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Title: Stage Management
Course Section Number: THE-103-01
Department: Theater
Description: 1st Half Semester Stage Management will introduce students to the role of the Production Stage Manager. Upon completion of the course students will have an understanding of the Stage Manager's role in facilitating a production team in support of the production. Students will gain experience with the Stage Manager's function, responsibilities, tools, paperwork, the process of calling a show, and the creation of and maintenance of a Production Prompt Book.
Credits: 0.50
Start Date: August 24, 2022
End Date: October 12, 2022
Meeting Information: 08/24/2022-10/12/2022 Lecture Monday, Wednesday, Friday 09:00AM - 09:50AM, Fine Arts Center, Room TGRR
Faculty: Whittredge, Adam

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Stage Management
OPEN Theater 15 3 / 12 / 0