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Photo by Kim Johnson
This issue is a celebration of the voices of students, alumni, professors, and staff members engaging the world and taking the time to tell us about it. As President Byron Trippet ’30 wrote, “If you listen, you will hear their songs and their cheers.”

The Stories that Come Out After Dark
Sterling Carter '07

Mark: A Gospel for Our Time
Bill Placher '70

Ciao, Bella
Kim Johnson

A Man's Life: My Father's Voice
David Gessner

Higher Calling: Garrard McClendon '88
Evan West '99

Tim Padgett '84

Rescue on Challenger Point
Craig Reynolds

Faculty Notes
Chad Westphal: Getting Good Things Done
Jeremy Hartnett ’96: Carrying on a Legacy
Michele Pittard: Practicing What She Teaches
Hot Off the Press
Calisch’s Cancer Wall in CR
Joe Day: Talking to the Gods
Licking Leaves: Excerpt from a Chapel Talk
Online Extras
LaFollette Lecture: Dwight Watson
More About: Garrard McClendon ’88
More About: William C. Placher Fund
“Lamidi Fakeye: The Life of a Master Carver”
More About: 2011 Athletics Hall of Fame
More About: Tom Milligan
More About: Ben Kitterman ’06
More About: 2011 Alumni Art Invitational
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