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Academic Bulletin Art - 2007-08 - 207 ART 207

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ART 207 Renaissance and Baroque
This course will survey painting, sculpture, and architecture in Europe between 1400 and 1750. We will follow the development of a visual expression which valorized the human figure as a basic unit of meaning, and created a unified pictorial space in which figures could be placed in significant relation with one another, and which grew increasingly ambitious in its scale and effect. We will examine patterns of patronage as they shift from the newly wealthy merchant class of the fifteenth century to the papal courts of sixteenth century Rome and the absolutist monarchies of seventeenth century Northern Europe. We will examine the relationship between art and political and other cultural events of the period. The course will cover the artistic centers of Northern Europe as well as the Italian cities of Florence, Rome and Venice. The vigor of the Renaissance and the visual complexities of the Baroque will offer us a challenging opportunity to exercise our powers of description and aesthetic analysis. This course is offered spring semester, 2007-2008.
No Prerequisite.
Credits: 1