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Academic Bulletin English - 2007-08 - 497 ENG 497

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ENG 497 Seminar in English Literature

Science Fiction Studies

This senior-level seminar will begin with a scholarly study of Phillip K. Dick, one of the most important American authors of science fiction. In the second part of the course, each student will select a well-known science fiction author as the subject of an intensive 15-20 page scholarly essay. All students will be required to take responsibility for presenting their work, both written and verbal, during each class period. There will be frequent short writing assignments and oral reports in the early part of the course and a series of drafts and presentations of the final essay, during the second half. One highlight of the course will be a visit to the offices of a major science fiction journal and a discussion with the editors about current scholarship. Since the subject is futuristic, students will be encouraged to draw upon digital technologies as a means of presenting their research. Class open to junior and senior English majors only. This course is offered in the fall semester.
Credits: 1