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Academic Bulletin Athletics and Physical Education Courses - Course Descriptions - 2015-16

Course Descriptions

Physical Education courses are taken in addition to the 34 course credits required for graduation. Grades assigned only on a credit/no credit basis and do not compute in the student’s GPA; however, this information is listed on transcripts. These courses may be added to a student’s normal load without special permission.

General Elective

These non-credit activity courses meet on an arranged basis, and are offered to any student. Fees associated with activity classes are the responsibility of the student.

PE 011 Advanced Fitness

PE 012 Beginning Golf

PE 013 Beginning Swimming

PE 014 Beginning Tennis


PE 015 Life Saving

You will learn Adult CPR/AED and First Aid.  There is an outside fee as well.  This class is taught with the teacher education class at the end of every semester.


PE 016 Scuba Diving

Scuba it taught by an outside group for a fee you will need to pay.  If interested in the classes please go to Diver’s Supply at 5501 West 86th Street, Suite J, Indianapolis IN 46268 to get your equipment and pay for the class.  They are open on Tuesday-Friday 10am-7pm and on Saturday 10am-5pm.  Their phone number is 317-297-2822.  Be sure to tell the people at the shop that you are part of the Wabash Class. The class is taught over 2-3 Sunday afternoon and one open water dive to be determined by the class, done at a local quarry over a weekend. If you have any questions please contact Mark Colston.


PE 017 Sports Officiating

PE 018 Beginning Weight Training


PE 020 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

Study of the techniques and principles utilized in preventing injuries to athletes and the development of the necessary skills to care for an injured athlete until medical help can be obtained. Develop an understanding of the body, how it works, how to evaluate an injury, and how to develop a rehabilitation plan.


Theory of Coaching

Study of the organization and practice techniques utilized in the development of the skills and techniques of the sports listed below. Additional consideration is given to problems and expectations of the coach in the community.

PE 030 Theory of Coaching Football

PE 031 Theory of Coaching Soccer

PE 032 Theory of Coaching Swimming

PE 033 Theory of Coaching Basketball

PE 034 Theory of Coaching Wrestling

PE 035 Theory of Coaching Baseball

PE 036 Theory of Coaching Track

PE 037 Theory of Coaching Tennis