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WalletHub Names Wabash a Top-Performing College

When it comes to top performing colleges in the state of Indiana offering the lowest possible costs for undergraduate students, Wabash College ranks among the best, according to, a personal finance website.

In its 2023 Best College & University Rankings, WalletHub ranked Wabash second in the state (84th nationally), trailiThe Senior Arch is a Wabash College only Notre Dame, in a comparison that included more than 900 higher education institutions across the country.

“We are truly proud that Wabash offers a great education and student experience that is also financially accessible,” said Alex DeLonis, Wabash College Director of Financial Aid. “We continue to take the steps required to remove barriers and make student success a top priority. This can only be done through the generosity of Wabash alumni, family, and friends.”

WalletHub used 30 key measures in building the rankings that were grouped into seven metrics: student selectivity; cost and financing; faculty resources; campus safety; campus experience; educational outcomes; and career outcomes.

Wabash rated highly in admission rate, student-faculty ratio, graduation rate, and post-attendance median salary.

Wabash is continually in the spotlight for the academic and economic benefits its graduates receiAn affordable, high-quality student experience is paramount at As reported in Forbes, ranked Wabash ninth among national liberal arts colleges in how quickly students recoup their investment and their long-term earnings compared with other college graduates. Wabash ranked 17th in a Money listing that factored in quality, affordability, and student outcomes.

Wabash also was named one of the best institutions for undergraduate education by The Princeton Review and U.S. News & World Report in its 2023 listings of the top U.S.-based four-year colleges.