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'In dreams begins responsibility:' In this issue we celebrate the dreams of Wabash men and the inauguration of Patrick White as President of Wabash in the College's 175th year.

A Man's Life: 'Death Goes to Pick the Finest of All'
"I now believe that American foreign policy and American interests are in a worse position than if we had never ventured down this path," Agresto writes in his new book.
John Agresto

Don Herring: "A teacher of all time"
"There are moments when a professor throws you a curve ball and it turns out to be an epiphany," Padgett writes.
Tim Padgett '84

Question Everything
Wabash is where groundbreaking surgeon and inventor Rick Sasso '82 learned the key to innovation in spinal surgery.
Wade Coggeshall

Child of the Stars
Alum and colleague reshaping our understanding of Mars' surface.
Suniti Karunatillake '01

Time Well Spent
Southern Highland Craft Guild furnituremaker Merrill's vocation is less about tables and more about deliberations.
Kent Merrill '64

Let's Look
Greg Redding's students frequently experience a moment of discovery right alongside him.
Steve Charles

Wabash Voices
The Earth Breathes Once a Day
Nic Bittin '07
James McKinnon '07
How Dr. King Touched My Life
Dustin Foster '09
My Father
P. Campbell Robbins '09
Angling Glory
Nate Mullendore '07
Online Extras
Tony Caldwell: A Motto Made Flesh
Pat White: An Appreciation by Paul Harder
Faculty Bookshelf: Bill Placher '70
Faculty Bookshelf: Ed McLean
Scenes from the Inauguration