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Fall 2008: From the Editor

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School’s Out

There’s time for travel. Time for friends. Time for some of the best liberal arts learning Wabash College offers.

Time to think.

The temperature goes up, but Wabash never closes down.

For scholars, summer brings focus—the most productive days for writing, research, and creative projects. Professors have long known this. As interns and co-learners alongside Wabash teachers in the lab and in the field, on campus and off, hundreds of Wabash students now know it, too—the pleasure of studying the subject, the place, or the vocation that entices you, with weeks to delve deeply.

As Ken Engle ’10 wrote after a day exploring the canopy 120 feet above the Amazon rainforest floor: "Every day I see and learn about things I did not even know existed."

Some classrooms become still, others crackle with conversation: the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion and the Center of Inquiry in the Liberal Arts host workshops from June to August; Opportunities to Learn About Business attracts an international cast of high school seniors to campus; the Wabash coaches offer sports camps; the Present and Know Indiana program sends students across the state, while career service internships jet them across the country and overseas.

Summer is a time of reunions. As Aristotle wrote, "Without friends, no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods."Ask the Phi Delts from 1971-74 who have gathered every 10 years since 1978 for their take on that one.

And for Chad and Michelle Bush, summer is devoted to remembering and honoring their daughter, Reilly, and her legacy—"to seeing the light bulb go on when one child helps another."

When the temperature goes up, so does the passion that our students, professors, and alumni bring to life and the work they love.

In these pages, you’ll find a sampling of their Wabash summers.

Thanks for reading.

Steve Charles | Editor