columbia University, and Washington University-St. Louis. Although Wabash does not offer a business or engineering degree, as a liberal arts college we do prepare students for whatever careers they may choose to pursue after graduation. 

What are my housing options at Wabash College?
Wabash is a residential campus; therefore all students live in College housing within dormitories or one of 10 national fraternity houses.

What kind of organizations or sports can I be involved in at Wabash?
Wabash has 70 campus organizations that are entirely student-run and student-funded. There are also 12 varsity sports as well as a host of intramural teams that student athletes are encouraged to participate in while at Wabash.

What semester can I apply to start at Wabash?
Applications are accepted for the Fall semester.

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How are admissions decisions made for international  students?
Wabash admits students with a high level of  demonstrated intellectual potential and an equally high    level of achievements in rigorous academic and  extracurricular programs available at their secondary  school. There are no set numerical cut-offs. Admission  decisions are made only after thorough reading and  discussion of the complete file on record consisting of  standardized test scores, transcripts from the last four  years of education, recommendations, and an application essay. The Dean of Enrollment Management may request  additional writing samples to better assess your writing  ability.

How will the grades from my school be evaluated?
There is often concern that the Admissions Review Committee will not be aware of how rigorous a foreign school’s grading system or national test scoring might be. Be assured that the international admissions staff is well informed about various national educational systems. Still, it is helpful when possible for international students to include a school description or grading scale with their application. The results of “O” and “A” level tests, as well as other established national exams, can be most useful in establishing your record of accomplishment.

What are my chances of getting admitted?
On average, the admitted international students were in the top of their respective classes with better than a 1200+ on the SAT (if submitted), 85+ on the TOEFL IBT, 6.5+ on the IELTS, or 115+ on the Duolingo. Admitted students also have strong, well-written optional essays and excellent supporting documentation.

Because of our small student population, Wabash enrolls approximately 25 international students from a pool of over 500 international applications. The process is highly competitive and only complete files are considered. The College strives to enroll a diverse class that includes students from various countries around the world.

When will I hear about my admission decision?
Applicants with a complete file on record by January 15 will receive decision notification with our Regular Application group by January 18. Applicants whose file becomes complete after February 1 can expect to hear from Wabash two weeks after an application was completed.

With a Wabash liberal arts degree, you can go anywhere.Can I apply as a transfer student?

Yes, Wabash accepts applications from international students who are transferring from another college or university.

Can I apply if I have already earned a Bachelor’s degree from another institution?

No, Wabash does not admit students who have already earned a Bachelor’s Degree and we do not offer second degree programs.

What financial assistance is offered to international students?
International applicants with a complete application are automatically considered for the Trustee International Scholarship and the Presidential International Scholarship. For maximum consideration for financial assistance an applicant must have a complete file on record by February 15 and present outstanding academic records, high standardized test scores, strong letters of recommendation, and a thoughtful essay. These awards are won through competition and are renewable for up to eight semesters provided the student maintains Satisfactory Academic Progress. For more information about merit-based scholarships and other funding sources, visit our International Students Scholarship page. Note that while Wabash offers generous merit-based scholarships to admitted international students, international students at Wabash are not eligible for institutional need-based aid or federal financial aid.

How do I get an F-1 Student Visa?
The Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) will be sent to you by the international admissions team after you have accepted the offer of admission, paid the enrollment deposit, and have submitted the required financial documents that meet governmental requirements. You will then pay the SEVIS fee and schedule an F-1 student visa appointment with the nearest US embassy or consulate. Additional information can be found at the Office of International Students.

When would I be expected to arrive at Wabash?
International students should arrive to campus one day before International Student Orientation. This generally means that students will be arriving on campus around the middle of August. More specific information may be found at the Office of International Students.