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THE FELLOWSHIP ADVISOR:  If you have any questions pertaining to nationally-competitive fellowships or scholarships, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Susan Albrecht or simply use the BOOK AN APPOINTMENT button to the right.

Faculty Representatives for Specific Fellowships:

For the following fellowships, it is recommended that interested students contact, in addition to the Fellowship Advisor, the specified faculty member, who can offer additional guidance regarding the award and its application process. 

Goldwater Scholarship:  Dr. Lon Porter: and the professor who supervised your research activities

Rhodes Scholarship:     Dr. Stephen Morillo:

The Graduate Fellowship Committee (GFC):

The Committee - comprised of three Wabash professors, the Writing Center Director, and the Graduate Fellowship Advisor - can help identify appropriate opportunities and will help you polish your application materials, meet any stipulations, and prepare for interviews. 

GFC faculty members for the 2021-22 year:  

Dr. Eric Freeze:

Dr. Stephen Morillo:

Dr. Nate Tompkins:

Dr. Jacob van der Kolk:

Wabash College Fellowships

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Susan E. Albrecht

Fellowship Advisor


Phone: 765-361-6216

Office Hours: 8:30-4:30, Mon-Fri, or by appointment through Bookings

Office Location: 1st Floor, Lilly Library

Twitter: @Wab_Fellowships

Instagram: @Wab_Fellowships

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