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Democracy and Public Discourse

“Why speak? To keep a society free.”
W. Norwood Brigance, Professor of Speech, Wabash College

Founded on the belief that the core of democracy is the right of free expression, the Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse (WDPD) initiative advances the kinds of deliberation, discussion, debate, and advocacy that cultivate democracy. Specifically, we:

TEACH constructive practices of engagement and communication on topics of community concern.

STIMULATE productive public discourse on campus and in the community through informed discussion, debate, and deliberation.

DEVELOP civic leadership through participation in public life.

PROMOTE the free speech rights and responsibilities for every individual in the marketplace of ideas.

Sara Mehltretter Drury Sara Mehltretter Drury,
Associate Profesor of Rhetoric
Fine Arts Center S208

Blonsley photo Hayley Blonsley,
Program Associate
Armory 101E