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Academic Bulletin Business Sequence - 2013-14

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Preparation for Business

Business Sequence

Students interested in business should be aware that a high-quality liberal arts education provides excellent preparation for the business world. For those students who wish to incorporate into their academic program some specific preparation for a career in business, Wabash offers the Business Sequence, a collection of courses selected for their relevance to business careers. These courses consist of the following:


ECO 101 Principles of Economics                                  1 credit offered every semester

ECO 251 Economic Approach with Microsoft Excel      1/2 credit offered fall semester

ECO 262 Financial Institutions and Markets                   1 credit offered spring semester

               (Note:  ECO 262 Does NOT count toward the Economics major.

               (Majors should substitute ECO 361 or ECO 362.)

ACC 201 Financial Accounting                                       1 credit offered fall semester

ACC 202 Managerial Accounting                                    1 credit offered spring semester

ENG 411 Business and Technical Writing                      1 credit offered spring semester

(Juniors and Seniors only)

RHE 101 Public Speaking                                               1 credit offered every semester

(Note:  This course is required only for students graduating in 2013 or later)


Please note that the Business Sequence does NOT substitute for a major, minor, or area of concentration. As such, students should consider using two of the Economics courses and the English course to fulfill distribution requirements in Behavioral Science and Language Studies, respectively, or pursuing a minor in Economics.



Students should consider taking ECO 101 during the freshman or sophomore year, though this is not essential. Accounting should ideally be taken in the sophomore year in order to open up a wider array of internship possibilities and free up the junior year for overseas study opportunities. Should a course in the Business Sequence not be available, the student may petition the Business Committee to substitute a relevant course. However, students should be aware that any business courses other than the two accounting courses offered at Wabash will not be recognized by the Registrar as counting toward graduation requirements.


Certification on Transcript

Students who complete this sequence will be certified by the Registrar upon graduation. This certification will appear on the student’s transcript upon graduation and may be included as an academic item on the student’s resumé.


In addition to the Business Sequence, Wabash offers other types of programs and services designed to support students interested in business, including internships and co-curricular programs. Students interested in business should contact both the Business Committee Chair and the Schroeder Career Center early in their college careers so that they may be included in mailings about special events and programs.