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Title: What Is "Rhetoric"?
Course Section Number: RHE-370-01
Department: Rhetoric
Description: This course explores several contemporary questions concerning the nature, function, and value of rhetoric: What is "rhetoric"? What does rhetoric "do"? Who comprises rhetoric's "audience"? What does it meant to talk about "context"? And how do culture and difference influence the answers to the above questions? The course content will engage key debates and essays since the mid-twentieth century from prominent scholars who theorize rhetoric, such as Kenneth Burke, Michael Calvin McGee, Michel Foucault, and bell hooks. This will be a seminar course, meaning that our class sessions will be largely student-driven engagement with the ideas presented in the assigned reading material. By taking this course, students will further develop crucial skills (e.g. productively leading and participating in discussion, critical reading and thinking) as well as cultivate a more nuanced understanding of rhetoric that better enables them to negotiate the production of meaning in the complicated world around them. The major class assignment will involve an individual research project and presentation that explores a theoretical concept relevant to the study of rhetoric.
Credits: 1.00
Start Date: January 17, 2022
End Date: May 7, 2022
Meeting Information: 01/17/2022-05/06/2022 Lecture Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00AM - 10:50AM, Fine Arts Center, Room TGRR
Faculty: Drury, Jeffrey

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