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Course Descriptions—Art History

ART 101 History of Western Art
This course will survey the history of Western art, from the end of the Ancient world in the Fourth Century to the end of Modernism in the late Twentieth Century and beyond. We will look at Medieval and Gothic art, the Renaissance and Baroque, Modernism and Postmodernism, taking note of the unity-and the ruptures-in this broad sweep of Western cultural production. We will examine the various media of physical and visual expression: architecture; sculpture; painting. And we will inquire into the connections between the art of Western culture and the processes of historical change that affected that culture and its institutions. Along the way, we will acquaint ourselves with the methodologies of art history, and with the particular, established vocabularies of art description. The student will learn to articulate, verbally and in writing, the specifically visual qualities of works of art, as well as their many historical circumstances. This course is offered in the spring semester, 2007-2008.
No Prerequisite.
Credits: 1